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ENJOYING CHRISTMAS BREAK? The benefits of rest and relaxation

As Christmas fast approaches, many of you will be taking time away from the studio or work to take a well-earned break! But a lot of people don’t know enough about the multiple benefits that utilising proper rest and relaxation can bring. 522 more words


So... I'm living in Korea now!

Living and teaching in Korea has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

It’s allowed me to dive in to something entirely new in a way I’ve never done before. 1,190 more words

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Musicians and Injury - don't become a statistic

The first of two guest posts by Jennifer Mackerras exploring the benefits of Alexander Technique for musicians

Injury to musicians: everyone knows it happens, but very few like to talk about it. 956 more words


Finding Equilibrium After Injury

Written by pianist Gina Hyunmin Lee, as part of the Breaking the Silence series.

CW: Discussion of musicians’ injuries and illness.

My health journey began in the summer of 2010 when I was attending Interlochen Summer Arts Academy in Michigan. 1,147 more words

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Medicine and Music: Health and Harmony

Written by Allen Chang, violinist and medical student, as part of the Breaking the Silence series.

CW: mental illness, musicians’ injuries, discussion of beta-blockers.

Have you ever experienced the difficulty of balancing the doctor’s suggestions with the necessity to practice? 1,617 more words

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Breaking the Silence: Julie Rochus

Welcome to C Natural’s Breaking the Silence series, a collection of musicians’ health experiences from musicians, music educators and researchers. With over 80% of professional musicians facing health issues related to their career throughout their lifetime, this series aims to provide strength in numbers and to initiate transparent dialogue surrounding musicians’ health issues in our community. 1,900 more words

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Living in the In Between

Written anonymously by a musician wishing to share their story and experience with anxiety and depression as part of the Breaking the Silence series.

CW: mental illness, descriptions of self-harm, drug use. 912 more words

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