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Scales Every Musician Should Know

One of the best ways to practice is being able to make use of both your hard music skills as well as the soft music skills simultaneously through the use of music scales. 1,071 more words


Checking Your Pulse: Metronome Madness

Or: “How to have a ridiculous amount of fun with your metronome!”

Do you have a love/hate relationship with your metronome? Is your metronome a tyrant in your life? 1,437 more words

Music Teacher

On Musicality and Ear Training…

Hey Everyone!

I hope you’ve enjoyed the things I have to say thus far on this blog adventure. Today’s post has less to do with direct things you should do in the room and more to do with your success as a musician. 590 more words

Music as Mindfulness Practice

While it took years of trial and (humiliating) error, I’ve somehow managed to become a fairly happy and productive person. The common theme with everything that’s made this possible is mindfulness. 312 more words


Lessons and Practice Decks

Well, summer’s somehow over and I’m back to teaching. After some setbacks earlier this year, I’m back with a vengeance and have some exciting announcements. 175 more words


In Search of (Healthy, Productive) Flow

After 15 years of failing to live up to others’ ideas of peak performance, I found my salvation in an unlikely place – hacking into my beautiful, dark, twisted mind. 818 more words