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Blog - The Number Game

So following on from the previous blog, Chord Charts – we can now begin to focus on reading charts in more depth and look at a concept that is an absolute must for any aspiring musician. 150 more words

Shaun's Blog!

Back to Writing!/Je Recommence L'Ecriture!

Hi everyone!

I’m back to writing again after a couple busy 2 1/2 weeks getting Camille established in our home! Thank God, she is doing well now and is learning how to live her best life here speedily and effectively! 117 more words


"A Pathway to Joy"

This quote comes from an wonderful post by fellow blogger Su Leslie at Zimmerbitch, which is entitled “Pathways to Light.” She ends the post by posting a YouTube link (above), which is an excellent performance of John Rutter’s… 309 more words


Pop Arrangement

Arrangement & Piano By : Peyman Golmaghani Azar
Violin : Peyman Golmaghani Azar, Ali Tayebi


you need a PENCIL for music theory...!

Saw this doing the rounds on Buzzfeed + thought it was inspired.

I now have the means to “gently encourage” (beat the message in) the use of PENCIL for music theory and musicianship. 35 more words


Why I DON’T use a click-track in live worship

A while back I read an article about introducing your worship team to a click track. And it caused me to consider the place for click tracks in worship. 631 more words



How is it that music knits us together, erasing barriers between souls, easing tensions, restructuring minds and emotions? How could a man, old enough to be my father, as tough as nails, bull-doggish in his approach to life, “untrained” in the fine art of music, a master in the world of banking and finance … how could such a soul bring me to my knees when he leaves this world? 630 more words

Parkinson's Disease