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Freddy Holm

originally published at www.robanderlik.com in 2010

SJ: Even though we’ve never met in person I feel as though I know you through your music. Tell me a little bit about your background, musical or otherwise: where did you grow up, what is your musical chronology, how/when did the dobro enter the scene? 1,097 more words

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Cage does Cage

So if you haven’t heard of John Cage, he was an American composer, who had revolutionary philosophical concepts for how we look at music. He wrote an entire composition where the musicians just sit there and don’t play called 4’33” (named after the length of the song). 40 more words


Bands Shouldn't Practice. They Should Rehearse

Perhaps the biggest impact on your live performance is how you approach practices and rehearsals. Many artists use the two terms interchangeably even though there are some differences. 1,225 more words

Breaking Into The Music Industry

Artist/Musician: Why Should Anyone Listen To Your Music

We have written a few things here for the musician and how to make music for radio. Today we are asking a question that we hope each artist or musician has asked themselves. 498 more words

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Explore Drop E Tuning with Greg Booth


I’ve been playing with the drop E tuning for about 8 years now.
For me it started as a way to play a simple phrase for a recording but has…
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Does Your Music Help Others Worship?

I love music. I enjoy listening to it. I enjoy playing it. And while I enjoy some styles more than others, over the years, I have learned to appreciate each style for the artistry that goes into creating it. 1,197 more words