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Garden Chit Chat #6

Despre ‘musicianship’ – aspect fundamental pentru un mediu sanatos si lucrativ in music business…

No Longer The Outsider

I wore out my copy of Uriah Heep’s debut album Very ‘Eavy, Very ‘Umble in my teens. I absolutely adored Gypsy and in those days, you could borrow LPs and cassettes from Coventry City Lending Library for pennies. 629 more words


Rock 'n' Roll / Music


Bill Wyman of the World’s Greatest Rock ‘n’ Roll band is alleged to have said once, “I’m in the Rolling Stones, I don’t need to practice.”  He might have meant, We gig constantly, so I don’t need to play more than I do anyway, or he might have meant, I’m already successful, so why should I have to improve?   646 more words


Theory Bass-ics: Functional Circle-of-Fourths for Blues

Note: This post was originally published on my other site, Gig-Ready Jazz Bassist.

I’m still lurching towards finishing the e-book, but in the meantime I want to expand on a concept that I wrote about in the last… 218 more words


stem-less notes; welcome to year 12 musicianship

Sir Year 12 in Musicianship, whilst tackling a harmony paper: “Stemless 4-part vocal harmony. It’s like seedless watermelons, isn’t it?”

I naively thought they were called “semibreves”, but I’m happy to have my horizons broadened.


[Musicianship] My Piano Teacher Said, "You Weren't Going To Win."

a little lesson on failure. ^^

Paraphrased from the wise words of my piano teacher Ms. Yap, after getting knocked out of a national piano competition in the quarter-finals. 1,784 more words


Qigong for Musicians

Qigong exercises support emotional balance, cognition and general health. The benefits can be applied to musicianship, performance, creativity, physical and mental well-being. Make these exercises part of your daily instrumental and vocal practice. 15 more words