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Becoming a Better Musician

I’ve been looking back over the years and taking stock of some of the greatest bits of advice I’ve been given and the greatest lessons I’ve learned in forwarding my ability as a musician and thought that I’d share some of my findings. 1,523 more words

Session Musicians

Music and Myself

Introductions Are in Order

Well, I’ve been posting for a few days now, and just came to the realization that I haven’t properly introduced myself. In the rush of things, it tends to be difficult to slow down. 621 more words

Hawkesbury City Eisteddfod

And more entries ready to go for Hawkesbury City Eisteddfod, Saturday 13th August.

Happy practising ahead for Alyssa and Caitlin (Power)!


The Thing About Musicians

What makes a musician?

Is it their musical ability? Their personality? Their style? What in god’s name makes these people, these individuals, the talented artist we all know and love? 763 more words

Meanwhile, at Gig-Ready Jazz Bassist (05/15/16)

With splitting up my brand identities, I’ve been posting less about bass, jazz, practice, etc. on this site. However, I want to start giving brief updates about Gig-Ready Jazz Bassist. 228 more words


Blog - What Makes A Good Musician (Par5)

So following on from last months blog What Makes A Good Musician? (Part 4)  I’m going to discuss one topic that is an absolute must…Tempos!!! 95 more words

Shaun's Blog!

Satan - Court In The Act (1983)

While Satan’s debut predates Michael Jackson*’s contributions to the band, Court in the Act is still one of the most influential and popular albums of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal. 495 more words