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New Types of Music Classes- Embracing Hybridity

I find the concept of the hybrid class, or “hybridity”, very interesting and appealing. I must confess that prior talking about it in class and reading Dr. 493 more words


Response to "Music Education at the Tipping Point" by John Kratus

The article by John Kratus “Music Education at the Tipping Point” provides a very detailed and thoughtful analysis of the current situation of music education in the United States. 465 more words


Reviews for Sarah Spisak's Melodic Principles of Rock Guitar

I just posted these four reviews for this outstanding course on intervals, scale degrees, consonance and dissonance, and finally modes and scales:

Melodic Principles of Rock Guitar The Whole Suite… 817 more words


Assignment #2 "Considering Future Students" Reading Response

There is no doubt about the importance of understanding how young adolescents learn. Every student is different in some way and it really makes a difference in the educational outcome when teachers are aware of the factors that influence adolescents’ learning experience. 627 more words


Musical Experience Circles

MUE 415 activity on how our own musical experiences and identities play a role in our values and ways of thinking about music. Musical Experience Circles


A Favorite Song | Virtuoso

Short post for today …I want to introduce you to one of my personal favorite instances of skilled musicianship.

This song is so good, on so many levels. 177 more words

The Musicianship Part

I’m back to playing guitar. I’ve been at it again since November of 2014.  I left guitar for many reasons (mostly I just never got back to it, given all the other hobbies I wind up working on).   221 more words