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Time to Find Your Zen Center... Again

There is this misguided idea in the world that, once someone becomes a Zen Master, they’ve reached a destination where they no longer have to work at anything. 1,203 more words


The Psychology of Music and Self-Perception

“Hey, great show! Love seeing your band, and I really enjoy your drumming.”

If you have ever played a show at a club, and then had someone say something like this to you after, then you know the feeling. 2,320 more words


A Final Look: Conducting "Belle," From Cajun Folk Songs

When looking back on my final conducting, I felt very proud in making it all the way through the piece. I conducted the second movement from Cajun Folk Songs, “Belle.” This movement included many meter changes and the melody moved around the ensemble, from instrument to instrument. 1,016 more words


Helping a Friend: Playing on Charlotte's Recital

Last semester, Charlotte asked me if I would play a duet with her on her senior recital. In another post, you might have seen that Charlotte and I had shared a recital. 145 more words


PTH 18 April 2018 - Teaching Composing Skills

During this session the #pianoteachershour members discussed incorporating composing skills into their instrumental teaching. Some participants already did this, to a variety of degrees, and some didn’t. 259 more words

Professional Development

Apps for Musicians! The Ear Gym!

In the interest of trying things out, I’d thought I’d give a try to trying things. Hopefully that made sense!

I’ve loaded and deleted lots of apps over the ages as I have a little, little phone with not much room and I just keep a few in play. 117 more words

The art of musicianship

When some offensive lineman tussles unnecessarily with the quarterback, or the hitter at bat beats up a ref who called a clear ball a strike, the behavior goes down as ‘unsportsmanlike.’ Good sportsmanship is one of the primary lessons we’re told sports teaches our young children: the ability to compete, to lose, to handle it gracefully, congratulate your competitors, practice harder, and turn your face to the next game. 968 more words