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Developing and Asking Excellent Questions

Asking questions is one of the most important aspects of teaching. As mentioned in the article, “The Socratic method (teaching by asking questions) is one of the most difficult methods of instruction.” This approach demands the most from the teacher. 418 more words


One Year Anniversary, Thank You!

It has been a year since this blog was launched. The blog is the realization of a long held desire to be of service in the world of school music education with regards to flute pedagogy. 608 more words

Flute Pedagogy For Band Instructors

Principles of Practice

Literary in music could refer to different things. In one hand, it refers to being able read and write in the standard notation system. On the other hand, it could also refer to being knowledgeable of the musical repertoire. 583 more words


Principles of Practice for Project-based Learning

There is no doubt about the significant role technology plays in today’s educational settings. Music is not the exception to this technological revolution. Entire genres of music are being created using only technology, and new types of music classes are being develop that address the musical needs of a huge population. 414 more words


What have I learned?

I have learned that this assignment is a lot more technical than I would have thought. It makes it really difficult to not be allowed to work together even just one day. 188 more words


How to be a Bad, Bad, Bad Musician

I’ve resumed/returned to playing guitar. I have a new quest, this time: it’s to actually become good at it. I could play a bunch of stuff by chords last time from tabs, but complex things were outside of my focus because I was in grad school at the time. 237 more words


Musical Problems & Planning

The description of the different types of music problems in this chapter is quite good. Learning music through musical problem solving means solving performing, listening, and creating problems. 358 more words