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Video Demo: #1

Here is my first youtube video to demonstrate my ever-growing musicianship! It is important, especially for music therapists, to continue building or maintaining music skills, so that we are flexible enough to use any music skill set when appropriate. 24 more words


Blog - What Makes A Good Musician? (Part 2)

So following on from last months blog What Makes A Good Musician? (Part 1) lets discuss a topic which is close to my heart and a subject area that I’m passionate about… 132 more words

Shaun's Blog!

10 Things I learned from teaching dobro and Weissenborn guitar at the Old Town School of Folk Music for over 10 years by Rob Anderlik

1. It’s true that some people are naturally gifted musicians with a strong aptitude for learning to play an instrument. It’s also true that some people fall on the opposite side of that bell curve, but the great majority of us are somewhere in the middle. 358 more words


Voice Connection: The Importance of Singing

Written by: Lauren Vukicevich

There’s one instrument that we carry with us all of the time: the voice. In the history of the human species, our relationship with music has evolved tremendously. 427 more words

Using a capo

Many guitarists think using a capo is cheating.

They are wrong!

The Capo, or “Kay-po” as some people pronounce it, is a brilliant invention and being able to use one should be part of every guitarist’s discipline. 973 more words


Preparing Your Students for Solo Contest

Now that we are past the winter holidays, everyone is gearing up for contest season, both large ensemble contests and individual solo & ensemble contests. There is nothing like having your students standup in front of a judge to perform a solo that shows the individual strengths and weaknesses of our students as clearly. 602 more words

Flute Pedagogy For Band Instructors

A Plea for Musical Phrasing from the Start

Though I’m not a “music educator” per se, I have worked daily with flute (and sometimes band) students of all ages and abilities for a very long time. 558 more words