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How To Sing Well In A Nutshell

New to singing?  Learning a few foundational techniques makes a world of difference and give you the confidence you need to continue singing. And, anyone can do these things! 297 more words

For The Worship Team

The Five Paths to Better (and Why It's So Friggin' Hard to Stick to Them...)

If you want to become a better person, you have to work on multiple fronts. Here’s the five main paths I’ve identified, examples of each in my life, and the most common stumbling blocks for each. 303 more words


Music: The Importance of Focusing on Yourself

As a kid, I was into Jimi Hendrix and his guitar prowess . This would extend on to Van Halen. Neil Peart, Mitch Mitchell, and Keith Moon gave me inspirational drum solos . 677 more words

Horn Lessons

Sometimes horn players need a little help. 

I teach beginners, amateurs, high school students and university students.

Every student receives a curated “horn book… 69 more words


Joyo JF-13, JF-14, JF-15 and JF-16 Amp Simulator Settings Worksheet available here

I have created a settings worksheet in PDF form, here:  joyoampsim_worksheet   that can help you remember favorite settings on your:


Month of Musicianship and the role of Music in my Life.

The holiday season has begun, and the Starbucks I am at is playing Cheese Cake by Dexter Gordon.

My relationship with music goes back to the Spring of 2005. 1,929 more words

One year of practice

It’s been one year since I started practising the guitar regularly in November 2015.

Back then I envisioned spending two hours a day practising. On any one day, two hours might not seem much, but it’s not easy to repeat that day after day. 353 more words