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Being Concurrent

Concurrent activity is one of my favourite types of activity, no matter what it is! It could be learning songs whilst exercising, working whist travelling or even cooking and hanging the washing out! 575 more words

Session Musicians

Eisteddfod Season Successes

The Eisteddfod season is upon us and Top Notes Music Studio students have shown off all their hard work with fabulous performances and results over the last two weekends.   115 more words


Why EDM is not musicianship

Before I even start my intellectual-in-my-mind titular argument, let’s listen to this digital waveform –

Yes, EDM! No artistry. No skill. No sense of musicianship. 631 more words


On the Lack of Milestones in Freelancing

As I watch my friends get married, have kids, and start new jobs, it’s easy to feel like I’m stalling – even though I love being a freelancer. 347 more words


Spirit and Truth

They are identical twins. When you first met them you couldn’t tell them apart, often

confusing them for each other and accidentally calling one by the other’s name. 304 more words

Whatever Happened To Good Musicianship?

I’ve got a problem: 95% of the new songs I hear from the rock/pop world sound incredibly bland. Uninspired. Turn on the radio to check out some current music. 913 more words