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Dear January

Dear January,

Is it just me or 2018 is turning out to be that year?

We’re barely done with January and sex dolls are trending on social media. 1,124 more words


In Your Hands Or Face

Sometimes you just have to take things into your own hands.  Now the police will tell you this isn’t wise and there is no possession that is worth your life, and of course they are correct. 380 more words

Whims And Wonders

Can a Magic 8 Ball help you write? Signs point to yes.

I bought a Magic 8 Ball. For divination? (“You may rely on it.”) For nostalgia? (“Ask again later.”)

Something in me suspects it could be used as a writing-prompt tool (“Reply hazy try again”) but I haven’t quite figured out how. 303 more words


Sky Presents

The four-footed one has developed a keen sense for watching birds. She is fascinated with them ever since a magical moment happened and she received a gift from the sky. 230 more words

Whims And Wonders

Can't Stop Won't Stop

Though it seems like an odd testament for the existence of God, I can always testify to His existence and realness when I experience a palpable darkness trying to creep in.  763 more words


On a Tuesday that feels like a Monday

Snow outside, and right now there’s a strange mix of glowing sun and flat gray clouds. I wonder if it’s going to snow again.

I’ve been slow to the blog today, slow after a night packed full of dreams that disintegrated as soon as I opened my eyes.Where I’ve been I couldn’t say, but it’s left a veil of groggy in its wake. 144 more words