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Tuning in by Tuning Out

Hammering and drilling, drilling and hammering. It’s a day of indistinct noise, and in some ways, it’s much like life at the moment, synchronizing with the constant hammering of our democracy into dust. 347 more words



like a stray cat
the teen girl searches the dumpster
one more time


Day 4 pre-GRL Denver Botanic Gardens, Eggs Benedict, and More Divinity #GRLRetreat2017

Day 4 of pre-GRL. We had an outing to the Denver Botanic Gardens, Eggs Benedict for lunch, and I finished the Divinity. But first, another picture from the house. 233 more words


Of Leaves And Jealousy

Beloved’s sister has decided that we must live out in the middle of nowhere with no easy way to get to a grocery store. Or maybe she hasn’t decided that, but it’s the story I’m telling and sticking to. 264 more words

Whims And Wonders

A Day at the Museum in France (Part 2)!


Continuing with Part 1 of my museum visits in France a couple of weekends ago, I will go forward with the second part of my visit that Sunday after lunch: 580 more words


#inktober days 11-15

[Inktober: 31 Days 31 Drawings, following a prompt list.]

Day 11: ‘run’. Pen and ink drawing of a naked man running.

Day 12: ‘shattered’. 67 more words