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When You Ruin The First Step

Today I learned that I cannot follow simple directions when it comes to walking.  Oh sure I can do lefts and rights, but ask me to do the whole “left, right, left…” thing and forget it.  304 more words

Whims And Wonders

Turning tides, perhaps?

Gray again today,  more rain and it’s not even spring, not yet. Though we do seem to be on the upswing.

Yay for that.

Change is in the air, maybe faintly, maybe not quite now, but change is in the air. 255 more words


Networking or Neighborhood Watch

The four-footed one has been keeping a careful eye on the neighbourhood. She knows when people are coming and going.  She sees the cats slinking around the various bushes, waiting for the birds to abandoned the trees in favour of the ground.   188 more words


Diary and dairy and the grammar police

Recently I had written ‘diary/diaries’ beneath a picture I posted in Instagram when I should have written ‘dairy/dairies’. The picture had been of a Pecan Butter ice-cream stick… 422 more words


Dog weds Goat.

(Not fake news!)

I am angry. Seething with anger, if I may so until I go on to the next news piece which arouses the same emotion in me. 344 more words


Around Here

Around here we get up really early.  Not because we want a worm.  Not because we want to see the sunrise, although it is rather nice.   197 more words

Whims And Wonders


Whenever possible, I try to carry a camera with me.  Most often, when I plan to shoot, I shoot according to a “plan.”  That doesn’t mean I have an outline, or road map, but I generally have an area and at least a general subject in mind.  1,286 more words