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Chronically Problematic

The problem with chronic illnesses, like lupus is that they never really go away.  There is no cure for the, so they just kind of hang around like that item of food you may have for an emergency, but you know things have to be really drastic before you will consider eating it.   184 more words



in a gray cloak
the sky prepares to weep
over the end of autumn


Just Once

Melvin sat watching me.  He watched my every move, from when I came in to when I sat down.  He never moved, other than his eyes as he watched.   176 more words


Just A Little Nuts

The four-footed chased a squirrel today.  Not for the sake of chasing a squirrel as per say.  Instead she chased the squirrel for what it had in its paws.   231 more words


Sweet Peace

The door closed with a soft snick, letting the sounds remain outside.  As peace descended again  in the house, I realized how large silence can be.   187 more words


Cricket's View

in the cricket’s view
my foot
the coming storm


The uncomplicated moss rose

I remember bringing home a wee bit of the succulent flowering plant Portulaca grandiflora, from a house we were looking at for someone, and sticking it in the dirt behind my house. 369 more words