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The Magic of Storms

I love storms. There is something so magickal and pure about them. From a light rain thats perfect to dance in and celebrate life to an all out lightening spectacular that leaves your chest just a little tight with some unnameable fear, they are all magick. 411 more words


What It Means

I’ve  never been much good at asking for help or admitting when I’m unable to do things.  I like being independent.  I like being strong.  I like being capable. 321 more words


dusk wanders the heavens
lighting each suspended star
Chinese lanterns


Musings of an Author

She is up before the crack of dawn and on her way out the door as the sun comes up, she may even pull out of her driveway with her cup of coffee on the hood spilling to the street as she mutters, “Shit” under her breath. 288 more words


U for Up, Up and Away

We’re getting to the end of the A to Z Challenge. How has it been for you? I’ve been sort of diving in and out of the challenge but hopefully will hang on to it till the end. 120 more words



from afar I see
the peasant’s hovel nestle
snug to the proud castle


It's Natural

He climbed and clipped the morning away.  He pruned and plucked until the afternoon was finished.  He tidied and cleaned until even a casual glance would be able to see th fruits of his labor. 209 more words