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Crosstalk, Chatter and Bullshit

I have little tolerance for crosstalk or mundane chatter. It’s annoying and gives me an instant headache. Even more so when unimportant people are talking at the same time. 73 more words


earthbound wooden box

I cried when I saw him lying there,

a waxen statue in his fine earthbound box.

I heard him speak through

the unaware priest,

clearly haunting me. 132 more words


Fogged Mind

Clear are the paths laid in front of me, yet fogged is my mind.

There shouldn’t be any resistance if I wanted to do it.

487 more words
A Certain Trivial Chronicle

I Regret Nothing by Jen Lancaster

I am a  huge fan of Jen Lancaster and after all of these years got a chance to talk to her about her latest memoir Р46 more words


Solitary Life

The man had finished discussing the legend of the places, the one about the nun being walked into a tiny cell. She wasn’t fully walled in mind you, they had left a high window through which to pass food, water and messages. ¬† 315 more words

Recent crafty endeavours

I’ve definitely dropped off the face of the blogging-planet. I can’t even remember what my last post is about. Probably something about how I don’t blog as often as I’d like. 269 more words