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Weekly Musings 3/23

  • I don’t ever want to become too comfortable. If I do it means I’m not trying anymore.
  • Sometimes being too comfortable can become uncomfortable.
  • I live for the moments when time just slips away.
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Dancing With Dragons; Overcoming Angels

There are spring afternoons when the Sky is a crisp, azure linen that Zephyrus spreads over earth’s four corners as fluffy cirrus and cumulus and cirrocumulus clouds tumble like a litter of kittens across it. 1,109 more words


Petty Arguments and Marital Bliss

In every marriage you will have your arguments.  Your disagreements.  You may have a few heated fights and then you move towards a mutual understanding and finally, a settled resolution of the matter.  700 more words


Rejection Quota

It seems that all Hell has broken loose lately and damned if I’m doing my best to try to get it all back to normal. If not normal at least I want something that isn’t a never-ending roller coaster ride (roller coasters make me puke) or just quiet. 1,255 more words


The Frog that licked a frog.

One lick,

Maybe two

Done quick,

I won’t bother you.

Please sir,

Just one more

Sure sure,

I need to score.

I won’t lie,

Without a hit… 8 more words


Photo Journal #322: March 27, 2015 (Friday)/Short Note to Future Husband

I’m trying my best to be brave enough in accepting the “No” of God to say “Yes” to an unknown you. It’s hard because frankly, I am obsessed and in love with a certain man. 217 more words

365 Photos Journal

Making Lately

Anyone else feel like the past few weeks have. not. stopped? I do!  It’s always tricky to get that perfect work-life balance and for most of us (crafters, artists, designer/makers, creatives) we’re working a full time job as well as trying to find time to maintain creative projects and/or businesses (and that’s before even finding time to hang out with friends, try and keep up some sort of fitness habit, plan a wedding and do your washing!)  In the last week life has felt particularly full for me and so I’ve barely threaded a needle, drawn a design, knitted a row or even gazed at magazines for inspiration! 154 more words