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It's all chaos!

No really It’s been mad around here the last few weeks. I thought I’d take ten minutes and just be, and whilst I was “being” I decided just to sum up a few thoughts and share my conclusions. 433 more words


A Documentary: The True Cost

If we’ve met or if you’ve ever seen a list of links on this blog then you might realize that I like clothing and I really like shopping. 516 more words


Life on Mars

OK, I’m wound up again. Recently there has been great excitement about the possibility of water on Mars. Scientists all over the world can barely contain their enthusiasm about the potential for life in some form, if there is indeed water. 202 more words


What Happens When You Focus On Practicing Gratitude?

My happiness has little to do with my circumstances and so much to do with my perspective.

It’s a new day, and I’m going to rejoice and be glad in it! 274 more words


The (not so) Young & the Restless

I’m feeling the pressure today. It literally feels like there is a weight pushing down on my head. The muscles in my neck are tensed up, spring loaded. 600 more words



kitten on my knee
rumbling out its soft rhythm
the heart of poetry


I don't believe you...

I love the rain.

Really? Why have you been complaining about not being able to go to the shops and the roof leaking for the past 48 hours?

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