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A superior mind creates in an instant and an inferior mind comprehends it slowly

Like how creations take time to unfold in the Creator’s instant utterance… 15 more words


The essence of infinity is its propensity to unlimited possibilities.


It’s not the world that needs fixing but the Human Being, for the Human Being is the epicenter of creation. What a Human Being does to himself is reflected in the entire creation and if the Human Being does not realize that he has strayed from his Creator, then this world is in grave danger. 37 more words


Destination: Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas.

Also known as “Sin City” or just plain “Vegas.”

Whatever you want to call it, this popular destination in Nevada draws millions of people to its site every year, whether they’re out to gamble, attend shows, party, get married (yes, you can for under $75!), or perhaps do all of them. 1,235 more words


Destination: San Francisco, California

Greetings, bloggers!

After making our way through central California, visiting places such as Cambria and Hearst Castle…we finally made it to San Francisco!

Located in the Bay area, San Francisco is the city equivalent of Los Angeles, except that it has more hills, more historic quarters, and more narrow streets. 603 more words


For Our Good

What words could fully incapsulate this human experience? I’m fairly certain there are none. For example, none that could describe such a mix of worry & disgust at my failings, yet simultaneously explain the undercurrent, the electric, jittering pulse of giddiness I feel about my hilarious carelessness & unjustified rebellion when I indulge in drink. 438 more words