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JOURNAL: My CU stories (Episode 1)

I’m so glad my university days are gradually coming to an end. I mean, 5 years? In the school I’m in? Lol. It’s not a bad school but, that’s me trying to say something nice about it. 813 more words


Happy Anniversary!

I got this notification from WordPress saying that it has already been three years since I started blogging. WP has been my home since then. Of course, I do maintain other social media accounts but nothing beats WP. 170 more words

Five Facts About Me!

Hey there, bloggers!

It has been a long time since I’ve done an easy-breezy post in which I give you facts about myself. True, I did a lot of those early in my blogging career, but with my blog taking off since then, I’ve been putting out other stuff (poetry, traveling, music, random thoughts) that I am passionate about. 747 more words


How Do You Solve a Problem Like...


Now that I have that song stuck in your heads, no.  Using C.C. Cedras’ post last Saturday, on characters and character development, as a jumping off point, I thought I’d give you a little more insight into our unique process as the three of us continue to map out and actually write our book series. 774 more words


The Broken Circle

The ecosystem in my garage.

A few years ago I witnessed a spider eating a mosquito. As he finished the meal, a lizard stepped in and had his own. 52 more words


Best Thing I Ever Ate... (European Edition!)

Hello, hello! :)

Let me start off by being honest and open with you: I love food. From classic, home-cooked meals back in the States to brand-new dishes that I haven’t tried before domestically and overseas, I want ’em all. 995 more words


Mon-Thursday Musings: Moving on Up!

By that, I mean I’m moving out of my parents house.  Is it too soon? Probably.  Am I doing it anyway?  Hell yeah, I am. 299 more words