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Flowers from O2

People complain a lot about customer service. I sort-of complained about it in my blog post yesterday. Today, I’m blogging with a positive story.

My mobile phone provider sent me flowers today. 81 more words

Musings And Ramblings


A while ago… 6 months ago… ish… My brother gave me one of his old sewing machines.

My brother is a tailor. He also taught me to knit. 535 more words

Musings And Ramblings

All in an evening's work...

I saw this hat on Three Cats and a Girl‘s blog, with a pattern and thought that it looked quite simple and that I could have a go. 170 more words

Musings And Ramblings


Some more Q’s to A from AJ’s blog.

Why did you start your blog? Originally, back in the day, my blog was on ‘blogspot’ as a way to update people on how I was doing in the hospital – this was before Facebook was as fashionable as it was. 292 more words

Musings And Ramblings


I must admit – fashion isn’t anything I fully understand.

Funnily enough, I was talking about my thoughts on wearing pyjama’s outside yesterday with my friend but this blog post has been prompted by me walking home from the GP surgery, LOL-ing to myself. 335 more words

Musings And Ramblings


It’s only eight days into 2018 and already I am planning my second trip to the cinema – for tomorrow.

Last week, while out with a friend, we decided to have a look and see what was on at the cinema. 356 more words

Musings And Ramblings

A knobbly scarf

I bought this weird looking cotton/acrylic concoction (200g of it) before Christmas and created this scarf in a week. I cast on 50 stitches and just knitted in garter stitch. 35 more words

Musings And Ramblings