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I Don't Want This Experience

In my twenties I would ask myself the question,’Why don’t I want this experience?’  At that time I really didn’t understand the importance of my query.   664 more words

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Love is Elemental

I carry you with me, wherever I am you find me.  You are space.  There is no where I am that you are not.

You are water.   80 more words

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Crazy Making

I look at myself and those I am close to and I see how we are drawn to actions, feelings, thoughts that are crazy making. Habitual patterns that drive us from motivations arising before consciousness, where the groves are so deep we can’t even see that we are lost in the canyons of our own making.   441 more words

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I Want to See Your Face

I love to see your smiling face, where your eyes sparkle and the readiness of your smile comes effortlessly.  This is the face you like me to see.   373 more words

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Truth of Suffering

I read a book titled A General Theory of Love.  What I remember most was the authors saying that the perfect person could be right in front of one but because of our emotional wiring we would never see them. 443 more words

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Jenni's Birth

Remembering my daughter just before her 27th birthday.

22 March 1989

Jenni was a planned birth.  Before she was born there were signs that this child would be special.  1,084 more words

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No Cheese or the Unsatisfactory Nature of Cyclic Existence

There is a story of rats and humans. Put a piece of cheese down a tunnel and the rat will go back to the same tunnel looking for the cheese even when it’s never there again. 575 more words

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