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The friend zone

No I’m not planning on talking about the perils of being put into the ‘not an object of lust’ category by someone who most definitely is lusted after by you. 1,250 more words


It is raining and I am running

A single raindrop joins the beads of sweat on my forehead. Shortly after, the soft sound of my footsteps is kept company by a quiet thrumming against the canopy above. 529 more words


Lies, Lies, and wait, some more.

After months of passive amusement and amazement, I’ve finally decided to talk about this. It’s about something that has changed my views on lying as a means of survival and how it affects relationships. 514 more words


we tend to forget ourselves in the middle of life’s trials and treacheries. When childlike innocence gives way to adult sized experience and simplicity becomes complicated. 14 more words

Summer's Last Blast

The time has come. The end is near. Throughout the summer, the leaves have absorbed all the energy necessary to transform carbon dioxide and water into the sugars and starches needed to help trees grow and thrive. 324 more words


The Sacredly Profane Capitalist World

Today I read this passage that talked about Capitalism is just a profit making mechanism and how religion is used to censure protests of the working class. 343 more words


My One Photo a Day Challenge: #142

A photo of the bolt that holds my ‘gaming’ chair together. 132 more words