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When did it start? When did I start waiting for Tuesdays? It feels like I’ve always loved that day, but no. Tuesday was just another day to cry, to laugh, and to live until the day I met you. 114 more words

All Writings

General Tso's Fish

Here is the United States our military has 11 aircraft carriers to China’s 1. But when it comes to fishing trawlers China out numbers our fleet by 2,000! 345 more words


There She Goes!

Since about February, I’ve tried to start running again.  Before Ada, I was running about 25-30 miles a week.  In fact, a month and a half before I found out I was pregnant I ran my best half marathon. 389 more words

Ode to Masterchef Rishi Desai

Our Marathi Mulga Rishi is so very dishy

He has taken Indian food and made it globally good

Emma called him Maharaja but to us Indians he is our most enduring raja… 74 more words


Doesn’t this just feed your soul? My mother’s windowsill. I passed it through a painting filter, which I like, but really, the beauty of the original colors is rather perfect. 374 more words


High School Concert

the bombastic movement

~ stuns the blue collar crowd ~

into a hushed attention


Happy Birthday Cutu

Cutu is number eight in our big family of nine
She has always been everyone’s favorite all the time
Her favorite hobbies used to be eating and sleeping… 38 more words