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50 Shades of Valentine's Day

When a person hears the words “Valentine’s Day” it’s easy to conjure up images of roses, boxes of chocolates, candy hearts, and couples. It’s one of the oldest holidays that focuses on love but when you take a closer look, you find a holiday with so many different meanings. 1,493 more words


I need

I find the words ‘I need’ difficult to articulate. You know that feeling when you swallow a piece of bread too fast, and it lodges in your throat? 597 more words

Beloved Calling

Dulcet tunes of the birds calling

In perfect synchronised symphony;

Ephemeral voluptuous notes

Encasing me in their beckoning warmth

Buzzing bumblebees fluttering

Amongst the sweet scented cherry blossoms; 37 more words


and counting


it begins–
always in the same place
the one which time and time
erased from your
where was it? you wonder.
maybe in a dream… 323 more words



Say it softly,
Whisper it to my skin,
Let it sink,
Let it fester;
Scream it,
Inject it in my bones,
Let it suffocate,
Let it blister.


The Soundtrack of my Life

It is no secret that I am a Whovian. The concept of Time Travel has always appealed to me on many levels. The Doctor and I have had a love affair for a very long time. 943 more words


when mental illness touches a relationship

How do you find the balance between reaching out to help someone in need, someone tortured by their own mind, and distancing yourself from someone who could hurt you either emotionally or physically? 419 more words