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As you Sow, so shall you Reap.

It’s an old self-explanatory proverb from the bible. Literally, it means that whatever you will sow, you will reap. If you sow an apple seed, it will grow into apple bearing tree. 471 more words

Why being alone doesn't mean you have to feel lonely.

There are some relationships in your life that just won’t work out. It might not be the fault of either party – just the complicated equation of two distinct lives running on different tracks. 281 more words



In the relentless pursuit of purpose,

we’ll forever come up wanting.

Unrealistic portrayals of making

it, is but a mere skim of the surface.

All look good from a long distance. 47 more words


Cobwebs Away, It's 2017!

I think I’m starting to dislike myself for not updating this blog at all. I have multiple drafts but nothing finalized hahaha. Seriously…this habit needs to go, especially since I’ve been meaning to polish my writing skills. 289 more words


A Possible Safe Cure For Gastric Reflux from A Hiatal Hernia.

For years I have followed the healthcare recommendations of Dr David Williams.  He was always well ahead of his times and almost without exception right about his alternative health care recommendations. 140 more words


"Don't You Want Trump to Be 'Successful'?"

I find it very interesting when Trump Supporters say to Non-Trump Supporters “Don’t you want Trump to be successful?”

This is a more complicated question than I think most people realize.  397 more words


Shout out to Front line workers

I work at the front desk at the public library in my town and I have to say I enjoy my work immensely. I love helping people and like to think my efforts make a real difference in the lives of our patrons. 319 more words

Hope And Human Kindness