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The day after my birthday...

The day after
is much better!
No expectations
Or bad weather!
Life is peaceful and sane
After that torrential rain
Of self doubt
That had me fleeing from clouds… 128 more words


I gave out Christmas cards this year

This is very unusual for me. We have lived in our apartment complex for five years and don’t know any of the neighbors. Why get to know them when they change every nine to twelve months. 357 more words



At the beginning of 2019, none of the new theories and labels for the era after postmodernism, which itself seems to have come to an end, have so far gained widespread acceptance. 1,036 more words


It Is Complicated

If you have not noticed, people are very complicated. Consistency is not humanity’s best-known trait; although, I have come to value it more as I grow older. 489 more words


Why 'Love, Simon' is a cliché-bender

Hey Reader!!

So I recently watched ‘Love,Simon’ (finally) a 2018 coming-of-age teen-romantic comedy and I’m here to convince you to do the same. Trust me, its not your usual cliché, but rather a very gratifying movie.

941 more words

To the writer in me

When I look back at my childhood days, a prominent memory comes to mind – my passion for writing. I used to adore writing. I would pen poems, write short stories, compose song lyrics, structure dialogues, write scripts, and other such similar crazy stuff which let me paint my imagination on paper. 790 more words


Musings: Alone

Isn’t it strange that we can be so viciously disparate, though bounded by a common set of anxieties, insecurities and worries? That all these masks meant to assert our homogeneous collectivism has made us more distanced and lonely than ever…

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