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Sum say we live in a computer simulation...

This idea has jumped into the mainstream media recently — albeit a while ago, this post has been lying in a file for months now, sorry! 2,928 more words


Orange Juice & Jehovah's Witnesses

After deciding to sit outside in the gentle sun with a nice cold glass of Oj a couple of passing strangers, who seemed friendly enough, decided to talk about ‘Our Lord and Saviour’ – Sometimes making eye contact and smiling clearly isn’t always the best option. 163 more words


Not a red rose or a satin heart

I give you a woman.

She is quiet confidence clothed in strength. She is kindness hiding beneath assertion. She is the steadfast gaze of the sunrise upon the misty earth. 111 more words


I Cant let go yet...

When the times comes,

will I be able to let go?

Is there ever a time to let go of someone?

There can’t be…

My grandfather has been dead for over a decade, 239 more words


musings of a woman in crush mode

He had been so close to her, she had felt his body heat radiating out towards her. She couldn’t take her eyes of his lips. Then he leaned forward and pressed them against her own with his scratchy stubble tickling her. 423 more words


What I think about when I talk about Videogames...

You’ll have noticed that I don’t actually play as many games as a gaming blogger probably should.

But that’s okay. Really. I’m not really here to play videogames, much as I’d like to, I’m here because… 374 more words