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There has been helluva lot a drama on ex-flames in social media the past two days.A case of love gone awry.The result? Bloodshed.Death.Grief.
See,love is thing complex emotion that can drag with it cataclysms that are unforeseeable.We invest too much in an emotion that really makes little or no sense. 515 more words


Women are Beautiful 

You are the amaryllis

Worth beyond your


True splendour lies

Deeper than

Your surface

You are inimitable

And breathtaking

You are an Empress

A testimony… 21 more words


I Will Always

Musings of

Repose and devotion

Amidst the

Tranquil daybreak

As you colour

My inspiration

With astounded


You bring me to life

Take my hand… 32 more words


Private hospital for foreign patients

Last week, the municipality of Mosfellsbær, on the outskirts of the capital city Reykjavík, signed an agreement that allows a private hospital to be built there, with funding by foreign investors and ostensibly for patients living overseas and staffed by foreign health professionals. 199 more words


7 Easy Ways to Feel Better After a Bad Day

Knowing how to pick myself up after a bad day on my own was important when I was living abroad away from my family and close friends, and working in a job I didn’t like. 221 more words

Mind Body Soul

To hell in a hand basket

It’s been a bit more than 2 months since my last post, and the world has gotten exponentially closer to hell. There are people dying left and right (all over the world, I’m not focusing on a particular country), the amount of uninformed/ignorant/bigoted/STUPID comments on multimedia posts is still at a staggering high, and people are focusing on such petty things instead of using all their energies in the things that actually matter in the long run. 71 more words


All Together Now

So I live in a house with five other people. Six sometimes. Chris and I rent a room from his brother, who bought a huge old house that was being foreclosed on, and rents it out to his friends. 386 more words