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How Many Years Does It Take for Me to Read a Book?

I wrote the rather vague date of Aug. ’10 on the flyleaf of my copy of The Third Chimpanzee by Jared Diamond almost seven years ago. 1,199 more words


Going, Going, Gone: Burning Out and How to Cope

I’ve come to accept that a true fact of my life is that I’m always tired.

I ran into a friend on campus the other day and the first question we asked each other after exchanging a greeting was, “how are you?” We both knew this was an unnecessary question to even voice. 733 more words



Standing in broad daylight

I shiver under the warm winter sun

Hearing all the voices whisper maliciously in my head

I feel like running away from my thoughts. 125 more words


Follow the Signs?

“There are signs everywhere” – that was one of the taglines in the movie ‘Fools Rush In’. It just hit me as I stare outside at nothing in particular towards the grey city, buzzing but silent through the toughened glass, with the blue waters in the background. 301 more words


Fretting About Problems That I Can't Fix

Fair warning: this post goes from Zero to Political in the very first paragraph, and the views of the writer are vehement and possibly inflammatory.  For those of you who are desperately trying to ignore the political… 1,202 more words


Postcards from nowhere

Days and nights stretched out endlessly

As she sat in a corner, listlessly

Knees drawn to her chest, a vacant gaze

The world outside whizzed by in a haze… 590 more words


skin, bones and photos

She has a beautiful four poster bed.  To the left is a night stand with burning incense and a bottle of water.  To the right of the bed are rows of Egyptian art.   334 more words