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PJ's, Lunch Boxes & Jane Austen...

August Bank Holiday. Am I away with friends living it up on some grotty end of summer mini holiday getting roaringly squiffy, pretending I’m not going through the quarter life crisis I am very clearly having? 1,259 more words


Taking Refuge

Over the past few weeks, I’ve spent some time re-reading one of my most favourite series of books. They feature a wisecracking wizard named Harry (no, not that one) who – along with his friends and sidekicks, and an assortment of spirits, ghosts, demons, fallen angels and agents of God’s will – fights evil around his home city of Chicago. 1,043 more words


What's around the river bend?

Pocahontas’ first pivotal song is all about choice. Should I choose the smoothest course… she’s caught between following a life she and her family knows is safe and secure… 448 more words


Sweet Sin.

I love him, deeply
Oh, tumbling deep
Like darkness caressing
The crevices of a hollow pit.


And I want him,
Oh, like the sun wants shine… 11 more words

His Body

He looks at me with lovely green eyes
Beautiful in the crisp summer’s day
Surrounded by my favorite things
A surprise: he is very similar to me! 72 more words


Anshan: First Impressions

*Graphic bits. Will warn before they start for squeamish readers*


Power was out or else this would’ve been up sooner lol. That’s my high-tech university there. 895 more words


Five more days to being 30.

This time last year I was in Porto Alegre, having got myself a teaching stint. On my birthday (SG time), I brought a book to a park and then rode a double- decker bus that went around Porto Alegre and just soaked in the city in all it’s beautiful sunset glory. 991 more words