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Happy Firecracker!

I hope you all have a great Independence Day. With the SCOTUS ruling of the Equal Marriage Act the U.S. is a little bit more free.

— Rowan Ravenwing

Green Witch

Happy 4th of July and in memory of Huntmode, Peggie Duggan

Last year, my beloved friend Huntmode, on her Chasing Rabbit Holes blog, posted this video of the Star Spangled Banner. A lot has happened since last year. 113 more words



Every once in a while, you’re going to hear a song, or read a book, or meet a person, who will turn your world upside down. 349 more words


10 Signs I'm Not Okay

People tell me I’m strong. That’s a load of codswallop dumplings floating in bullcrap gravy, if you ask me. I’m not strong. I’m a weak wimpy wimp. 394 more words


It gets better?

They say it gets better.

From all the bullying and viciousness I deal with to this day at age 36.

They lie.

Whomever says it gets better does so in denial of the world as we know it. 44 more words


A hilarious Monty Python sketch explains why Greece is in crisis


Top English-speaking economists are either alarmed or aghast over Europe’s handling of the crisis in Greece. Several Nobel Prize winners say it has been exacerbated, time and again, by an unnecessarily rigid approach by Germany, Europe’s economic powerhouse and decision-maker. 816 more words