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Stolen Quote: Nicknames

. . . our only true names are nicknames. I knew a boy who, from his peculiar energy, was called ‘Buster’ by his playmates, and this rightly supplanted his Christian name. 21 more words


Boy and his Bike Part 5a: Cyclocross

The next part of my diary takes me both forward and back in different senses. It throws back to the time where I was pretty much exclusively an off roader, racing only MTB and CX, but also forward in that it was the first big step forward into success on the bike. 1,111 more words


My Jar of Fireflies

I wrote the essay below a couple weeks ago, when I was feeling melancholy. Nothing particularly painful caused the melancholy, it was just a mood I was nursing. 520 more words


The World Has Gone Mad

“Let’s always BE LOVE to each other, no matter what happens”

~ me

The world has gone mad

pain is every where you look

let’s always be love…

102 more words


In prayer and consideration of what is transpiring and viewing the historic evidence, I believe there are two spirits operating in a powerful manner in Washington, DC today.  1,067 more words


Lemon tea & a friend to me

It’s funny how some people choose to remain in your life, even after the wrongs you put upon them.

What’s more is now it’s time to help them mend what was their perfect ending, broken by the complexities of life. 211 more words


Pigeon Class

The class was called Making Friends for the Lonely. To catch a pigeon, said the instructor, you need to a think like a pigeon. Before long everyone was bobbing their heads up and down and cooing softly then loudly then softly again. 30 more words