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Get Busy Living, between the Already and the Not Yet

The last year has been a tremendous journey spiritually. It started last Lent, when I sensed a need to pray. But, like really pray. Intensely. So I did for all of Lent and for a bit after. 431 more words


I Am Where I'm Going

I’m not ready to purchase GPS for my automobile navigation needs. It’s not an anti-technology thing. It’s mostly pride and a little that I want to turn the radio up and sing and not listen to someone ordering me around. 600 more words



I cannot thrive in a world where I’m pressured to be continually grateful. Grateful because by chance I was born? Grateful because one day I will at random cease to exist? 97 more words


If you've never...

If you’ve never wrestled with God,
you’ve yet to set foot on your spiritual path.

© 2016 Dennis Ference


a walk in time

This morning I walked our dog, her dark fur and my bulky attire cutting a strong contrast against the pristine snow in the blinding sunshine. The wind was mischievously inconsistent, the sun undermining the temperature of the air, and so I prematurely cast aside my scarf. 163 more words


Happy thoughts - Saturday 25th February

Despite getting up at 6.20am for work, today was not the car crash I thought it would turn out to be. The work bit wasn’t ideal, but actually, everything else has been pretty good. 211 more words


On friendship

In the past four years I have made, lost and maintained more friends than at any other time combined in my life. It’s been exhausting, not to mention expensive! 1,350 more words