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Hi there lovely people of the internet

I’m doing something I really don’t often do and am writing from scratch on a topic I didn’t feel the need to until ten minutes or so ago. 800 more words


Booking the weather

Books by the English cannot NOT have an element of weather in it – rains interwoven into the story, or merely as a passing mention. ┬áNorth American stories invariably feature snow. 38 more words


An open letter

I feel I should preface this with a quick introduction, this is written with no real purpose other than to get my thoughts on paper. It’s something I see a lot of people doing, complaining about, talking about, but there always seems to be a lack of realisation from the people I hear say these things. 399 more words


Watch It

Watch it

as it gradually forms

there the corner of your eye

and sparkling slowly grows from nothing

then tumbles down your cheek

a little bead of silver… 9 more words


Closets, Sex, and Closet Sex

My heart pounded in my chest as he leaned past me to close his closet door. We sat on our bent legs, facing each other, so that our eyes were level. 680 more words