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Your Best Year 2018

A little while back I found Boho Berry, whose Bullet Journals are works of art, which led me to Lisa Jacobs an on-line entrepreneur. Check out Marketing Your Creativity, it’s a great site and she has a terrific newsletter. 427 more words


pros and cons of Kerry exile

On Sunday 22nd October I read an email from a Yoga Centre I had attended a few years ago. In the email was a request for a suitable person to look after the Yogi’s house and 2 cats for the months of December and January. 445 more words


Actually, Yes, #MeToo

I posted this on Facebook not long ago. However, here I’ve added some extra things I didn’t want to include there (pertaining to things that happened during my current employment, or people who are friends with my family). 627 more words


High Tide

’”A rising tide lifts all boats” but others will run aground
And if you have no boat, at all, eventually, you drown.

Conservatives: You down there: where’s your boat? 54 more words



The Borgia Lex
woke up
from summer slumber
to what
the world’s been up to
got a whiff
of a fat tick on the 18th hole… 122 more words


Monday Can Be a Little Bit of a Jerk

Hello all and welcome to Monday, as welcome as a Monday can make a person feel, anyway. Since the regime change, I’ve stumbled into many a Monday breath held for brighter things in the week, but with a persistent rain outside and accusations of a freshly-minted widow lying about a very uncomforting “condolence call,” no breath is being held this morning. 254 more words


40 Reasons Why I'm Quiet

I think I speak for all quiet people out there when I say that we are tired of hearing, “Oh, you are so quiet”. This is annoying not just because it is stating the obvious but also because being quiet is seen a bad thing. 4,401 more words