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What a Girl Wants

Valentine’s Day is Sunday (yes, that’s right guys—you might want to get on that if you haven’t already) and it’s gotten me thinking (dangerous, I know) about love and relationships and ‘sexy times’ *exaggerated wink* and all sorts of other things. 973 more words



Well, here comes the latest Aristotelian ramblings. Calm down. I know you’re excited, and I am too, but we must retain some semblance of sanity. Haha. 641 more words


Growing Up

Growing Up.

Two words. Very scary, if you ask me.

We already know that life is a cycle, right? And that while the Lord provides, it goes on and on and would go on and on and on. 396 more words


What is Photography?

What is photography? Well that depends. Are you talking about the activity or the art?

Some people would argue that photography is an activity you’ve partaken in the moment you pick up a camera and press the shutter button. 249 more words


5 Things I Like and 5 Things I Don’t Like

I was going to give and explanation of today’s blog post like I usually do, but I think that you get the point. I’m going to begin with 5 things I like and after that I’ll do my 5 dislikes. 927 more words


In a Reminiscing Mood

The World yawns, stretches and braces for a New Day

Birds chirp their morning Anthem.

Leaves unfurl

Grass shakes off its dew

And I lie here sleepless, thinking of you. 173 more words


Children...my children.

They complete a woman more than anything else in the world. They bring you labor pains when they declare to be born and yet when that moment is over, the pain goes away with it. 105 more words