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Lost and Found

Sometimes you give it 100% and feel like you failed anyway. It’s the Parenthood mantra.

People don’t like to admit their failures. I don’t know, they want to feel like they can be on the cover of Parents Magazine, looking like the weather chick on your local news with three kids in matching outfits, harvesting their organic produce and skipping in their garden. 218 more words



Languished innards
A rage gains traction.

Putrid with power
Of your behemoth play.

Single swift motion
But a slash and a burn.

One soul surrendered
Broken, two bodies lay.



The look in her eyes (a poem)

This one is strange to me, because I do not remember writing it. 71 more words


Musings 107

If a partial and inaccurate view of the divine character is before the mind, it is impossible there should be a clear and vigorous exercise of love to God.

871 more words

15 Signs You're Getting Older

  1. You pick up new and exciting hobbies. Like knitting. Or adult colouring in.
  2. The Snapchats you get on a Friday night from your friends are either of them in bed surrounded by cats with face-masks on, eating pizza and watching Friday night TV or playing board games.
  3. 302 more words

Imminent Rain

I shut my eyes and all the world drops dead; I lift my eyes and all is born again. Sylvia Plath, The Bell Jar

It’s taken me a while to get started, today. 771 more words


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