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sex and the sin

In this dark,
Over these fathoms,
Lies the bed.
Which we made love on.
Where we yewd along.
Although past,
But the spell is still along. 232 more words


“There's no such thing as a vote that doesn't matter.”

This morning I slept late. It was cozy under the warm comforter. The dog sensing I was awake stood up. I just stayed in bed. Fern joined us. 384 more words



The veil of night is such that all barriers of awkwardness are undone. Everything acquires an aura,a light that softens yet enchants. Shadows follow,but keep their distance too, for the darkness has ways of erasing touch,smell,sight….anything and everything that leaves a mark. 284 more words

Parents say the funniest things...

Oh no Carl. What now?

Sorry world, I can’t resist relaying this tale.

*sigh* Go on then…

OK. So, I’m visiting my parents (contrary to common belief I don’t still live with them).

104 more words

The emperor's new clothes

I’ve borrowed two more books about anatomy so I’ve got to find another background series on Netflix. Season 6 of Dowton Abbey is not available yet. 54 more words


Sweet Revenge 

I’m suffering from the worst kind of hearbreak now. I didn’t love her at first. I was almost forced to be with her. Yeah I sure liked the way she looked. 135 more words


Forgetting to Eat!

Does it ever happen to you that your day is so busy and there are so many tasks to be done in a very set amount of time that you just don’t eat at all? 296 more words