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Muskoka Rustic Mack Decor has a new web page!

A busy week of creating has been at hand. I finally finished my web page. http://muskokarusticmack.wix.com/rusticmack

Each day I fix bits and pieces on the page. 158 more words

Reno’s to Improve your Muskoka Home's Value

As a Muskoka Realtor I am often asked what renovations will improve resale value. There are many sites offering this information but it is general in nature and not always applicable to this region. 576 more words

Muskoka Real Estate

Here goes nothing.

It happened last night. I have no idea why it happened, or what the hell I was thinking, as I pressed that damn enter button. I blame the wife. 749 more words


Bracebridge, Muskoka St Paddy's Day.

The snow was still here but the green is showing slowly. It was my day to go to Aquafit at the Sportsplex. The ladies were all about the green day, with green hair and flashing lights to celebrate the day. 161 more words

Summer Vacation

Summer Vacation is officially booked!!
Starting with the WAYHOME festival.
I haven’t taken a week off work since my sister got married in 2012 and before that was 2009! 186 more words

Winter doesn't stop an avid cottager

My family are avid cottagers.

What does this mean? It means you can find us rain or shine, slush or snow, fog or ….I think you get the picture. 62 more words

Owning a Home in Muskoka, Day 986

The large hill that has appeared in the garage over the last week has taken the life of the garage door and frame. There are now gaping holes in the garage door from the pressure of the ground heaving up, so we have given up heating the garage in an attempt to “manage” the size of the hill forming, as really all we are doing at this point is heating the bitter cold that exists outside. 175 more words