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Scarlett Undercover ~ By Jennifer Latham - 4.5 Stars

 I received this ebook from NetGalley and Little Brown in exchange for an honest review.

16-year-old Scarlett has lost both her parents but that hasn’t stopped her from wanting to clean-up crime in her hometown. 625 more words

Seize The Day: Random Act Of Kindness-Empower Someone

One day I got a random voice mail on my cell phone from a couple in Miami, Florida who had seen the PBS “Sacred Journey’s” documentary and shared their appreciation of my work. 93 more words

Muslim Americans

Muslim businesses in the construction industry host Networking Luncheon on Sunday, June 7th 2015

As-salaamualikum my dear respected brothers and sisters,

A number of Muslim businesses in the construction industry are hosting a Networking Luncheon on Sunday, June 7th from 12-2:30pm at the Silver Spring Civic Center in Montgomery County that is geared toward Muslim businesses and individuals who are in the industry. 172 more words

Muslim Americans

How Muslim-Americans Can Avoid Being Trolled by Israel-Firsters

This post originally ran on Juan Cole’s website.

In the period from roughly 610 to 622 CE (“AD”), Muhammad ibn Abdallah of the noble Quraysh tribe in the western Arabian city of Mecca preached monotheism to an outraged polytheistic city dedicated to the worship of ancient Near Eastern goddesses, and the commerce of which deeply depended on fairs dedicated to those deities. 1,057 more words


Let's Talk About Sex.

Sex. Oh laawwwdddd. No. Please let’s move on and talk about something else. Anything else. Is nail polish okay to pray with? Should we wear a kufi when we pray? 1,118 more words


Young Muslim businessmen organize conference to help minority contractors in the construction field build capacity



Minority Small Business Construction Conference To Be Held Saturday
March 21 at the Montgomery County Executive Building

This event is a leadership and networking conference, where participants can engage minority business owners, local, state and federal government agencies, elected officials and high powered industry leaders in the construction industry. 149 more words

Muslim Americans