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We're Not Allowed to Laugh

They started appearing almost the instant Donald Trump “humbly” accepted the nomination of the once proud Grand Old Party to which my grandparents were lifelong members (except for my beloved grandma who voted for Obama twice). 870 more words


Donald Trump’s leading Muslim supporter may be an army of one

By the time Sajid Tarar took the stage to deliver the closing benediction at the Republican National Convention Tuesday night, many delegates and members of the press had already begun filing out of Cleveland’s Quicken Loans arena. 125 more words

Would Trump Allow the Call To Prayer in the White House?

Qasim Rashid, an Ahmadi American, is my good friend. Years ago, his family fled Pakistan, a country that deems Ahmadis as “non-Muslim”. Ahmadis in Pakistan are persecuted to the point where they are openly murdered without any ramifications for the murderers. 499 more words


Do All Republicans Hate Muslims? I Don’t Think So, Here’s Why...

In January friends of mine invited me to attend a silent protest at a Republican political rally. I’m not very politically active; my interests lie more in interfaith activities and building bridges between people who are different. 369 more words

Driving while Black, Brown, Red or Green

I condemn in the strongest terms use of excessive force by many police department in the United States.  Therefore my comments should in no way be taken that I condoning the actions of the Police Department or the grand jurys in the deaths of some many Black lives.   252 more words

Muslim Americans

Imam Jesus

I was raised in a decidedly nonreligious household, and while there was decent religious diversity in the local schools I really did not know the difference between a Hindu and a Buddhist until I went to university and began studying religion seriously. 881 more words


Im-Politic: Shootings Prompt More Islam Denialism from Obama

The violence that’s struck America this last week should make anyone hesitant to speak out confidently about the broader racial and other implications. It’s a time when we need more reflection and less pontificating. 736 more words