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Kareem Tayyar: The Electrical Engineer

He could make a radio out of anything

You’d come home and he’d have put one together out of the parts of that old

Defunct television set that died one night last summer… 331 more words


Let Love Change You First - What I Learned From My Muslim Neighbor

You can learn a lot from people different than you. That shows up in the stories of my forthcoming book, and it’s especially vital in today’s cultural climate. 891 more words


Never Again: Japanese American WWII History and American Muslim Rights Today

Seventy-five years ago, approximately 7,000 Seattleites were ordered by the U.S. military to leave their homes and sent to incarceration camps. Most ended up at desolate… 319 more words


Sorry, 'legal' Muslims aren't safe... even if they're doctors

This one’s for my doctor family members/friends.

The topic of the Muslim ban has been a rollercoaster for American Muslims. The 9th circuit shot down its reinstatement after Trump saw them in court (heh), but there’s talk of it going higher up and people are concerned about being asked about social media passwords, more countries being added to the list, wedding shopping being put in jeopardy, … 651 more words

Muslim ban: Japanese and Muslim Americans join forces

Children at the Weill public school in San Francisco pledge allegiance to the American flag in April 1942, prior to the internment of Japanese Americans… 1,047 more words


I Get It, We’re Scared. But That Doesn't Make It Right.

Disclaimer: I originally wrote this post in June, but I think it’s fitting now. 

I’m an angry-crier. I can’t help it.

If you’ve ever seen me really angry, you’ve also seen me cry. 1,171 more words


Trump Effect Creates Great Fear in Muslim-American Communities

If anyone in our nation doubted that a Trump presidency would produce repercussions among African Americans, women, the LGBT community or Muslim-Americans, they weren’t paying attention to Trump’s vile rhetoric during his campaign. 364 more words