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The Language of Metaphor

By Farooq Ahmed

Rajia Hassib’s debut novel, In The Language of Miracles, reads as a post-September 11th metaphor for Muslim life in America. It is the story of an Egyptian American family, the Al-Menshawys, dealing with the aftermath of a murder, committed by their eldest son, Hossam, of their neighbor’s daughter and his onetime girlfriend, Natalie Bradstreet. 1,248 more words

Muslim-Americans Remain Anxious About President-Elect's Administration - TOM GJELTEN January 16, 20175:16 PM ET

Democratic members of Congress address the worshipers at the Dar al-Hijrah Islamic Center after Friday prayers on Dec. 4 in Falls Church, Va.

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Point Of Interest

Looking to the New Year

As 2016 comes to a close, it’s a good time to reflect. On a personal level, the year has had it’s good moments and it’s had it’s bad moments. 908 more words

Apple, Facebook, Twitter and more say they won’t help Trump build a registry of Muslim-Americans

Twitter was the first big tech company to say it would refuse to hand over data to help the United States government build a registry President-elect Donald Trump has described that would be used specifically to track Muslim-Americans…

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Pride and prejudices

Dear Mr. Trump,

There is an article that I saved from earlier this year, talking about how prejudices differ between people. The short version is that, for individuals with low intelligence quotients, or IQs, are more prejudice towards groups that have “low choice” in their group designation.   348 more words

Loving America in the Age of Trump

What does it mean to be an American in the Presidency of Donald Trump? These past few weeks have been anxious times for me, but I’ve been reading articles advising liberal Democrats how we can still fight for our values within the institutions of the democratic republic that our Founding Fathers built for us. 2,119 more words