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Im-Politic: Challenges for Everyone Debating America's Muslims Policy

Scott Anderson, an historian of the Middle East, has performed an invaluable public service with his piece in last Sunday’s New York Times Magazine. His article “Fractured Lands: How the Arab World Came Apart,” is both a great primer on the deep, complex roots of a regional crisis that keeps jolting the rest of the world, too, and a powerful challenge to most of the voices – including mine – who have been speaking out on American policy toward admitting Middle East refugees and toward its own existing Muslim community. 755 more words


And That's the Truth, Ruth: Of Moabites and Muslims

There are some ridiculous things in Scripture. Head-scratching things. Make you slap your mama things. But then there are those things that make me wonder how I ever didn’t believe. 1,226 more words


Living in the Shadow of Counterterrorism: Meet the Muslim Women Taking on the National Security State

For the Duka family and many others, the HRW report only echoed what they’d known for years: that the FBI’s post-9/11 counterterrorism machine has slowly eaten away at Muslim Americans’ civil liberties and constitutional protections.

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Ibtihaj Muhammad Makes History in Rio

Were you hoping Donald Trump was watching?

“Who?” Ibtihaj Muhammad, the American fencer who had just lost to Cecilia Berder, of France, in the round of 16 at the women’s individual saber event in… 507 more words

Muslims in the Military: The Few, the Proud, the Welcome

When Donald J. Trump said last fall that he would consider making Muslims in the United States carry special identification cards, Tayyib Rashid reached into his wallet and pulled out his military ID, then posted a picture of it online, adding: 316 more words

The American Khan

On June 8th, 2004, an orange colored taxi drove up through an American Army compound gate located in Baquabah, Iraq. Captain Humayun Khan was inspecting soldiers on guard duty when he noticed the vehicle approaching. 1,289 more words