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Aftermath of Paris Terror. A War With No End?

If so, then it really becomes a way of life doesn’t it?

And as we, Americans, continue to move forward from the terror attacks of September 11th, many of us don’t feel as though terror has become a part of our daily lives. 1,221 more words

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Smell the cordite

“Christians want to save all refugees.”  Yes, that was the title on an e-mail in my SPAM folder tonight. I didn’t open it, nor do I have any idea of the message. 886 more words


Is Marco Rubio Truly that Ignorant?

It’s commonplace for the 15 GOP candidates to say something which makes the reader go ‘huh?’ They all do it, and constantly prove that they are not worthy to live in the White House. 377 more words


Paris Tragedy Supports the Need for Experience in 2016

Those who kill innocents in the name of religion are hypocrites. Not a single major religion calls for the slaughter of people living their daily lives. 504 more words

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What is there really to say about the Paris attacks?

In some ways, there isn’t that much to say about the Paris attacks. They’re horrific, of course. But no more horrific than the ongoing Syrian civil war. 856 more words


When Is A Religion, NOT A Religion?

Sitting and watching the news about the attacks in Paris, and how everyone talking about it was so sure it was Islamic terrorists at it again in another coordinated attack in France got me to wondering. 664 more words