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Oh Jesus.

What an absolutely evil thing to take place!

I simply cannot believe how the new Nazis have struck this time. A concert full of kids?! 1,308 more words

So what do we do?

Without question, what happened in Manchester, England is beyond comprehension. “Evil losers,” as Donald Trump has called those responsible, perhaps begins to describe those responsible, and yet, I’m not certain there are any words in the vocabulary of any peoples that adequately describe the mindset of what we now classify as “terrorists.” … 922 more words


France Surrenders Again. Only This Time, the Invaders Shout "Allahu Akbar", Instead of "Heil Hitler"

FOR SALE: One Vintage World War II Rifle. Dropped once. Never fired.

Surrender #1

In France, people had shaken their heads in disbelief upon the announcement of a new war with Germany.

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