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Philippines: Muslim extremists who support the Islamic State group staged a daring jailbreak in the southern Philippines, Shouting "Allahu Akbar" -- Freeing 23 detainees


© AFP | Philippine soldiers return to camp after an armed encounter with members of the militant group Abu Sayyaf, one of several Muslim gangs on the southern island of Mindanao on August 26, 2016… 479 more words

A nation in conflict

America is a nation in conflict. It didn’t happen overnight, but it’s upon us now, and I’m not certain the “thinking heads” know how to resolve it. 1,428 more words


How to Radicalize a Muslim

Our government and the media refuse to tell the American people about the truthful reason why so many young Muslims are easily radicalized by terrorist groups. 788 more words

Causes of Terrorism

For about the last fifteen years (and even before), the United States has traveled halfway across the globe relentlessly bombing numerous Middle East countries, killing Muslim combatants and civilians by the thousands, if not millions. 18 more words

Foreign Policy

Islam: America on Borrowed Time

Islam: America on Borrowed Time

by Bill Lockwood

In Why I Am Not a Muslim, Ibn Warraq discusses the Salmon Rushdie affair of several years back. 564 more words


Good News!! Bad News Sells!!

Lately, I’ve been wrestling with conscience in connection to publication efforts on my personal webpage and various blogs. I’ve found the need to publish bad news as its connected to the story, “ 629 more words

North Korea