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Parenting 101 : Helicopter Parents

One of the biggest fear I’ve been feeling since I was pregnant (until now) is

Can we be a good parent for our children?

Yes, providing all the good stuffs is important, but not the most important thing.

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Tiny buds withering away.

Okay so something has been troubling me for some time. Something which I have been observing here, on my visit to Pakistan.
Kids. Kids who are meant to be like delicate flowers, who have a heart so big you could fit so many elephants easily (metaphorically speaking) who have the innocence of a cute little rabbit or a kitten, who talk such beautiful and meaningful things, that was the image of them in my mind. 581 more words


Dear Yasin, From Africa

As Salaamu Alaykum Yasin,

Hey you! Greetings from Botswana! I spoke to Amira a couple of days ago on Skype. She seemed… well you know how your wife is… She’s the sweetest cupcake in the world topped with just enough crazy-ass icing on top. 736 more words

The Hijab Boutique by Michelle Khan

I was really hoping this book would help out the sparsely populated early chapter book section.  And it should, at just 52 pages with beautiful full page pencil style drawings, it just somehow seemed confused instead.   494 more words

Muslim Characters

Adam in Lost and Found by Zanib Mian illustrated by Maria M. Goncalves

This book resembles kindergarten and 1st grade leveled readers in both appearance (shape and size) and appeal.  It very easily could have been a picture book, with its sparse words and simple linear story, but by making it a smaller size, with a variety of playful fonts, it really excites beginning readers who pick it up and are thrilled to see Muslim characters in an Islamic book on their level.   176 more words

Muslim Characters

Ms. Marvel No Normal & Generation Why by G. Willow Wilson illustrated byAdrian Alphona & Jacob Wyatt

I have to be completely honest these are the first comic books I’ve ever read from cover to cover.  So, while I’m in no position to review the art work, or historical role of the original Ms. 1,275 more words

Muslim Characters

Land of the Not-So-Free? May it never be so.

So I have Middle Eastern neighbors. It’s just two guys living in one apartment … They work at the gas station and they never speak to anyone really. 236 more words