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Co-wife Club- the Phone call

Maryam was busy as usual with school work when her phone rang.  The call was from a former co-wife. This was a bit unusual so she took the call. 968 more words

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One Year Ago

It’s been one year since my mother passed away. It should have been a very very sad time, but oddly it was not. This had been the sign from me once again that Allah truly hears the call of the caller when he is calling. 1,451 more words


The Treasure at Bayan Bluffs by Farah Zaman illustrated by Kim Zaman

At 231 pages this book claims to be for ages 9 to 18 and that’s a pretty large spread for a mystery, yet alone an Islamic fiction one by a first time author.   729 more words

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Cinderella's Happy Ending

This is my take on a writing prompt: Change the ending of the story Cinderella:

Cinderella’s oldest sister, Juliana, felt bad about how they had been treating her. 714 more words

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About Death

Curious is the case of human. He runs towards the world he can  never catch. And runs away from the death he can never escape. 602 more words

One Hundred Ice Creams by Sumayyah Hussein illustrated by Derry Maulana

This book on my first reading reminded me a lot of Amira’s Totally Chocolate World in that it takes a religious idea, in this case Jannah or heaven, and uses a child’s excitement for a favorite food to explore it.   799 more words

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Broken Moon by Kim Antieau

I didn’t initially think the premise of the book was terribly original: a poor scarred girl in Pakistan working as a servant, cuts her hair to look like a boy and be free to move about and rescue her brother.   1,205 more words

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