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As Boston Marathon Bombing Trial Continues, Boston Muslim Leaders Upend Obama's Plan to Counter Violent Extremism

Breitbart, by ILYA FEOKTISTOV & CHARLES JACOBS, April  7, 2015:

Nine days after ISIS shocked the civilized world with a video of itsbeheading of American journalist James Foley, the Imam of the largest mosque on the East Coast, Suhaib Webb, directly challenged President Obama’s circumlocutions about jihad. 1,609 more words

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Ted Cruz, 'anti-science' GOP want to return NASA's focus to … space exploration

The Washington Examiner’s Byron York is paraphrasing an article published in The Hill today, which describes the looming budget battle in Congress over funding for NASA. 346 more words

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Imam Who Called for Death of Ayaan Hirsi Ali Is Prison Chaplain

Clarion Project, March 5, 2015:

An Egyptian born Imam who has publically supported the death penalty for those who choose to leave Islam has since been… 336 more words

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Obama and the Muslim Gang Sign

Update: This article has been roundly criticized and thoroughly debunked

Washington Post:

5. A 2014 photo does not show President Obama flashing a “Muslim gang sign.” 1,265 more words

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Countering Violent Deception Campaign

On February 10, 2015, Americans for Peace and Tolerance launched its “Countering Violent Deception” campaign with a full page ad and an opinion column in the Washington Times. 1,158 more words

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Texas School District to Host Islamist Conference to Fight Islamophobes and Promote Islam

Texas School District to Host Islamist Conference to Fight Islamophobes and Promote Islam

By David Whitley / 7 January 2015 /

While Americans are lured into a complacent sleep by the constant drum beat of social justice, minority rights, inequality, the need for fairness and tolerance and diversity and to be non-judgmental of others or their views, forces are at work to exploit that sentiment. 930 more words

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