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Maine city recruiting Somalis as cops

WND, By Leo Hohmann, 06/10/2015:

One of smallest cities that has received thousands of Somali refugees over the years is Lewiston, Maine. But, unlike the Minnesota Muslims from Somalia, this group appears to fly under the radar. 736 more words

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US Embassy in Indonesia Makes Independence Day Sharia Compliant

CSP, by Jim Hanson, June 10, 2015:

In the world at large, perception is reality. Moving our national holiday out of misplaced deference to a month long Islamic holiday gives the world a perception of US weakness. 79 more words

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How the Muslim Brotherhood Operates in Tennessee (part 6 of 8)

tn Council 4 political justice, May 18, 2015:

Islamist Political Action Groups:

American Muslim Advisory Council (AMAC)

AMAC was organized in late 2011 with the support of the Commissioner of Tennessee’s Department of Safety and Homeland Security and assistance of department personnel. 1,561 more words

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U.S. Islamists pushback on U.S. counter terror efforts

The Muslim community has to realize that a lot of the responsibility lies with them to cooperate with law enforcement
– Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.) 632 more words

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@BarackObama concerned that climate change deniers will gut NASA's exploration, study of planets; Updated

@jimmiebjr @EdDriscoll He didn't really say that did he?

— Jeannie-ology (@jeanniology) May 12, 2015

We all know by now that @BarackObama isn’t the president at all but rather his retooled campaign organization, Organizing for Action, and this warning about “climate change deniers” actually comes from an article published in the Huffington Post last week.

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The Failed Tactic of Flattering Islam Won’t Go Away

Frontpage, May 11, 2015 by Bruce Thornton:

The recent attack in Texas against a “draw Mohammed” event ended up with two dead jihadis and widespread criticism of event organizer Pamela Geller for “inciting” or “provoking” the assault on our First Amendment right to free speech. 1,490 more words

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I knew Elton Simpson.

On Sunday, May 3, 2015, Elton and a friend opened fire at the Curtis Culwell Center in Garland, Texas. He was shot and killed shortly after.  1,011 more words