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Letter to 'open-minded' Indian citizens - Retelling Uniform Civil code

Dear ‘open-minded’ Indian citizens,

With the Law Commission currently seeking public opinion on the Uniform Civil Code, issues related to the implementation of UCC across India have once again come to the fore. 1,219 more words



Men, their rights, and nothing more; women, their rights, and nothing less.

The raging debate in the country today is on gender justice: can a woman be denied her fundamental rights because she belongs to a certain faith? 1,251 more words


Muslim personal law in India is retrogressive - N.D. Nalapat

According to Nehruvian secularism, the “majority” can do no right and the “minority” no wrong. Hence, when laws designed to bring some of the traditional practices of those professing Hinduism into the 20th century, any effort at ensuring a similar modernising exercise on the Muslim community was discarded. 970 more words


Why We Must Have a Uniform Civil Code

“You must bring it, also for the muslim community. Take it from me that the Muslim community is prepared to have it but you are not brave enough to do it.”, thundered J.B. 1,079 more words


తలాక్‌కు తలాక్...

తలాక్‌కు తలాక్…

వివాహం..ప్రతి మనిషి జీవితంలో గొప్ప మలుపు. ఇద్దరు మనుషులను..రెండు కుటుంబాలను కలిపే ఈ కార్యానికి భారతీయులు అత్యంత ప్రాధాన్యతనిస్తారు. ఇదొక పవిత్రకార్యంగా భావిస్తారు. భగవంతుడు మానవజాతికి మాత్రమే ప్రసాదించిన అనేక ప్రత్యేకతలలో వివాహం ఒకటి……….……….Read More……