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Flirting sexy text messages for your Muslim wife or husband

Foreplay doesn’t have to start at dinner or in the bedroom. You can tease, create desire and want during the day. Men are more visual and “instant-on” compared to women who take time to warm up.   646 more words

Sexy romantic text messages for your Muslim wife or husband

Although we associate sex and foreplay with the bedroom, there are something’s you can do with discretion to turn your wife (or husband on). Technology provides us creative ways to connect with our loved ones, and texting if done appropriately can be a great way to enhance relationships. 310 more words

Muslim sex monster jailed for 10 years

The streets of Bolton are safer tonight as Muslim paedophile rapist Shahbaz Ahmed is found guilty of sexually assaulting a teenage boy in his taxi. 85 more words

Veggies and Night Sticks and Dicks – Oh, My!

Islamic clerics, as a service to easily-aroused Muslim women (and, ahem, gay Muslim men), have banned penis-shaped foods.

It’s easy to scoff. After all, America’s attitude toward sex is so refined and mature. 226 more words


How to avoid having future fornicating children

Prophet Muhammad said, “To the righteousness of Allah who holds my life in his hands, if anyone has sex with his wife(s) and there is another person in the house who can see them or hear them, they will conceive a child who will be a fornicator and not virtuous. 7 more words

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What muslim women can complain about

 A Hadith by Imam Sadegh,
Three women complained to the  prophet Muhammad about their husbands. First ones said, “My husband doesn’t eat meat.”, the second one said, “My husband refuses to  inhale pleasant smells.” and the last woman exclaimed, “My husband doesn’t sleep with his wives.” 72 more words

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