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What Muslim World Lost and India Gained During Tartar Invasion

A sort of intellectual stagnation had come over the Muslim World after the Mongol invasion. Minds had become sterile and blindly imitative. Intellectual activity was brought almost to a standstill. 334 more words

Islamic History

Goodness will always exist

This is a Rohingya man carrying his parents to safety.

“Thy Lord hath decreed that ye worship none but Him, and that ye be kind to parents. 137 more words


Arab Muslim uses logic to show backwardness of Sharia.


Donald Trump Wanted Stephen Craig Paddock to Be a Muslim

Donald Trump when he first heard the news of the recent Las Vegas massacre wanted so bad for the shooter to be an Muslim  but he was frustrated   and disappointed  in this as  the shooter  Stephen Craig Paddock was not a Muslim  he was an American white man  from a Christian cultural   background.    374 more words

Taman Negara Malaysia

With an extension of over 4,000 square kilometers, the national park of Taman Negara straddles three Malaysian states, and is home to many species of endangered animals, such as the… 7 more words


After the Spring Economic Transitions in the Arab World.

The Arab Spring constitutes the most far-reaching political and economic transition since the end of communism in Europe. For too long, the economic aspirations of the people in the region, especially young people, have been ignored by the leaders in Arab countries and abroad.  257 more words

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