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Communists Parties in Syria and Lebanon accuse Joseph Joestar to be "MI6 Agent"

Beirut – Lebanese Communist Party and Syrian Communist Party accused today Joseph Joestar to be “MI6 Agent” and try kill Dio Brando because “Dio Brando declared him Pro-Syria, Pro-Hezbollah and Anti-Imperialist, yes he kill medium world, but he is an Assadist brother! 143 more words

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Confusion in Azerbaijan over time differences between itself and Turkey.

BAKU – Speaking from a podium, The President addresses protestors from the Azerbaijan Forward Movement or AFM for short, the protestors claim that the country is in a seperate Timezone from the… 121 more words

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Hezbollah General Secretary: "The Final of Samurai Jack is an insult to us"

Recently, the Secretary General of Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah in his program in Al-Manar, he complained about the final of Samurai Jack qualifying it “simple and without epic”. 116 more words

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ISIS children play to decide the next bomb

In a recent video, the youtuber and terrorist organization Islamic State or “ISIS” made a game where the winner is the next bomb. According Abu Bakr Al-Goatfucker, “this game is the best mode to decide who is the next bomb because our warrior were complain about cheats in the list of next suicide bombs…”. 62 more words

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Deterrence, Multilateralism, and Trade Are Trump's Solution For the Mideast


President Donald J. Trump’s recent visit to Saudi Arabia stands in stark contrast with  Barack Obama’s first visit to the kingdom in 2009. 1,125 more words


Donald of Arabia

He Came….He Saw….He Gave A Speech!

Pres. Trump has made his first international trip as the leader of the free world and he decided to start with Saudi Arabia….why? 337 more words

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Donald of Arabia

He Came….He Saw….He Gave A Speech! Pres. Trump has made his first international trip as the leader of the free world and he decided to start with Saudi Arabia….why?
Has there been a more disgusting spectacle during the four months of this presidency than the sight of Donald Trump slobbering all over the barbarous Saudi monarch and his murderous family of petty princelings? It’s enough to make any normal American retch, especially when one remembers what Trump said about them during the election: Saudi Arabia and many of the countries that gave vast amounts of money to the Clinton Foundation want women as slaves and to kill gays. Hillary must return all money from such countries!”
Source: Donald of Arabia: A Disgusting Spectacle by — Antiwar.com His main concern should have been to try and end the bloody attacks on Yemen….but instead it is about sending them more cash and resources so they can continue to “confront terrorism”…… There are good reasons why we should not be massaging their genitals for them….. Source: 10 Reasons Trump Should Not Strengthen U.S.-Saudi Ties | Alternet One of the only things that this trip will accomplish is to tap down the conversation around the Russian stuff…..at least for a couple of days….it will not go away just not be the lead unless something major breaks…. The biggest lie was told not by Trump but by the moron the  hued to be SecState, Tillerson…..Tillerson said on “Fox News Sunday” that the visit was meant to confront the threat of terrorism. He said that human rights would improve as security and stability in the region did. Now that is the whopper of the trip so far!  (just re-read the 10 reasons in above link) And then Andrea Mitchell of MSNBC stated the Trump now feels like he understands the Middle East….seriously?  After two days he fully understands?  I lived and worked in the Middle East for 3 years and there are times when I do not fully understand the Middle East…..so this dude is si sharp that he has it all at hand now after two days…… May I interject here…BULLSHIT! And we all wait.

Donald Trump Plans Call to Fight Islamist Extremism in Speech to Muslims

http://www.biphoo.com/bipnews/news/donald-trump-plans-call-fight-islamist-extremism-speech-muslims.html #BreakingNews http://www.biphoo.com/bipnews/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/Donald-Trump-Plans-Call-to-Fight-Islamist-Extremism-in-Speech-to-Muslims.jpg
Donald Trump Plans Call to Fight Islamist Extremism in Speech to Muslims

According to speech excerpts released by the White House, the president will call for the Middle East to confront “the crisis of Islamist extremism and the Islamist terror groups it…