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Five Lessons from Years of Activism

1) Your priorities for struggle arise out of the deepest aspirations, hopes, needs of the people with who you are united. These deeply felt needs and aspirations provide the powerful energy for revolutionary struggle, and they offer greatest capacity for generating qualitative change in social conditions. 265 more words

British Islam or Islamist ideology? Book review in the New Humanist

The eponymous “battle” is between those who want to see British Islam as an integrated, constructive presence in a plural society based on democracy and human rights, and those who place Islamic supremacism ahead of citizenship and equality. 49 more words

It has taken me twenty years to accept that I am Asian

“I continued avoiding the ethnicity section on surveys or simply ticking “other” so I wouldn’t have to admit it”. Yasmeen Thantrey shares her experience of navigating her asian identity. 534 more words

That's What She Said

Ayaan Hirsi-Ali - A question and answer session with one of the world’s most high profile critics of Islam

From the Australian Rationalist (Melbourne), v.104, Autumn 2017: 16 – 19. Journal of the Rationalist Society of Australia, www.rationalist.com.au

The Somali-born feminist Ayaan Hirsi is one of the world’s most prominent critics of Islam and how Islamic societies treat women. 3,036 more words


Make Your Voice Heard: Fighting Islamophobia

In 2015, reported hate crimes against American Muslims increased 67%, reaching the highest levels in our nation’s history. Responding to this rapid increase, The Muslim Association of Puget Sound  (MAPS) and Kids4Peace Seattle collaborated with local journalists, activists, judges, artists, and concerned citizens to produce the workshop “Make Your Voice Heard.”  The workshop set out to empower Muslim and non-Muslim youth to use media to tell positive personal stories about American Muslims and fight the mischaracterization of Muslims in mainstream media. 37 more words

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