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My Identity as a Muslim Woman

By Wajeeha Rana, Slough

The question of my identity as a Muslim woman has been raised repeatedly, at university and in the work place. This is perhaps because quite evidently, I am identifiable as a Muslim from the way in which I dress, and my choice to wear the hijab is a very prominent symbol of commitment to my religion. 295 more words


Testing the Waters of Minimalism | Little Life

Assalamualaikum, everyone!

MINIMALISM. Yes. Something we all have probably heard about, but dare not delve into. It is a lifestyle much ‘glorified’ in the online community, but there is just a sense of curiosity and intrigue in me in wanting to learn more of this style of living. 447 more words

Little Life

Ah, Heaven..!

It has occurred to me that the “Heaven” of which many Xtians, Jews, and probably Muslims as well, dream is actually a watered-down rendition of the very same average day which the Native Americans enjoyed before the Bible-thumping, English missionaries arrived upon our shores! 132 more words

Whats with the Hijab?

The Muslim religion is something I stay away from on Social Media because anything you say usually gets you suspended, banned, or at least a request to remove the post. 421 more words


Why Malcolm X is not Killmonger

When I was growing up I would hear the name Malcolm X and immediately think radical revolutionary, “By any means necessary” and that he was the total opposite of Dr. 217 more words


Gazes and disgusts
Followed me even to the surface of my skin 
Maybe they penetrated deep within 
The scrutiny I caused to them 
With my mere existence… 123 more words

Basketball player forced to leave game for wearing hijab

A high school basketball player in Philadelphia says a referee forced her to leave a game because she was wearing a hijab.

Sixteen-year-old Nasihah Thompson-King says she was playing in a playoff game Friday when she was told she couldn’t continue with her headscarf on. 102 more words