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Pray for peace and safety

Many of you will have heard of the dreadful attack that took place in Saudi Arabia today. (You can read about it from the following link). 108 more words


Why does god allow suffering?

When asked whether God exists, Atheists may use the example of poverty to justify there not being a God. When hearing Atheists views on the matter and hearing them say that God is supposed to be loving and would not allow people to suffer is reasonable and I understand where they are coming from. 265 more words


It’s a sunny day and the warmth of the air is carried by light breezes. There is a new shiny orange lawn mower in the shed which is a hint for me from mum. 1,012 more words

See what muslim youths did to a court in Kano state

Angry youth in Kano have burnt down a sharia court in Rijiyar Lemo, scheduled to hear a case of blasphemy against the ​prophet of Islam, few minutes before the prophet was brought in. 78 more words


UNCOVERED! – Why More Women Are Taking Off Their Hijab

“Oh My GOD! You’re still wearing the veil! Congratulations!”

That’s the new greeting my friends and I share now. We joke about it, but coming to think of this newly disclosed trend, I suddenly realize it’s so NOT funny! 1,983 more words


Limelight: Mr Booth SG!

Here at Wandering Wonderers, we love surrounding ourselves with people who are overflowing with love and pulsing with passion and energy. After all, the people you surround yourself with contribute to the person that you are. 661 more words