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The Danger of Orthopraxy in Europe

Regarding religion, orthopraxy can be defined as being correct conduct, action and behaviour in both the ethical as well as liturgical senses.

When a strict focus on orthopraxy applied to large groups and even entire societies (as in much of the Islamic world) an issue arises when it comes to the longevity of the group. 417 more words


Buddhists attack and stopped aid convoys to Rohingya Muslims

Police in Myanmar have clashed with a mob blocking an aid shipment in Rakhine state while nine people have died in a road accident involving a Red Cross truck in Bangladesh. 158 more words


क्या आप सैक्युलर हो ? (are you secular?) 

इतिहास की नही कुछ साल पहले की घटना है
कश्मीरी पंडित सर्वानन्द कौल : – महान सेक्यूलर व्यक्ति जिनके घर एक बेहद दुर्लभ कुरान होती थी !

Hate & Crime

The Construction of Muslim Identities at the College of William & Mary

The Construction of Muslim Identities at the College of William & Mary

Summary: An ethnographic analysis of 8 W&M students who self-identify as Muslim. This paper offers a localized, albeit narrow, view of the breadth of the construction of Muslim identities which inherently contains broader structural matters such as class, ethnicity and gender. 46 more words


Khăn hijab và bí mật ẩn trong chiếc hộp pandora nhiệm màu

Các cô gái Hồi giáo sẽ chính thức trùm lên đầu chiếc khăn hijab khi đón “mùa dâu đầu tiên”, sự kiện quan trọng đánh dấu bước chuyển một bé gái trở thành thiếu nữ. 2,976 more words