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The Rise of Islamophobia, Its Cause, and the Threat of Hysteria

In the 1940s and 50s, the United States experienced its second Red Scare. Senator Joseph McCarthy is the most infamous voice from this era, with his personally-led campaign against communism lasting until 1954 and eventually earning him the term ‘McCarthyism.’ While McCarthy certainly was a driving force behind this hysteria, he was by no means the only cause. 3,316 more words

The Day of 'Ashura

The Prophet ﷺ said: “For fasting the day of ‘Ashura, I hope that Allah will accept it as an expiation for the year that went before.” … 36 more words


You'll Get Barakah

I’m sure that born Muslims hear this phrase, but I know that converts often get beat over the head with it:

“You’ll get more barakah for it.”

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The Emirates

The Kathamndu airport and lounge was as good as before and when we  were boarding for our flight to Mumbai (our stopover) we were upgraded to first class! 1,156 more words


Reutlingen "Not Terrorism Related", Attacker Was In "Love" With Victim

A horrific crime was committed today in Reutlingen, Germany. A pregnant Polish woman who worked at a Turkish Kebab shop was murdered by a man described by German press as a ‘Syrian Asylum seeker’. 282 more words


What you give is also what you need

Two years ago, I was attending a workshop for play therapy when a profound statement reached my ears: “What you give as a therapist is what you always needed.”  It struck me on different levels and in all of my different roles- therapist, sibling, daughter, friend, and human. 764 more words


The Templars and Islam -friends or enemies?

Five years ago I posted on this blog about a medieval Arab chronicler who visited a “Frankish” (crusader owned) house in Jerusalem only to find that pork had been banished and the cooks were serving up delicious eastern food. 290 more words