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The Fox Hunt

What would you do if you wanted to research opposite faiths than what you were raised with? Mohammed encounters a Christian teacher at his college. He wants to be an obedient Muslim and share his faith with his teacher, so he brings him a Quran. 193 more words


A Brief Reply for a Question in My Message Box from a Conservative American

Why do Muslims keep coming to the US if they hate Western modernity, Jesus, freedom of speech, alcohol, bikinis, pork and dogs, dude?

Here’s my open reply, “dude” :

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We Have a Book!

I wrote a collection of poems about Hamid’s and my LDR. It’s called Qareeb, meaning close.

PLEASE support us by buying it on Amazon… 43 more words


When I read today’s prompt from WordPress, the first thing that struck me is that how many times have I read this word in the Magnificent Qur’an! 1,031 more words


Series Review: Mind Your Language

Choosing a series to watch is a matter of taste and time. There are people who can’t stand fantasy topics, others don’t like historical ones… Personally, I am open to any topic – in condition – that is interesting and short enough. 1,502 more words


SURAH Al BAQARAH verses (40 -66)

O children of Israel!56 Just recall to mind My favour wherewith I blessed you fulfil your covenant with Me and I shall fulfil My covenant with you, and fear Me alone. 972 more words