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What Makes Salah So Significant Part 1

Date: 24th July 2015, 7th Shawwal 1436

Ramadan has left us and the month of Shawwal is currently running. This scene is quite familiar to all of us- during Ramadan we become steadfast and perform our Salah seriously making the local masjids all packed up but as soon as the month Ramadan ends, we are once more back with the empty qatars. 2,910 more words



I was scrolling my homepage via Instagram and stopped in awe at this beautiful photograph. My heart flew open instantly as I admired the architecture on the minarets of this holy mosque. 90 more words

The Situation of Asia Bibi (Aasiya Noreen) in Pakistan

Aasiya Noreen, more commonly known as Asia Bibi, has received a stay of execution from the Pakistan Supreme Court. Accused in 2009 of making disrespectful remarks against the prophet Mohammed, she was handed a death sentence by a local court in 2010. 198 more words


On Being an 18-Year Old Muslim Wedding Photographer

“Thank you so much but I have decided to go with another photographer for Sunday.”

Two years ago an email like the one I just received would have devastated me. 1,098 more words


How Do We Know The Qur'an Is Unchanged?

By Firas Alkhateeb / LIH

The awakening of Europe from the Dark Ages and the subsequent intellectual enlightenment of the 1600s-1800s was one of the most powerful movements in modern history. 3,104 more words



Sometimes the cut is so deep you wonder if it will ever heal.When will the turmoil end? When will the heaviness in the heart lighten? Will the everlasting sadness cease to exist? 311 more words