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Are we Mirrors?

Are we mirrors? We are the glory, the image, the reflection and the mirror of the One Source. We suffer when we are distracted to focus on and reflect back partial or broken reflections.

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10th Muharram: Renewing the meaning of Faith

This afternoon I took my lunch break to go to the mosque near NUS, Masjid Hussein Suleiman, a small kampung-like masjid. I prayed beside an Indian lady, a Singaporean PR, whom I randomly chatted to after prayer. 815 more words

10th Muharram



  • I’m getting so sick of muslim social media. People speaking with little knowledge. It appalls me how wasted time occurs. like….
  • Why is there is thousands of posts, forums and videos discussing hypothetical situations, like “would you marry this person if they had xyz but did abc..” ?
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Pagan Roots of Islam

Max, the decent atheist is an ex Muslim Iranian born atheist. He has a very informative and short piece on the pagan origins of Allah… 13 more words


Cerita dari Chiba #10 : Mendidik Anak di Negara Minoritas Muslim

Hidup di Luar Negeri berasa enak dan enak banget kalau cuman dilihat dari postingan si orangnya di medsos, tapi tau gak kalau ternyata hidupnya itu berat atau berat banget? 825 more words

Life In Chiba

The Muslim Woman

I am a Muslim Woman.

I pray five times a day.

I read the Quran.

I wear the Hijab.

I fast every Ramadhan.

I dress modestly.

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