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Yang Umat Kristen lakukan pada Presiden Muslim mereka – Nigeria

Presiden Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari berobat ke Britania Raya untuk masalah kesehatannya. Nigeria adalah negara yang terdiri dari umat Islam di bagian utara dan umat Kristen di selatan, ini adalah dua kelompok mayoritas keimanan di Nigeria. 258 more words


Islamic Benefits of Marriage

Islam has various reasons to urge marriage such as its benefits in safeguarding one’s Faith and also because it is the only and an essential element in the proper and righteous upbringing of children and upspring. 805 more words


When should the hands be raised in du’aa’, and when do we make du’aa’ without raising our hands?

Praise be to Allaah.

It is important to note that du’aa’ is an act of worship, and every act of worship should only be done on the basis of evidence (daleel). 380 more words


A Muslim-heavy part of China is rolling out a system to track the location of every vehicle

Need to fill your car’s fuel tank? In one part of China, that could soon be a problem if your vehicle lacks a compulsory GPS tracker. 274 more words

Paradox of the Secret

It has only been a few hours since I posted my ‘Introduction’ and there is no mistaking the anxiety I feel. One second I am worried about someone I know finding it, or someone Googling my name and putting two and two together. 998 more words


It's all good...☻

Hello and Assalmualaikum!

I hope you all are having a wonderful Tuesday in sha Allah.

The quote by Yasmin Mogahed –

Rest assured that nothing will happen–except what is meant to be.  

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