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On being made of Clay

This is the first, I hope, of many reflections made during this beautiful month of Ramadan. May it go slowly, and may its effects last throughout the year. 386 more words


Engaging with Empathy

A few weeks ago, a close friend recounted an unsettling encounter she had with a random, middle-aged gentleman on the streets of London. After exchanging pleasantries, the seemingly benign conversation took a rather strange turn: 1,095 more words


Chapter #1/ What being Muslim is all about - Submission 

‎بِسْــــــمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَٰــــنِ الرَّحِيــــمِ

Ramadan is here!!! Time to dive into the Quran once again and learn a few lessons from it! Like last year I shall do the 30 (?) day Ramadan challenge InshAllah! 376 more words


This Man Has Brought His Remote Tribal Village On The Map Of India

Few years ago, I was on a no-money walking pilgrimage. We had to hunt for host families for night stay during our walk. And, this man came like an oasis in the desert because that day we couldn’t find one. 684 more words


Two Men Stabbed To Death In Oregon After Anti-Muslim Tirade

Police report that a man stabbed two train passengers to death Friday in Portland, Ore. after the men interrupted his anti-Muslim slurs.

Police arrested the perpetrator, Jeremy Joseph Christian, a 35-year-old Portland resident, the same day, reported… 102 more words

The Basmalah - The Simple Things In Life

Bismillah ‘r-Rahman ‘r-Raheem

In the name of Allah, the Most-Merciful the Most-Kind.

It is narrated in Nasa’i that the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) said, “Any significant act that does not begin ‘in the name of Allah’ is severed of blessings.” 237 more words


Flash! Police Report, A Suspect [an evil suspect?] in Portland Stabbings Ranted About Muslims?

~Rob Luce | 05-27-17

[“Ranted or spoke?” Now… did the police really say this? If so, liberalism has invaded our police with P.C.]

So? What if this suspect did talk about Muslims (whom our American forefathers banned) and their innocently-covered-up anti-constitutional behaviors? 293 more words

Political Action