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I am Decatur #7

Faiza Haji immigrated to the United States from Kenya in 2006. Faiza was born in Kenya of Somalian parents. Faiza has embraced the Somalian tradition of poetry which is embedded in the culture of the people. 259 more words


Tantalizing Toledo: A Blend of Cultures

Not a day passes without news of a religious conflict somewhere in the world. But there was a time and place where Jews, Muslims, and Christians lived together peacefully – where ideas were exchanged on art, architecture, science, and yes, even religion. 484 more words


Galang Dana 35 menit dapat 1 Milyar

Ada sebuah masjid yang berada di Kabupaten Mimika, Provinsi Papua yg telah mulai dibangun sejak tahun 2010 tepatnya di daerah SP-2 tapi 7 tahun telah berlalu masjidnya belum juga rampung. 1,034 more words

Electronic Voting Malfunctions; Forces Omar to Vote in Favor of Life Insurance for Terrorists

In 2015 one of the San Bernardino shooters took out a life insurance claim before he and his wife murdered 14 innocent people. The man’s mother was set to receive $300,000 after his act of terrorism resulted in his death. 408 more words

Dilemmas integrating into my own cultural community

As a second generation of immigrants, I have always been fascinated with the way other people have been fascinated with my identity story. As I reflect on my journey as a young Bangladeshi Muslim woman in 2017, it is one that encompasses many struggles to understand my position in society and the responsibility inflicted on me to carry this label. 676 more words


The White Immigrant

We may say we are all the same as humans but let’s face it, our differences separate us in ways that forcibly change who we are just so we ‘fit in’’. 833 more words