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New School Year - New Goals

It might seem a little different story of my life instead of creating new goals at the first of the year (January!?!? that’s the middle of the school year and end of my short vaca!) I start with the new school. 174 more words


Salim's Secret

Salim’s Secret is a children’s book, written by Noor Ramadani. It’s about a young boy coming out to his parents. We absolutely fell in love with the illustrations. 57 more words


Who was Naomi in the Bible?

The story of Naomi appears in the Bible in the book of Ruth. Naomi lived during the time of the judges. She was the wife of a man named Elimelek, and they lived in Bethlehem with their two sons, Mahlon and Kilion. 519 more words


If You Really Care...

There are people in our lives who we truly care about.

We don’t want them to get hurt. But if ever we do happen to hurt them we try our best to make it up to them. 105 more words


312. A quick update!

Exactly a week ago, I had the blessing to bring a whole group of beautiful souls over the sea for Rainbows for Batam.

A man once came to the Messenger of Allah, sallallaahu`alaihiwasallam, and complained that he feels hardness in his heart.

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Bismillah Rahman ar-Raheem

If I am honest becoming a parent was a bit of a shock. You are catapulted into reality, previously having held such opinions as “all he needs are some boundaries” and “when I am a mother I will never do A or I will always do B”. 827 more words

Daily Life