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Islam – Religion Of Peace?


There will be those who say you cannot make fun or criticise Islam. Indeed it is completely true that the vast majority of Muslims are not warped, violent, twisted, humourless terrorists or paedophiles. 387 more words


Manchester's Sad Dichotomy

By Andrew Field – Follow on Twitter

Every terrorist incident in the West seems to have a sequel, and that is the blame game.
In a poll on Twitter by David Jones 70% of respondents suggest government was partly to blame for the attack. 1,012 more words


Why We Must Never Hate Islam, Or Muslims, Because Of The Violence Of Its Fake Followers

My dear mother is a sweet, supportive, 66-year-old white woman from rural Kentucky. I love her without hesitation. Yet, on a daily basis, both as a journalist and an activist, I confront white privilege, white supremacy, and the devastating effects of systemic racism in our country and around the world. 767 more words

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Islam Barbary Practices

Watch Chris Hitchens on Barbary Pirates.  Watch through minutes 4:44.


by fabio.apc on Flickr.Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultn Al Nahyan Mosque - Abu Dhabi, UAE.

by fabio.apc on Flickr.Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultn Al Nahyan Mosque – Abu Dhabi, UAE.



The Manchester Muslim community distances itself from such a heinous act.

Trump met the Pope yesterday.

Trump seemed to think it had gone okay. 41 more words

Human costs of the sacred cow

India is home to over 200 million cows, more than any other country in the world. They roam freely on the streets, unfazed by the surrounding cries of street vendors and incessant tooting of horns as they go about their business. 763 more words

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