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Little girl

Baby child with eyes indescribable, how should I love you? I love you to the point of heartbreak, your impossibly sweet face, defiance and tight braid… or silky cascade… one moment loving arms and adventure; gurgling laugh belying the carefree innocence of your age… the next tornado-like and bristling with unchecked rage… flashing gaze… catching me unawares and leaving me afraid… How do I rear you? 357 more words


Tentang Akhawat yang Menjaga Diri

Kemarin pagi saya membuka twitter. Iseng-iseng coba ngeliat akun twitter milik, sebut saja, fulanah. Ketika membuka profil twitternya ternyata… saya sudah diblok oleh fulanah! Saya cukup kaget dengan keputusannya itu. 441 more words


I Quit Music: the Reason, and What I Think About Music Now -Part 1 (personal perspective)-

Hello and Assalamualaikum!

*Disclaimer: Don’t get offended, I don’t judge based on if you listen to music or not.*

Music was a daily part of my life, I would listen to it everywhere. 1,021 more words



She built a wall.

She wouldn’t let anyone knock them down, not at all.

She thought this would sheild her

From all the harm that was to occur. 261 more words


Trust Your Instincts ...That's Why They're There

Hello Sweeties!

Happy Humpday!

Well… I had my interview at the car rental agency and let me just tell you, it wasn’t what I expected. I go in, the room was filled with a good number of people also waiting to be interviewed. 331 more words


Paradox of the Secret

It has only been a few hours since I posted my ‘Introduction’ and there is no mistaking the anxiety I feel. One second I am worried about someone I know finding it, or someone Googling my name and putting two and two together. 998 more words


It's all good...☻

Hello and Assalmualaikum!

I hope you all are having a wonderful Tuesday in sha Allah.

The quote by Yasmin Mogahed –

Rest assured that nothing will happen–except what is meant to be.  

524 more words