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Hijabee Outfit: Royal Blue

“It’s no secret to those who knows me I love comfort in clothing. My obsession with comfortable Kaftans lives on.” Shaqeena Rahim

Add a touch of the exotic to your wardrobe with the gorgeous…

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Jummah Mubarak

No knowledge is ever enough knowledge and no actions are ever too much. There is always a way to strengthen yourself in your religion.


Color By Numbers

1. is for the number Ummahs we have. The Prophet (S) told us so.

2. is for the ranking I feel, tired of being treated like a second class citizen in this Muslim community. 540 more words


Made With Love: Rhinestones Digital Tasbih

You may fall in love with beauty of someone, but remember that in the end you have to live with character, not beauty. Love Allah SWT and Love for Allah SWT…

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Doa Nabi Yusuf : Untuk Kelancaran Jodoh

Assalamualaikum wr wb…

Untuk yang sedang menantikan jodohnya, yuk selalu berikhtiar yah dan melakukan ibadah serta mempersiapkan diri dengan sebaik – baiknya karena insyaa Allah lelaki yang baik untuk wanita muslimah yang baik. 84 more words


A little about my journey...

Before coming to Islam I was a non-practising Catholic-by-name of two parents who were likewise. I was interested in God from childhood and was overtly aware something was ‘missing’ from at least my early teens… I just didn’t know what exactly that emptiness meant and spent many years looking in all the wrong places. 1,958 more words