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Muslim version of the trend Spring-Summer 2016. Мусульманская версия Тренда Весна-Лето 2016

Assalamu Aleikum ! How have you been? I haven’t updated my blog for a quite long time. It turns out having a blog requires a lot of time, especially when you study and work. 188 more words


The wait was worth it...

As the walls crumbled away & the barriers were lifted,

I began to see that with you I’d been gifted.

In hindsight I see why with others it never worked, 12 more words


Biggest lesson of Ramadhan

You know what is the hardest part of Ramadhan? It is not the long hours of fasting or the attempts of reading and reciting the Quran, the standing in Tarawih prayers or even getting up in the wee hours of the morning to do tahajjud prayers. 454 more words

Life In Singapore

Mutiara Hitam

Sebagaimana telah diketahui, Islam adalah agama yang sempurna, yang mengatur segala yang berhubungan dengan kehidupan, termasuk tentang berpakaian. Islam sudah menetapkan bagaimana pakaian yang hendak dikenakan. 600 more words


Diet Sehat Alami ala Food Combining

Ingin beli baju di Naffata Olshop tapi susah cari ukuran yang pas dengan ukuran tubuh yang terlalu gemuk? Mungkin sudah saatnya sista mencoba diet sehat alami dan cepat ala food combining. 822 more words



So, if you’re like many of us you are always looking for signs in things and situations when trying to figure something out, right? Well the answer is much simpler than you probably thought. 30 more words

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