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PFH Convention 4

Rolling Hills. Lush Greenery. Sunrays Galore.

Welcome to Laguna Hills! The perfect set-up for the 4th annual PFH Modest Fashion Convention hosted by Hassanah El-Yacoubi. She is a public speaker, PhD student, fashion influencer, and boutique boss! 306 more words


August's Muslimah of the Month

Salaam wonderful people!

August is a very special month to me. Why? Because it’s the month I was born in lol! It’s always such a nostalgic time for me, at least it has been the last few years, because I get overwhelmed with gratitude and joy – but that’s a topic for another post. 1,026 more words


What We're...

We live in a world with countless platforms of expression, different ways to get your message out there, books, online videos, blogs, podcasts, even the traditional newspaper. 79 more words


July's Muslimah of the Month

Asalamu’alaikum! Happy Friday! It’s that time again! Our lovely Muslimah of the Month is Leah Vernon, a fashion-forward woman who is taking the reins and owning her journey! 1,020 more words


Ramadhan: A Testimonial

With Ramadhan in it’s final lap, we thought it fitting to let you in on our personal experiences, what the month means to us, what we love about it and why we we look forward to it every year 1,329 more words


Ramadan Preparation Pearls

It’s with so much joy that I compose this blog post! I am a huge aficionado of Ramadan and everything that it entails. For those who are unfamiliar with Ramadan, it is the ninth month on the Islamic calendar in which Muslims are commanded to fast (abstain from food and drink) from sunrise to sunset. 841 more words