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Obama’s Deeds - Written by Mike Gallagher -.President Obama : This is why you didn't go to France!

Obama’s Deeds – Written by Mike Gallagher -.President Obama : This is why you didn’t go to France!.

It was you who on ABC News referenced – “My Muslim faith.” 725 more words

Obama The Enemy Of America

“……Ayat as-Sayf, the fifth verse of Surat at-Tawbah, one of the last Koranic chapters delivered to the Prophet in the city of Medina, and thus of central importance with regard to the structure of Islamic rulings and the system for the relationship with the other? 1,246 more words

The Fear of Reprisal

I was speaking to my boyfriend about my concerns of discussing and sharing my findings about terrorism. I was worried that it could be misinterpreted but I suppose everyone has the right to share their own views, freedom of speech and all that! 968 more words


Not even water?

It’s that time of year again when Muslims all over the world come together to answer the ridiculous, inane and downright stupid questions of non-Muslims everywhere. 558 more words


Facing Backlash, US Muslims Counter With New Advertising Campaign

SACRAMENTO (TIP): In California’s capital city of Sacramento this month, stark black billboards loomed over highways and faded commercial strips, offering solace to the troubled: “Looking for the answers in life?” one asked. 261 more words

American Muslims

On Ramadan, China Tells Turkey "Mind Your Own Business"

BEIJING (Reuters): China’s Foreign Ministry denied restricting religious freedom on Wednesday in a sharp response to Turkey for voicing concern over reports that ethnic Uighur muslims had been banned from worship and fasting during Ramadan. 491 more words

I'm Sick Of All This Hate!!!!! Really?

Over this past weekend, I have renowned homosexual marriage, haters of the rebel flag and fake or political correct Christians.  Boy, did I start a hate wandering campaign on facebook.  711 more words

Another Day In Paradise