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The Old Bailey was told how Shaikh radicalised in 2015 after converting to Islam in 2007, following an act of kindness by a neighbouring Muslim family.

Her lawyers claimed that the British mother was never going to carry out the suicide bombing and had just been trying to make friends. But moments before the judge was due to sentence her on Thursday, prosecutors disclosed details of a phone call to a friend from prison last week in which Shaikh said: “I didn’t get cold feet, yeah – I was ready to go through with it. https://barenakedislam.com/


Muslims responsibility in a post Easter terror attack Sri Lanka

Easter terror attack of Sri Lanka proved that Sinhala nationalists’ claim of Islamic extremism is affecting the Sri Lankan Muslims also, which they foresaw long before while civil community of Sri Lanka wrongly interpreting that concern as hysteric moment of Sinhala Buddhist nationalism/ as an attempt to find a new enemy to fill the gap of LTTE. 1,775 more words

Sri Lanka

UK: Female convert to Islam turned terrorist jailed for 14 years for plotting to blow up St Paul’s Cathedral

Muslim converts make the best terrorists because they can’t wait to prove how devoted to Islam’s teachings they are.

The UK’s first Muslim female suicide bomb plotter smiled and performed an ISIS salute (above) as she was caged for a minimum of 14 years today over a plan to blow up St Paul’s Cathedral. 34 more words


पैगम्बर मुहम्मद स०अ०व० के सम्मान में एकजुट हुए लोग, हिन्दु-मुस्लिम एकता की मिसाल पेश की।

ट्विटर पर एक हिन्दु लड़की नेहा, विद्या, जागृती आदी ने पैगम्बर मुहम्मद स०अ०व० के सम्मान में ट्विट करते हुए उन्हे अपना हीरो, अपना रोल मॉडल, अपना आदर्श बताया। वहीं सोशल मिडिया हैशटैग #ProphetForAll , #MyProphetMyHonor और #Prophet_Muhammad के साथ भर गया। 229 more words


Rohingya--Another Forgotten People

I have recently wrote a post about the Muslim minority in China, the Uighurs.

They are not alone in this world of mistreatment….there is the Rohingya Muslim minority of Myanmar(Burma)…..probably most Americans are ignorant about the plight of these people….and that is where the Old Professor comes in….. 374 more words

International Situations

How the US tricked KSA in establishing military bases inside the kingdom

How the US established military bases in Saudi Arabia by fooling King Fahad

The foreign ministers of Saudi Arabia and China met in Riyadh on 21 July 1990 and established diplomatic relations for the first time through the efforts of Pakistan. 652 more words


Is Ecumenism a Waste of Time?

Throughout the middle ages, it was easy to have a rather “isolationist” approach to people of other faiths. They either lived in other countries than most Christians, or in the case of Protestants, didn’t exist yet. 174 more words