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Sadness or happiness, whatever it is, it's my life ultimately. .. my Destiny

Life well lived is actually death each day well deserved

The tragedy of life is not that you get hurt, you lose or you die. It’s more about losing hope, sense of being a human being,an identity and recognition of your individual self. 443 more words

Court Trial: The British Revolution versus Tony Rooke

The British revolutionary spirit has often been undermined by those who don’t understand it at all.  For example, Tony Rooke’s recent statement uttered against real U.K. 2,707 more words


Thousands march in Berlin against far-right AfD


© AFP | A protestor holds up a sign reading “Stop the AFD” during a demonstration in Berlin as representatives of the far-right Alternative for Germany party prepare to take their seats in German parliament next week. 359 more words

The first Universities in the world...

The Arabic word of university is Jami’ah, which is the feminine form of the arabic word Jami’, which is the word for mosque. Hence, the learning of Islam is conjoined with the institutes of advanced learning. 234 more words