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Stupid Conservative Memes #57 Liberal Logic 101 Edition

When it comes to terrorism , Conservatives have a double standard. When a Muslim shooter commits jihad , all Muslims are accountable for the actions of the one , and must denounce it to appease Conservatives. 162 more words

Liberal Logic 101

There are good Muslims and bad Muslims, I just realized that after Trump's visit in Saudi Arabia...

Like most conservatives, I used to believe that all Muslims are bad people but after seeing Trump’s visit in Saudi Arabia… my thoughts on Muslims began to change. 365 more words


The Dangers of Narratives

I love stories.  I love fantasy.  I love fiction.  I spend a a lot of time consuming, analyzing and even writing my own narratives.  Narratives are important to me, and given their prevalence in cultures across the globe to humanity as well.   1,935 more words

Politically Incorrect

Ramadhan Plan 2017

In 2014, I reached into the blogosphere with hopes and goals for Ramadhan 2014. The year had already brought on plenty of challenges by moving to a small town, and I felt the need to reach into the blogosphere for support. 816 more words

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Please Stop Killing Us!

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What causes some people of a particular faith to attach a bomb to themselves and detonate it publicly?

Why would anyone wish to harm anyone of a different faith especially children? 243 more words


Over 1Million Roingya Muslims Live In Apartheid-Like Conditions Denied Citizenship And Basic Rights

About a million Rohingya Muslims live in apartheid-like conditions in squalid camps in northwestern Rakhine state, where they are denied citizenship and basic rights. Many in the Buddhist-majority country regard them as illegal immigrants from Bangladesh. 69 more words

Live Balanced

Terrorism, Discrimination & the Plight of Muslims

I am a Muslim. I am lucky to be a Muslim. I am proud to be a Muslim. I won’t say I am a deeply religious person, because I’m not but I do love my religion. 1,329 more words