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Hail to the creep by Trevor Plumbly

The cringe machine

I couldn’t ignore the guy any longer. As with Hitler and a couple of other despots, we’re likely to have to pay a heavy price for pretending it’s really OK. 381 more words

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Conservatives Fiddle While America Burns

A fiercely conservative editor at The Detroit News, had an interesting column in Sunday’s February 19 edition about the effect Trump’s travel ban is having on the local Muslim community. 524 more words


Many a little makes a mickle; Switzerland - What's in a handshake? Well worth reading.

  1. Authored by Luke Harrison

Sometimes it’s the little things that are most telling. At first glance …this may seem like a trivial story but what lies hidden beneath it could have serious consequences for our children and grandchildren. 880 more words


Who are we hating today?

I found a picture of a white male burka. It will have to symbolize the American fear and hate. But who are we hating today? Muslims? 57 more words


Muslim public schoolboys ‘excused’ from shaking hands with women

As Islam promotes strict segregation between men and women, we now see Muslim Australians acting upon this in our schools. And as has occurred in the past, we have one set of rules for Muslims, and another set for non- Muslims.

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The Trump travel ban

I hope I don’t come off sounding ignorant on this issue, but I wanted to voice my opinion about the travel ban that President Trump is issuing. 658 more words

Ohio, Where Muslim and Christian Refugees Form 'Impossible' Friendships

Source: The Atlantic


Stepping out of an apartment complex into a warm Ohio night, Nashwaan Saddoon got into an old minivan and drove through Toledo to a hookah joint called Rocket Lounge. 218 more words

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