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Brown Lives Matter

Muslim women have had their share of discrimination, ranging from the religion they practice to the articles of clothing they wear.

A YouTube video titled “If Donald Trump Wins, Please Don’t Move to Canada” was produced by Sana Saeed, warning Americans not to move to Canada because Stephen Harper, the previous prime minister of Canada, wanted to ban Muslim women from wearing the niqab. 719 more words

Huckabee Almost gets it Right

Mike Huckabee disqualified himself from obtaining the GOP nomination for the presidency when he revealed himself as a religious extremist. He would only support a single special interest group, the Christian religious right. 336 more words


These are infographics that portray the role of religion as a source of social injustice and crime in Sokoto, Northern Nigeria.


Random Thoughts

Our thoughts and prayers go to the families of those killed in the Colorado shootings.  I don’t care if among those killed were abortionists or not, they are still people with families.

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"Making Ridiculous Claims On Purpose": Huckabee: Obama May Want People 'To Memorize Koran Verses'

When it comes to right-wing rejection of Syrian refugees, Mike Huckabee was ahead of the curve. Back in September, when most policymakers were debating how many – not if – the United States would welcome fleeing families, Huckabee… 428 more words


Henry A. Giroux | The War on Terror Is a War on Youth: Paris and the Impoverishment of the Future

To End the Violence, We Must Eliminate Militarism  

In this instance, the hard war cannot be separated from the soft war on youth, and it is precisely this combination of tactics that is missed by those Western governments waging the war on terrorism.   

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Military Madness

My life as a Muslim in the West’s ‘Gray Zone’

Some months ago, I gave a reading from my most recent novel in Scottsdale, Ariz. During the discussion that followed, a woman asked me to talk about my upbringing in Morocco. 1,610 more words