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Malaysian Islamic party demands Oktoberfest events be shut down

Ongoing trend it would appear:

Malaysia’s largest Islamic party is pushing for Oktoberfest events across the country to be banned, renewing a familiar culture war in the Muslim-majority country.

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Do not search for (the faults of others), for if anyone searches for (others) faults, Allah will look for his faults.

The Prophet said Contemplate those who have less than you and not those who have more than you, lest you belittle the favors of Allah conferred upon you… 976 more words

Islamic Lessons

The Islamic Enlightenment: Struggle Between Faith and Reason


Some analysts have explained the Islamic world’s “intolerance” as resulting from historical forces: unlike Europe, the Middle East did not experience the Enlightenment: the Protestant Reformation, the Renaissance, or the Age of Reason. 342 more words



By: Kartikey Tiwari

Partition happened on the sectarian basis but did that make India a Hindu nation automatically?

“Mazhab nahi sikhata aapas me bair rakhna” 651 more words



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