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Roots of “JIHAD” Part II

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Roots of “JIHAD” Part I

When Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H. received the previous verses of The Qur’an (22:38-41), he was 54 years old. 2,633 more words


Measles Outbreak in Minnesota Within Somali Community Spreads Through State

Any sane person who stayed informed on the actions of our past president, Hussein Obama, knows without a doubt that he is directly responsible for this situation. 93 more words

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How Trump Conned You Into Voting for Him

Trump’s supporters loved his vile rhetoric during his rallies. He pandered to his crowd; the loudest cheers relating to his many promises received Trump’s greatest attention. 586 more words

Who knew being a president is such a hard job?

I think most people understands that being president is difficult. Its about making friends, stay friends, go together, and work around the clock. Because somewhere there is early morning and new things happen. 315 more words


Muslims Replace Jews As Scapegoats

The startling thing about what is covered in the following article from Vocativ, is the resemblance to pre-World War 2 Germany. At that time the Jews were made into scapegoats for the economic hardship suffered by the German people. 183 more words


Middle Eastern stereotypes are ruining the narrative of natives

The Middle East has been seen through multiple perspectives but one: that of the native. More often than not, war movies like “American Sniper” and “War Dogs” use the Middle East and Arabs merely as supplements to the film’s overall agenda. 429 more words