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Baby/toddler life hacks

Parenting is hard man – it’s really, really hard.  Over the four years that I’ve been a mummy it’s not got any easier.  I’ve picked up lots of tips in these four years – some good, some bad, some goddam ugly. 764 more words


Preparing for baby

Before the arrival of baby, while still clinging on to some reserves of energy, essential to obsessively organise every element of life-to-come.  Only then is it possible postpartum to look back and laugh at own glorious naivety. 1,087 more words

Baby Buggy

The readers of Let's Dad! bring you... Top Tips for New Dads (Part 2)

Following on from the success of Part 1 (we’re up for a Croydon Council ‘Services to Men’ Award, alongside Jasmine’s Massage + Spa and The Pig and Whistle), here’s the second installment of the Let’s Dad! 793 more words

General Dadding

The readers of Let's Dad! bring you... Top Tips for New Dads (Part 1)

Last week, in an interview with Vanity Fair, Bruce Willis likened the first six months of fatherhood to “Die Hard meets Willie Wonka and The Chocolate Factory. 776 more words

General Dadding

A muslin square can pretty much solve anything…

Over the years I’ve watched friends and family become parents for the first time and Hubbie and I, sometimes, do get asked about ‘things you need for a baby’. 1,089 more words


Tired of 'eau de baby sick'

Did you buy or were you given the gift of a pack of muslin squares that are designed to be used when burping (winding) a baby only to discover that the baby sick soaks straight through. 83 more words

Baby Gifts