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Microplastics in mussels along the coastal waters of China

Microplastic has been confirmed as an emerging pollutant in marine environments. One of the primary environmental risks of microplastics is their bioavailability for aquatic organisms. Bivalves are of particular interest because their extensive filter-feeding activity exposes them directly to microplastics present in the water column. 180 more words


Havelock - South Island, New Zealand (2C)

Siapa yang gak doyan Seafood? Atau mungkin gak doyannya karena alergi ya.. Gua salah satu penggemar berat Seafood ( kayaknya apa aja dimakan yakk hahaha ). 434 more words


Styrofoam debris as a source of hazardous additives for marine organisms

There is growing concern over plastic debris and their fragments as a carrier for hazardous substances in marine ecosystem. The present study was conducted to provide field evidence for the transfer of plastic-associated chemicals to marine organisms. 140 more words


Kitchen Inspiration

The Fixer-upper continues…

I am going to re-name this house’ The House of Onion’.  Two weeks of stripping back layer after layer of wallpaper, only to find some areas had wood chip paper stuck onto unplastered plasterboard.  394 more words


Microplastics in the marine environment. A threat to marine biota?

Microplastics in marine environments are an emerging environmental problem of international concern. This review focuses on the sources, quantities and effects of microplastics, to assess whether or not they pose a threat to marine biota. 203 more words