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Poems: Pearl Buttons & Frog Sex

I’ve been writing about endangered species, including the Freshwater mussel species that used to fill the Mississippi River, and various amphibians who are particularly vulnerable to disease and climate change.  83 more words


An approach to the study of the immunity functions of bivalve haemocytes: Physiology and molecular aspects

The Mediterranean mussel Mytilus galloprovincialis is an ecologically and economically important species. It has been used in programs of monitoring of pollutions, since it is sessile organism that is capable of accumulating pollutants in tissues through filter feeding. 131 more words


Effect of infection with Metacercariae of Himasthla elongata (Trematoda: Echinostomatidae) on cardiac activity and growth rate in blue mussels (Mytilus edulis) in situ

Trematode parasites can affect their molluscan hosts, which serve as the first intermediate hosts in their life cycles, in manifold ways, but little is known about trematode-induced effects on their second intermediate hosts. 129 more words



Is there anything better than making food from something you have harvested yourself? Mussels are extremely easy to harvest as long as you make sure to follow the precautions for warm water, bacteria and algae in the summer. 294 more words


Potential environmental drivers of a regional blue mussel mass mortality event (winter of 2014, Breton Sound, France)

In the context of global change, increasing mariculture production has raised particular concerns regarding its environmental impact and sustainability. Molluscs and particularly blue mussel account for a significant part of this total production. 321 more words


Spillover but no spillback of two invasive parasitic copepods from invasive Pacific oysters (Crassostrea gigas) to native bivalve hosts

Invasive species can cause indirect effects on native biota by modifying parasite-host interactions and disease occurrence in native species. This study investigated the role of the invasive Pacific oyster ( 189 more words


New Montana Invasive Species Fee

The Montana Legislature has approved a new Aquatic Invasive Species Prevention Pass to raise funds to tackle invasive species.

Non-resident anglers will pay $15, residents $2 for the annual pass raising an estimated $3.2 million. 44 more words