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Aquaculture Community Holds Lively Discussion at UCLA School of Law 

California Aquaculture Law Symposium organizers: Annalisa Battanides (Sea Grant Fellow, Aquaculture Program, NOAA) & Lauren Bernadett (Attorney, Somach Simmons & Dunn)

Helene York (Global Director, Responsible Business, Compass Group @Google) & Randy Lovell (California State Aquaculture Coordinator) … 697 more words


Quick Thoughts On: Mussel

I have no great love for the CRT monitor. They’re fuzzy, bulky, and attempting to move them is like transplanting an electronic whale. Still, emulating the way games used to look on them has become a popular graphical style among smaller retro inspired games, curved edges and flickering scan lines fueling nostalgia as of you’re still sitting on the floor blowing into a cartridge. 254 more words

Quick Thoughts

Grilled Mussels with Oyster Sauce - Chem Chép Nướng Dầu Hào

Here is a quick and delicious appetizer that can be prepare under 30 minutes. It’s a popular appetizer among Asian restaurants and drinking fans . The sauce use to top the mussels is also use as a dipping sauce and use to marinate meat dishes. 140 more words

Viet Food

the wren

recommended? yes

the good:

  • bacon, very thick cut bacon, feels like bbq pork belly
  • the fish and chips is amazing, tender filet fried to perfection, with right amount of sourness in the tartar sauce…
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Sometimes You Just Get Lucky

A biting cold day on the tide line in heavy snow. Ferocious weather all around, yet there was a singular, magic moment of utter peace. I have no explanation as to why this one flake was so large and alone, but I am so excited about capturing it with my camera that I can barely contain myself!


recommended? maybe

the good:

  • the grilled calamari is super tender and tasty
  • seafood paella and mussel are decent

the bad:

  • terrible reservation system, 45 min. wait even with reservation and the manager who arrange the seat has no fucking idea what he’s doing, need to raised the voice and yell few times till getting seated…
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