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Four Seashells

About a week ago I sifted through the paintings I made this past year, and I realized that I had already forgotten about some of the work I had done.   229 more words


Development and optimization of a standard method for extraction of microplastics in mussels by enzyme digestion of soft tissues

The authors compared procedures for digestion of mussel soft tissues and extraction of microplastics. Complete tissue digestion was achieved with 1M NaOH, 35% HNO3, and protease at 9.6 UHb/mL (unit hemoglobin per mL); but use of HNO3 caused unacceptable destruction of some microplastics. 51 more words


Sea star

Surrounded by giant green anemones, a lone ocher sea star feeds on mussels and barnacles. Since 2013 sea stars along the Pacific coast have been dying in unprecedented numbers. 18 more words


Leachate from microplastics impairs larval development in brown mussels

Microplastic debris is a pervasive type of contaminant in marine ecosystems, being considered a major threat to marine biota. One of the problems of microplastics is that they can adsorb contaminants in extremely high concentrations. 218 more words


Serious Noms

Still Christmas shopping. Dinner.

From Godiva.

Happy Mouse.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse 14 more words


The Food Club - Mussel and Steak Bar

Due to a busy November, including a girls weekend in Amsterdam, we postponed The Food Club until December. Katie has definitely been the most organised Food Clubber so far, because she knew from the beginning that she was going to pick Mussel and Steak Bar, which meant the date was picked and booked quickly. 419 more words