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Green Tea-Steamed Mussels with Two Mayonnaises

In this recipe, a green tea infusion tenderizes the mussels and imbues them with a rich golden mahogany color. The tantalizingly zingy aroma of the freshly grated ginger perfumes both the mussels and your kitchen. 489 more words


A critical view on microplastic quantification in aquatic organisms

Microplastics, plastic particles and fragments smaller than 5 mm, are ubiquitous in the marine environment. Ingestion and accumulation of microplastics have previously been demonstrated for diverse marine species ranging from zooplankton to bivalves and fish, implying the potential for microplastics to accumulate in the marine food web. 189 more words


Van Wedde naar Mussel

Dat was jammer. Ik had bedacht wat eten voor onderweg te kopen bij de Troefmarkt, volgens internet ook vandaag open, maar de winkel bleek toch al ter ziele. 501 more words


Mussels Galore!

The lagoon of Aveiro is famos for the nice colored boats of the fishermen.

Form our campsite in the little harbor of bica we watch the fishermen or bettter the fisherwomen! 26 more words


Clams and Mussels Linguine. Spanish Chorizo and a Lager Reduction.

Today is Canadian Turkey Day. Is it ok to question its legitimacy? It was instated in 1957. That’s like yesterday. Why call it Thanksgiving and not celebrate it with the US the same day? 441 more words


College Foodie Edition

If I had to make an assumption, I would say that most college kids budget their money weekly. They lay set aside a set amount of money for the necessities: gas, food, cab fare and alcohol money. 329 more words


Shrimp-like Amphipods found in Sea Anemones

by Joseph DeSisto

Amphipods are crustaceans, similar to tiny shrimp. There are around 10,000 known species, with more being discovered each year. Most amphipods are marine and live as scavengers or predators, swimming or scuttling after tiny particles of food or plankton. 544 more words