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Sometimes You Just Get Lucky

A biting cold day on the tide line in heavy snow. Ferocious weather all around, yet there was a singular, magic moment of utter peace. I have no explanation as to why this one flake was so large and alone, but I am so excited about capturing it with my camera that I can barely contain myself!


recommended? maybe

the good:

  • the grilled calamari is super tender and tasty
  • seafood paella and mussel are decent

the bad:

  • terrible reservation system, 45 min. wait even with reservation and the manager who arrange the seat has no fucking idea what he’s doing, need to raised the voice and yell few times till getting seated…
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Baked Tahong (Baked Mussels with Mayo-Chili Topping)

Today, I’ve prepared something special for my family. Well, the moment that i used our kitchen is always special. Cooking is one of my hobbies, I think I got it from my mom. 196 more words


啤酒燉青口 (Mussel and Bacon Stew)


材料 (Ingredients):

急凍青口(有新鮮的就最好)(Mussels)- 1包 (1 pack)
煙肉 (Bacon/smoked ham)-2片 (2 pcs)
洋蔥 (Onion)-1個
蒜頭 (garlic)-3瓣 (3 cloves)
啤酒 (wheat beer) - 1小支 (1 small bottle) 120 more words


It's the Simple Things ...

[… complete the sentence]

(And yes, I know “It’s” is incorrect grammar. I chose to go with the idiom – an English teacher’s prerogative.)

There is a reason why the Mussel and Burger Bar was recently rated as a top 10 hamburger in the US. Because they are awesome!  Fresh ground, hand paddied and perfectly grilled. 89 more words

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