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Apparently they no longer have Musso and Frank matches anymore. We’ve been lighting candles with Musso and Frank matches for thirty years. Now what? Lighters? Are wooden matches too analog? 109 more words

Autobiography,memoirs And Confessions

Musso and Frank's again

Oy, hockey. What a blow out. Can’t believe I wasted three hours watching the Kings get their asses kicked five zip. Ouch. Not just for the score and humiliation, but for the time utterly wasted. 654 more words

Autobiography,memoirs And Confessions

a most enjoyable evening: film, feminism and delicious french beans.


we had a MOST enjoyable evening yesterday.

you see who-we-are-in-RL happened to find out about a deeply interesting project and, well, decided to do something small in a supportive type gesture by taking the young brave souls behind the project out to Supper during their Road Trip across the United States interviewing people for their… 438 more words


a convertible, a celebration and the oldest restaurant in hollywood.


quelle delicious evening!

our most Excellent friend Eric Shaw Quinn picked us up in a convertible (Terribly Tinseltown) and we drove down Hollywood Boulevard to have supper at  227 more words


Musso and Frank's

Went to Musso and Frank’s yesterday, as stated, and had a tasty meal. Sometimes you get delicious stuff in there, sometimes you wish you’d ordered something else, but that’s not the point. 899 more words

Greater L. A. Hipsterpolitan Region

No Regrets

Her call came from out of the blue.  I was just sliding into my Saturday morning sitting out on my balcony enjoying the crisp air after last night’s rain, working on my second cup of coffee.  706 more words


MEMORY ~ E.T. and Me

This one is for Vickie

“I bet nether one of you know about Parma Violets. Well, they are very delicate, and they are what people give when they want to give something really special,  when they’re in love, or someone dies….”  Zee Blakely ~ X, Y, and Zee 1972… 2,539 more words