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Thank you Short Book and Scribes!

A shout-out to Nicola Smith and UK based Short Book and Scribes for the interview. Great questions! Others can judge the answers. Grateful for the opportunity. 2,328 more words

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The Middle Ages in the 20/21st Century Response

The introduction from the textbook From Populism to fascism in History provides an insight into the history of populism and fascism and where the terms come from.  307 more words

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Fungool Congress! You’re More Fascist Than Our Mayonnaise Mussolini

I announced my candidacy on Thanksgiving. I have posted very often, rich text and colorful paintings bearing hope and solutions to problems; I have called out the bad, witnessed the ugly, even had an art exhibition where I was… 782 more words

Book Review: Iris Origo ~ War in Val d'Orcia: an Italian War Diary 1943-4

Iris Origo was a wealthy American who married an Italian aristocrat in 1923. They bought nearly 9000 acres in the Val d’Orcia and began a 20th century version of a feudal relationship with their 57 farms. 356 more words


High Buildings, Low Morals by Rob Baker | The Great Wen

I wrote about Rob Baker’s last book – Beautiful Idiots, Brilliant Lunatics – a couple of years ago. It’s a collection of London-based short histories inspired by Rob’s superb blog, Another Nickel In The Machine. 37 more words

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Whose voice? A Man's or a Woman's?

This past week I was asked “how was writing One More Moon different from what I’d experienced writing the last book?”  It’s a curious question – one that I find myself reflecting upon now and certainly something that I was not overly conscious of when I was writing.   363 more words


Mussolini’s Speech to Medical Doctors

Among the various themes developed by Mussolini, orthogenesis and birth rates were dominant throughout the entire speech. For Mussolini, physicians had to become gatekeepers, and decide what was right or wrong for Italians’ bodies and minds, and ultimately for the future of Fascism.

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