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Caroline in the City: Season 1, Episode 1

ORIGINAL AIRDATE September 21, 1995

Fresh off a breakup, cartoonist Caroline bribes her new assistant, Richard, to pose as her boyfriend in order to make her ex, Del, jealous. 3,916 more words

Cara St Louis & Harald Kautz Vella Social engineering & mind control

Video by Quer-Denken.TV
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Cara St. Louis & Harald Kautz-Vella interviewed by Michael Friedrich Vogt. How have we become willing participants in our own extinction and why is it we don’t know how easy it is to stop it? 150 more words


A Geoengineering fictional video

Video by Oscar Escobar
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DISCLAIMER: This video is a work of fiction. Audiences are advised not to confuse it with real life incidents. 323 more words


Down The Rabbit Hole w/ Popeye (03-26-2015) The Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Leak & It's Effects

Video by DTRHRadioArchives
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On this edition of DTRH Popeye welcomes back friend, fellow broadcaster, and Fukushima expert Christina Consolo aka RadChick. The two of them cover the ongoing disaster that is the leaking Fukushima Nuclear power plant and all of the ongoing effects from it including: The health effects on humans and other animal life; The Pacific Ocean being contaminated and destroyed; The radiation being spewed into the atmosphere on a daily basis; The food chain; Food from the west coast; The effects of radiation on airplanes; The effect radiation exposure has on human mental health, and whether that could have been a factor in the crash of Germanwings Flight 4U9525. 128 more words


4 years of Fuku: "Starfish are getting Chemo"

Video by Rad Chick
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Excerpt from “Down the Rabbit Hole” with Popeye
Truth Frequency Radio
Program air date March 26th 2015

Full interview from DTRHRadioArchives: 448 more words


The Optimism and Kindness of "Parks & Recreation"

Like many other TV fans, I was very saddened by the end of NBC’sĀ Parks & Recreation last month. It felt in some ways like the end of an era; many consideredĀ  452 more words

Amy Poehler