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Where Are They Now?: The Stars of COMMUNITY

In the late 2000s, NBC had a longing look in their eye as they gazed backwards into the 90s at the faded success that once was, the heyday of Must-See-TV.  7,069 more words



The prototypical show about nothing, a lot of people claim they can’t watch it now, because each and every problem could be solved by the invention of the cellular telephone, which is true but it’s also true of pretty much every sitcom that ever aired at any time up to and including fifteen years after the invention of the cellphone. 25 more words


1745 | Untold Story of Slavery in Scotland

I had never heard about this time of Scottish history and am glad The Rank and Files notified me of this upcoming movie. It looks fascinating to say the least and insightful at most. 255 more words


SyFy's Superstition

If you like Sleepy Hollow, Six Feet Under, Supernatural and Tananarive Due’s My Soul to Keep all wrapped up into one, with Mario Van Peeples leading the charge, then this is for you! 117 more words


Outlander | S3, Epi11 Clip: Reunion on the Beach

This is one of my favorite scenes from Epi 11 and Bear’s music adds the cherry on top!

~ Enjoy, Vida

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Me Monday: Live PD

Have you heard of it? Live PD? Six counties around the country being filmed live. Friday and Saturday nights are just not the same anymore. Three full hours each night filled with chases, nonsense, tazings, K-9’s and Officers who we have adopted into our families; most, however, don’t know they have been and like true family, we have our favorites; here’s mine. 648 more words

Christine Horn to Guest Star on CBS's Mom

Watch Christine Horn on CBS’s Mom tonight!

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