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Super Troopers? Which One?

The Super Troopers sequel trailer just landed.

Is Lt. Frank in it?  You decide.

Who Is Lt. Frank?  Opinions range wildly.

But a repeat offender is “Super Troopers”. 13 more words

An Urge To Make A Fake Twitter Parody Account

I have this urge to make a fake twitter parody account that’s a pretend ultra conservative version of Half an Onion in a Bag. It would be called “The Other Half” and would be something like   55 more words

My First Time Growing Facial Hair

On December 8, 2017, I accepted a challenge from a few of my friends to grow a mustache. One of my friends said that he would only grow a mustache if I did, and so I thought that he was nervous about doing it and he just needed a little push to go ahead and do what he already wanted to do. 235 more words

Random Stuff

A Mustache Wax That Works

A few months back, I decided to try pulling off a handlebar mustache.  Some called me brave.  Some called me an idiot.  Some told me not to do it.  478 more words


{{parent.child.0.field}} it not resolved, if child is java.util.Set. Works if it was a java.util.List




Mustache.Compiler c = Mustache.compiler();
Parent parentObj = new Parent();
Map<String, Object> ctx = Maps.newHashMap();
ctx.put("parent", parentObj);


"exception" : "com.samskivert.mustache.MustacheException$Context",
  "message" : "Missing context for compound variable 'parent.child.0.field' on line 1. 33 more words