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What would the Gazi say of Turkey today?

The Gazi Speaks

With all that is happening in Turkey today, what would the Gazi say?

By Roger L Jennings…….

You know the Gazi. After the Turkish forces defeated the Greek Army at the Sakarya River using the same defense he had used at Gallipoli, Mustafa Kemal returned to Ankara in triumph and was awarded by the Grand National Assembly the rank of Field Marshall of the Army and title of Gazi. 1,005 more words


Ne Darbe Ne Dikta Yönetimi !

Evet kardeşim, ülkemiz zor günlerden geldi geçti hatta belki de daha da zor günlerimiz gelecek günlerimizdir.

Ben ne darbe yönetimini ne de dikta yönetim şeklini benimsiyor ve destekliyorum. 436 more words

Will Mustafa Kemal Ataturks legacy survive?

By Ismail Veli…….

There have been many great leaders in history who have made an impact. Some are rated as great reformers, military, politicians, scientists etc. 1,895 more words


GALLIPOLI - October 2011

Once landed safely in Istanbul, we were met by, Taner, the friend of our friends.

Taner’s job was to drive us the 350 kilometres from the gridlock of Istanbul to the tranquil beauty of the Gallipoli Peninsula. 2,430 more words

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Turkey and Kemalism

The recent failed coup in Turkey was not the first time the military has attempted to intervene in the state. In fact, there is a long… 586 more words


Now Turkey

The breaking news was breaking Donald Trump. All eyes were supposed to be on him Thursday evening. Who would he choose as his running mate – the somewhat spherical New Jersey bully, Chris Christie, or the eccentric former House speaker with a checkered past, New Gingrich, or the hard-right but essentially boring Mike Pence, with his years in congressional leadership and his lackluster years as Indiana’s governor? 3,137 more words

A Quick Prescription to Eliminate Islamic Terrorism

What would happen if there were terrorist’s attacks in America or France equivalent to the number of attacks happening in Iraq and Syria?

Well in the land of Democracies, two teenagers paralyzed Boston with their attack on the Boston Marathon. 1,070 more words

Saudi Arabia