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Kanji is a fermented drink made in India for the festival of Holi.

Kanji is made with water, carrots, beetroot and mustard seeds. It may be served with boondi sprinkled on top. 21 more words


Natural Remedy for Cough and Asthma sore

Have a cough? Don’t want to spend a lot on a little plastic bottle of purple medicine? It looks disgusting? You bet. At least this is natural. 30 more words


Easy cooking ideas for Singles #15- Creamy Coconut Sandwiches

Easy cooking ideas for Singles #15- Creamy Coconut Sandwiches

I think you will really like this easy cooking idea of mine as it is healthy, easy, nutritious and so very unique. 713 more words


A Simple Basmati Pulao (pilaf) with Peas and Onions (dedicated to my sweet)

Basmati rice is a staple in most Indian households.

There are many ways that we prepare it.  Sometimes it is the star of the meal and at others it is a side dish. 263 more words

Baked Cod with Spicy Tomato Sauce

This is a really tasty, quick and easy to make white fish dish based on a vintage Madhur Jaffrey recipe. I make it with cod but any white fish will be perfect; we like it served with fluffy basmati rice with peas. 190 more words


South Indian-Inspired Vegetable Curry

I am fascinated by flavours of southern India…the cuisines of different parts of India vary immensely. South Indian food isn’t a taste that I have necessarily grown up with but it is one that I now enjoy. 640 more words


Swiss Chard with Mustard Seeds

I absolutely love greens…I am a vegetable lover at heart. Not sure if early on I hated veggies like most kids (including my son). I think from middle school on I ate all vegetables, except brussel sprouts (I like them now). 321 more words