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Bread and Butter Pickles

And the last of my week-end of canning stuff according to my grand-mother’s recipe (for the first two installments see the Sweet Relish and Fruit Ketchup… 236 more words


Sweet Relish

Continuing my condiment making from the Fruit Keptchup. This relish is perfect for burgers and hot-dogs.

Total Yield : 3.5 pints (7 half pint jars) 188 more words


Icebox Cucumber Pickles Recipe!

These are fabulous. I make them differently EVERY time!  Sometimes I throw in a jalepeno, or maybe an onion, or even a green pepper or garlic cloves.  125 more words


Green Beans with Mustard Seeds

Yield/Serving: 4
Difficulty level is: Easy

From Seven Spoons

• Sea salt
• 255g green beans, trimmed
• 2 tsp extra virgin olive oil… 158 more words


Salty Spicy Lassi - the best way to beat the heat

Most Indian restaurants serve lassi and it is usually sweet or flavored with mango.

That is not the way that I like it.

I enjoy my lassi salty and spicy. 124 more words

leap of faith


 i remember my first day at at westminster christian school, my desk, pencils, birthday indicator, etc were marked  “dee-dee,” much to my dismay, i still love you mom. 436 more words

Daily Life

Minced and spiced cauliflower for Vata types

A recent Ayurvedic consultation revealed some surprises to me.  The first, is that although I always saw myself as a Vata-Pitta type, I am actually tridoshic with a lean towards the Kapha constitution. 692 more words