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Fishers Crossing Logs

The first snow that sticks on the ground is cause for celebration, if only because it allows you to know so much more about what goes on in the woods and fields that surround you than you would know if it never snowed. 272 more words

4th November 2016: Polecat

The finding of the Polecat was quite a simple story. My parents were driving home one evening and saw him, then agreed to drive me back out to find him. 124 more words



Ferrebeekeeper has written about the giant otter, the largest extant mustelid (which is an alpha-predator of the world’s largest river).  But what about extinct mustelids?  184 more words

A Taste of Excitement

Decided to write a small short story based on the above piece by Kenket. It’s one of my favorites of hers and I figured I could use it as a prompt for my writing. 1,423 more words


Zorilla (Ictonyx striatus)

Today’s lovely animal goes by a myriad of names: Zorilla, striped polecat, African polecat, and African skunk, to name a few. Most of these names are inaccurate — though the zorilla looks a bit like a skunk, it is not one, and the name ‘zorilla’ is derived from the Spanish for fox. 405 more words



Greater Grison (Galictis vittata) photo by Tony Hisgett

Last week, in a throwaway post about a bizarre weasel-related mishap at the world’s foremost scientific facility… 421 more words