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Ferrebeekeeper has written about the giant otter, the largest extant mustelid (which is an alpha-predator of the world’s largest river).  But what about extinct mustelids?  184 more words

A Taste of Excitement

Decided to write a small short story based on the above piece by Kenket. It’s one of my favorites of hers and I figured I could use it as a prompt for my writing. 1,423 more words


Zorilla (Ictonyx striatus)

Today’s lovely animal goes by a myriad of names: Zorilla, striped polecat, African polecat, and African skunk, to name a few. Most of these names are inaccurate — though the zorilla looks a bit like a skunk, it is not one, and the name ‘zorilla’ is derived from the Spanish for fox. 405 more words



Greater Grison (Galictis vittata) photo by Tony Hisgett

Last week, in a throwaway post about a bizarre weasel-related mishap at the world’s foremost scientific facility… 421 more words


Here are a few shots of a polecat.






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For A Few Wolverines More

The Wolverine is the largest land based Mustelid in the family tree and is therefore worthy of a blog all to itself.

So it’s one of them Animals with a latin double name: Gulo Gulo and it’s range consists of pretty much any deep forest in the Northern Hemisphere. 398 more words