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Photography day at BWC - Part 3

My favourite animals at the British Wildlife Centre were the otters. There are three of them in their generous enclosure – two parents and their cub, Buster, who was born last September. 276 more words


Pepe le pew: nightly visitors part 3

The third in my series of critter posts this week!  This was originally posted on October 22, 2011.

Pepe le pew was a cartoon character, an amorous skunk that tragically fell in love with a high class cat.  640 more words



I once took philosophy classes from a professor who despised inexact words and fuzzy thinking. Lack of clarity in word or thought would be called “weasel words.” In some areas of political observation it is common to call opponents “weasels.” I am here to tell you these weasel words are clear, positive and full of admiration. 124 more words

Natural History

Mustela nivalis

The air can still be cold, bitterly cold. Yet spring has come early, the sun relentlessly bright, day after day, awakening the song thrush that streams melodious, looping streams of sound outside my bedroom window. 427 more words


Why be shaped like a snake? (Also, weasels)

Here’s a puzzle: you’ve gone to all the bother to evolve fins, then limbs, and then even limbs with all these complicated joints and toes and whatnot—and then you lose them. 989 more words


Mink Meanderings

As these wet footprints and tail drag marks indicate, mink are excellent swimmers, and spend a great deal of time in all seasons foraging in and along streams and ponds. 120 more words