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$100 a day Hoover Dam/Grand Canyon

It was time to leave Las Vegas, but before I did I stopped one last time at Starbucks for free wifi to write the blog and have a acai strawberry refresher and some lemon pound cake for $6.71.   1,278 more words

Tempest at TMAG

Tempest is probably the biggest single exhibition that TMAG (the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery) has ever staged. Far from being confined to the usual temporary exhibition galleries on the ground floor, the show has taken over almost every space within the institution and staff from pretty much every corner and discipline – from decorative arts to zoology – have made contributions to Guest Curator Juliana Engberg’s grand vision. 586 more words


$100 a day Las Vegas (part 2) off strip

Now that I have droned on about stories and things to do on the Strip, it was now time to explore off the Strip.  The day started like yesterday having breakfast at Starbucks with a acai strawberry refresher and frosted lemon pound cake for $6.71 which I paid for with a gift card I had won, and using the free wifi to write the blog. 964 more words

$100 a day LA (Part 1) Downtown

Downtown Los Angeles, it doesn’t have the same feel of Chicago or New York with lots of skyscrapers in a central location, it is more spread out.   967 more words

Exhibition: Art and Stories from Mughal India

The Cleveland Museum of Art, 31 July — 23 October 2016

The centennial exhibition Art and Stories from Mughal India focuses on four stories—an epic, a fable, a mystic romance, and a sacred biography—embedded within the overarching story of the Mughals themselves as told through 100 paintings drawn from the… 216 more words


$100 a day San Francisco (Part 2)

Well, yesterday the CR-V hit 10,000 miles for the trip which means a synthetic oil change and regular maintence, normally I would go to Lindsay Honda in Columbus, but well I am in the Bay Area, so I visited the closest Honda dealership to my hotel which was Vacaville Honda, I was able to make an early appointment and they did a great job, so if you need to do regular maintence on a Honda in the Bay Area, Vacaville Honda allowed me to keep the CR-V road ready. 910 more words