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RPGaDay 2017 - Day 17

Which RPG have you owned the longest but not played?

Short Answer: Mutant Chronicles. 334 more words


WarmaZone #21: Hedgehog Necromower

It’s Wolfbane time again, and time for another unit that’s somewhat impractical, but also ridiculously awesome. The Hedgehog Necromower is an all-terrain vehicle that was designed by the Wolfbane Fergan clan as a ranching vehicle, but it didn’t take long for the war-minded Wolfbanes to adapt it into a combat vehicle. 627 more words

WarmaZone #20: Trencher NCO and Standard

WarmaZone 20 is finally here, and hopefully you’ve all had the time to try out your Imperial armies on the fields of Immoren. For my twentieth installment, it’s time to revisit #1 and give the Trenchers a well-deserved upgrade. 1,496 more words

WarmaZone #19: Hurricane/Loader

Since we’ve got two warcasters and army lists out, it’s high time we started filling out their respective battlegroups. After all, even in the Imperial Corporation, a warcaster is nothing without his warjacks. 1,575 more words

WarmaZone #18: Sean Gallagher

With the weather finally becoming more tolerable, it’s getting harder to stay inside and keep up with my postings, but I’ve still got more work to share. 1,364 more words

WarmaZone #17: Strathgordon Varg Riders

Ever had one of those weeks when work just piles up and you need to dedicate more time to your schoolwork than your hobbies? Anyway, I’m back, and I’ve got more WarmaZone for all of you. 757 more words

WarmaZone #16: Fenris Bikers

Don’t you just love modern technology? Now that Firefox and the Prodos Games site are done crashing on me (seven times in a row…), I can finally get back to WarmaZone with some of Imperial’s cavalry units. 862 more words