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Äventyrsspel Omnbibus

Summary in English: Bought a book on the catalogue of Äventyrsspel, a company that produced loads of RPG in mostly Swedish in the eighties and nineties. 150 more words


The citadel is ready to be besieged by terribly aged models

And now for something completly different! Okay, not that different; it’s still tiny models with paint on them. But this time it’s for an old board game, so not a true miniature game. 977 more words


Siege of the Citadel - all painted and ready

Finally painted and based all the lovely retro miniatures from the game Siege of the Citadel.

My customer was very pleased with the result and looking forward to take them for a retro spin. 86 more words


Siege of the Citadel paint job

My current paint job for a client. The 40+ minis from Siege of the Citadel. A classic from Swedish Target Games.


Painting Guide: Cybertronic Chasseurs (Warzone Resurrection)

Hey all, and welcome to what I hope is the first of many posts for the Grassy Gnoll. I’m Evan, and this month I’ll be running through the process of painting Cybertronic Chasseurs from Warzone Resurrection in a Martian/Frontier colour scheme. 2,815 more words

Cybertronic Chasseurs

Warzone Resurrection - BAUHAUS Army Commission Showcase

Well guys and gals a month has passed and I haven’t played a Wargame……….I am feeling serious withdrawl symptoms!!! I have however begun painting again and as those close to me know it is the painting side of the hobby that I enjoy the most and as such I am one happy Hobbyist! 318 more words