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WarmaZone #16: Fenris Bikers

Don’t you just love modern technology? Now that Firefox and the Prodos Games site are done crashing on me (seven times in a row…), I can finally get back to WarmaZone with some of Imperial’s cavalry units. 861 more words

WarmaZone #15: Grey Ghosts

Well, I’ve had a good time writing about all of the MOW’s units and Special Forces, but all good things must end, but we’re going to close out this category with a bang. 853 more words

WarmaZone #14: Golden Lions

I’m back, and still going strong! After yesterday’s WarmaZone about the fearsome Headhunters of the Wolfbanes, I decided to return to the Ministry of War for a look at the Golden Lions, the MOW’s own brand of violent psychopath. 973 more words

WarmaZone #13: Headhunters

We’re back, and we’re still going with the vicious warriors of the Imperial Corporation! Last time we looked at the tragic yet vicious Mourning Wolves, and in today’s issue of WarmaZone we’ll be looking at some more outcasts from the Wolfbane ranks. 1,003 more words

WarmaZone #12: Mourning Wolves

We’re back, and we’re breaking from the MOW to take a look back at the Wolfbanes, and one of their most characterful and developed units. The Mourning Wolves at first glance just seem like female versions of the Commandos wearing KISS makeup with different weapons, but their unit has a very deep and honestly sad backstory. 729 more words

WarmaZone #11: Special Forces

Hello again, everybody! By all of your support, I’m glad to see that you’re not getting tired of my constant posting and updates with WarmaZone. Anyway, we’re continuing with the Ministry of War with Imperial’s most customizable offering, the Special Forces. 1,058 more words

WarmaZone #10: Greyhound LAFV

Wow, installment 10 already? Man, where did all the time go? Anyway, for my tenth edition of WarmaZone, we have one of the two battle engines available to the Imperial Ministry of War. 918 more words