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The Choice - chapter 42

“Where should we go?” Laurent asked. We’d already asked Bryce to teleport us, but didn’t have a destination.

“Somewhere with a lot of people,” I recommended, “and violent crimes are prevalent.” 894 more words


The Choice - chapter 41

“Baby, Lisa, Lisa!”

I opened my eyes and found Laurent next to me. He looked worried. The few fragments of a dream lingered and I knew why he’d woken me up. 1,632 more words


New Images for Wolverine

A mere couple of months until we see Hugh Jackman take on the role of Wolverine for the final time. Logan shows him as an aging mutant with Professor X and a young protégé accompanying him in a world where there are no mutants. 113 more words

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The Choice - chapter 40.5

Two more days passed while we were waiting for the results from my blood tests. They arrived and I began to shake my leg when Jan walked in with the envelope in her hand. 462 more words


Inktober Bonus Round - 3

This was a response to art-block while trying to come up with an idea for the next prompt. He’s a post-apocalyptic mutant who’s face-mask filter the toxic air and allow him to breathe. 33 more words

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