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Mutant Mıyız Biz ?

İlk yazıma bana yıllarca mutant muamelesi yapan ayakkabıcılara isyanımı dile getirerek başlamak istiyorum. Yazmazsam çatlarım çünkü. Her şey 16 yaşımda ayağımın serpilip 40 numaradan 41e, hızını alamayıp 42 numaraya level atlamasıyla başladı. 350 more words



In Valley of the Brain Collectors there is a random encounter table.  I combined this encounter with the Terrantula encounter – they turned up to feast on the carcass of the mega-spider.   389 more words

Menace Manual


In Valley of the Brain Collectors there is a random encounter table.  On that table is listed “giant tarantula”.  Hmm… lets make it a gargantuan tarantula, a mutant and the size of a house. 458 more words

Menace Manual

Channing Tatum Drops Out Of Gambit!

Well this is surprising, I was actually behind this casting, but it looks like Channing Tatum has decided to drop out of the solo X-Men film which was set to go before cameras this October. 130 more words

Film Monster

Casting Call: Gambit

Channing Tatum is set to play an X-Men favorite character Remy LeBeau AKA Gambit. Gambit is rumored to debut in 2016’s “X-Men: Apocalypse” right before appearing in his own solo spin-off film. 341 more words



directed by Jordan Rubin

Zombeavers is exactly what you think it is. A barrel of biological toxins rolls into a nearby lake inhabited by beavers then…they become super-powered and have properties of zombies (without ever being dead?). 438 more words


Daily doodle: A little late

How about Olivia Munn cast as Psylocke? I think it’s a pretty good choice.

DOn Nguyen