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Brinar's fir

Milan Brinar was an engineer of forestry. He was active in 1960s and 1970s. Among all scientific research work he found a fir mutant that grew in forest near Rakitna. 254 more words


Startled FX Foam Prosthetics

We are very excited to be stocking some new Foam Latex Prosthetics from Startled FX. These are manufactured right here in the UK which is awesome but we also know the sculptor so know the quality of these pieces will be second to none. 114 more words


Miracles, Monsters, And Do-Re-Mi: A Variant Cultural History of The Word "Mutation"

None of us can cast stones for we are all fellow mutants together.

– Herman Muller (1950)

Until relatively recently, mutations were thought to be uncommon events that irregularly popped up around the genome, save for a few hotspots here and there. 2,483 more words

Genetic Counseling

Mutant Urinal (1988)

Directed: Brendan Faulkner

Screenplay: Joseph Burgund

Starring: Peter Delynn, Maria Pechukas, Peter Iasillo Jr.

AKA: Urine Trouble Now, Yellow Stained Zombies, Crapper.

I first heard of ‘Mutant Urinal’ in 1992 when it was mentioned in a review (I think the review was in Fangoria) of Joseph Burgund’s bloody awful ‘Non Vegaterian Zombies From Out Of Space” (AKA: Killer Dead). 187 more words



If you’ve ever experienced a panic attack while watching Sheri Lewis and Lambchop, or if “Sifl & Olly” make you break out in a cold sweat, or if you’ve ever had recurring nightmares about Kermit the Frog, you may want to stay away from “Uninvited.” Likewise, if cat videos on the Internet make you tense, or if Garfield makes you edgy, or if you can’t stop screaming whenever you see a can of Fancy Feast, you are strongly advised to avoid “Uninvited.” This is because the monster in this direct-to-video monster movie is represented half the time by a perfectly ordinary housecat and the other half by a mangy hand puppet. 1,181 more words

Bad Movie Reviews

Replicator- The Class Divide.

As the gap between the rich and poor grows in real life, Replicator takes it to the next level. With the rich and powerful living inside Sanctuary- A city free of disease, violence and hunger. 16 more words

Elizabeth Stone




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