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Mutant Power Ninja Squad - page 11

The first panel is the most elaborate and time-consuming thing I have ever drawn in my life, but it was worth it – when I look at it now I can hardly believe that I did this. 34 more words


Children of Two Worlds - 21.2

Chapter 21, Part 2

“Don’t even think about trying to slip these,” a guard snarled as he fastened cuffs around Mariah’s wrists. She didn’t tell him that she didn’t even have to think in order to phase through the cuffs. 869 more words


My Emo Vortex Covers and Palm Springs

Crashing the Palm Springs Comic Con (that just means last minute). I’ve been mostly indoors for almost a week, so when an offer comes up to get sun and be social I kinda have to take it up. 68 more words


The Choice - cut scene

Cut scene (takes place after chapter 35)

A/N: this scene doesn’t advance the plot, but I was curious about how this would play out. It’s not necessary to read, unless you’re curious about Laurent finding out about Lisa and Larry. 779 more words


The Choice - chapter 35

Quan called everyone to the main room when we finished eating breakfast.

“I know everyone is tired, but we need to debrief.” He looked around and found nods of consent. 1,062 more words


Sanity, De-stress, and detox @ King DeRisen!

“Slow down, you might crash”. Has anyone ever told you that in the last six months? Maybe you should start applying that advice by not rushing to the end of this article, or you might crash- just kidding. 1,603 more words

His Spirit Dawning

Mutant Power Ninja Squad - page 10

Sooo… I shamelessly copied the recruiting monologue from… which character in which movie? ;)