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Children of Two Worlds - 27.1

Chapter 27, Part 1

Cassie was about ninety percent sure the swinging glass door would have to be replaced after Caleb and Abby blew through it to greet them. 509 more words


The Standoff

I heard a noise up ahead and raised my hand to stop Shelly and Jessica. Through the trees I saw a figure hunched over. I wasn’t sure if it was Lee or a mutant as I grabbed an arrow from my pack and poised it in my bow. 480 more words

500 Word Challenge

Mutant Power Ninja Squad - page 22

Time for a superhero landing!

…which is not as easy as it looks, and believe me I’ve tried.


Circle of Chaos: Chirrik, Friki and Diki

From the Circle of Chaos Warband kickstarter, here is numbers 3, 4 and 5.

Chirrik seems to be some sort of mutated Skaven or rat-beastman. 136 more words


Hard Luck Hank: Screw the Galaxy by Steven Campbell

Narrator: Liam Owen

Publisher: Steven Campbell (2014)

Length: 9 hours 20 minutes

Series: Book 1 Hard Luck Hank

Author’s Page

Hank is a thug and a Level 4 mutant. 591 more words


Mutant Power Ninja Squad - page 21

The other half of the double page spread has more fighting, more power armor, and more gradients. Yay!

Below are the left and right side together. 6 more words