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Thank You - Moving Forwards!

For anyone who may be interested, in a few days I will be completely closing down this particular WordPress site. My refined rants have been whittled down and moved to their new home; I will be devoting my time on developing that website instead, the link to which will be provided below. 463 more words



While the “mutants” living in this hell-hole referred to as earth, the author cares-less their, how you say, manipulation of emotions, pretentious friendship, and the laughable intention of, well, that is a matter known among the “psychiatric community” as one suffering with mental imbalance. 137 more words

Monday's Mutant of the Day - Dead Girl

In September of 2002, and for a run of little over two years, Marvel revamped its X-Men line hoping for an edgier and more financially successful line. 222 more words

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Movie Review: Logan

My husband and I went on a rare movie theater date last weekend, because the newest (and last) Wolverine movie was out, and we love us some Wolverine.  2,268 more words



Hugh Jackman’s final outing as Wolverine in “Logan” was by far the best of the Wolverine movies. In the near future, mutants are near extinction and the X-Men are no more. 114 more words


After various iterations in the X Men universe, Logan is the concluding act that tries to close the Wolverine storyline, while introducing a new generation of mutants (and foreshadowing spinoffs). 128 more words