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The Thing (1982) Fathers Day AKA Freak The Kids Out Day

Been slowly introducing the classics to my two children and what better excuse is there than Father’s Day. Nothing beats family time, to me, than watching a movie I so loved as a teenager and hopefully passing on it’s “greatness” to another generation. 508 more words

Action & Adventure

Trace: Part 2

(Here is Part 2 of Wednesday’s post.)  :)

Dropping my stash, I rushed back onto the main floor just in time to see her pointing her pistol at five of the S.O.B.s.  931 more words


Trace: Part 1

(This is Part 1 of a story idea that I created during Camp NaNoWriMo.  My goal was to come up with ideas that I could develop at a later date.   925 more words


The Next Evolutionary Step - Part Two

(Be sure to read Part One to get the whole story.)

My cousins were in shock. They had just seen my father and their father be vaporized by the laser vision of a deer. 256 more words

Flash Fiction

Failed Again -- Gely Korzhev

Opyat Dvoika (Failed Again), 1990 by Gely Korzhev (1925-2012)



Released 03/03/2017                              Rated: R

Many people are praising Logan is the best superhero film, but I disagree. However, I will say it’s the best Wolverine film. 379 more words


An Introduction to genetic mutations in plain english

Thanks in large part to Stan Lee and the Marvel comic universe that he created, hearing the word mutant immediately brings heroic fictional characters such as Storm, Jean Grey, or the perpetually angry but loveable Wolverine to many of our minds. 864 more words

Science In Plain English