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Children of Two Worlds - 24.1

Chapter 24, Part 1

“I am so. Bored.” Mariah flopped back onto her bed and stared up through the clear ceiling of their prison.

“Welcome to the life of the lab rat,” Kyle retorted. 722 more words

Young Adult

A planet called Treason * Orson Scott Card

If you haven’t read this book already, I recommend you find it and you read it. Even trying to summarize it for others will make you look like a total weirdo! 1,688 more words

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Mutant Power Ninja Squad - page 15


I only put the vertibird on the roof so I could blow it up now. I like blowing shit up. :3

As you have probably guessed, the last two pages are designed as a double page spread. 11 more words


Prog #22: Judge Dredd Ain't Got No Heart! (Mr Buzzz)

Case File

Dredd busts a “murder gang”, and gets a lead on their boss – Mr Buzzz. Mr Buzzz is a mutant who has come into the City for revenge for his treatment. 389 more words

Progs 2-50

“Remember what I told you. They think they are the true image – but they can’t know for sure. And even if the Old People were the same kind as I am and they are, what of it?

52 more words
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Good morning Love,

One thing I know about Abba Daddy is that He is a huge love bank that refreshes His supply every single morning, so that both the good, the bad and the ugly can withdraw for free every single day. 389 more words

Everyday Jesus

Marvel Reveals Why the X-Men Will Fight the Inhumans

The Inhumans are a race of superpowered individuals first introduced in Fantastic Four #45. Inhumans have their powers awoken through an alien substance known as the Terrigen Mist.

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