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“Professor X”

Educating Mutants, Showing Them The Good In Humanity, And Teaching Them To Wield Their Insanity

Embrace Their Uncanny Abilities To Benefit Humanity

Speaking Thoughts Into Their Cerebellum Just To Telepathically Tell Em… 129 more words


Episode 59 - Ultimate Survivor: The Lost Boy

In the fifty-ninth episode of Ultimate Losers, the X-men catch wind of a country that solves its criminal justice system problem in the most 2005 way possible: hunting mutants in a Survivor-style reality TV show! 59 more words


We Are All X-Men

I didn’t spend much of my childhood watching super hero cartoons, and I wasn’t a comic book reader, other than when we visited my Grandads sister, whose son had a box full of Archie comics.  1,157 more words

Life On The Jay Train

Check Out These Two New Deadpool 2 Spots

The Deadpool 2 hype machine is in full effect! We have two new spots. One showing the gathering on X-Force and Deadpool himself riding a unicorn.

Deadpool 2 opens this May.

TV And Movie Trailers/Interviews

Blood Wielders: Chapter 8- The Good, The Bad and The Mutant

Raul kicked a corpse at his feet.

“See what happens when you break a woman’s heart my friend? Nothing but dead men in her wake.” He turned around and saw that Mitus and Othello were still scanning the blood-stained lobby. 1,665 more words


Legion: Season 2 Premiere: “Chapter 9” – a review


As soon as I began watching this episode of Legion, I found myself completely lost and had to resist the irrational urge to go back and watch all eight episodes from the first season. 1,195 more words