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Children of Two Worlds - 2.3

Chapter 2, Part 3 

Cassie whipped around, nearly sending bananas everywhere, and darted through the pastries and the frozen aisle before taking refuge among the canned foods. 1,084 more words


Cinematic Debut! Get Your First Look at Negasonic Teenage Warhead in Deadpool Movie (@deadpoolmovie) Set!

The anticipation for the Deadpool movie probably just skyrocketed…and got a little weirder at the same time! Meet Negasonic Teenage Warhead, a Gothic mutant, and the latest comic book character to make their cinematic debut in the upcoming  235 more words

Hey Mikey

True Fans

By: Nic Jacobs Founder & Managing Partner @ GEEK4GEEK

As a fan of Deadpool I did the logical thing….I joined a Deadpool group on Facebook. Through the group I get unlimited content of my fav guy. 294 more words

Book Review: When the Silence Ends by Jade Kerrion


Dum and Dee, brother and sister, mutant and human, survivors of three tragedies; the murder of their father, the death of their mother and the fall of Elysium, the haven for those who society had rejected. 599 more words


Wrong Turn (2003)

First published by Movie Gazette (link lost)

While Arabs and the French are, for obvious political reasons, current figures of hate in the US, in general the Hollywood of today tries hard to be kind to different ethnic groups, handling with care its representation of African Americans, Hispanics, Asians, Native Americans and Inuit – even the British only ever play lovable rogues (or butlers, or gay men) these days. 417 more words

Ultimate Comics X: Origins by Jeph Loeb

Ultimate Comics X: Origins by Jeph Loeb takes place shortly after the events in Ultimate X-men where the deaths of most of the X-Men take place and mutants go into hiding. 261 more words

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My favourite group of superheroes

My favorite group of superheroes is THE X-MEN. X-men are not really superheroes. They are mutants. The first x-man I got to know about was Wolverine.Later, I discovered characters like Cyclops, Storm and Colossus. 307 more words