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Killer Crabs - Guy N Smith (1978)

The sequel to Smith’s cult novel ‘Night of The Crabs‘ begins when a Norwegian captain – ruminating on the problems he has with his angina – is awakened by a fierce banging on his cabin door. 386 more words


Mutation--Nerys Wheatley


Plot: 5/5       Characters: 5/5       Writing: 5/5       Entertainment: 5/5       Word Building: 4/5

Mutation is an exciting, action-packed, zombie-filled thrill ride with something for undead fans an non-fans alike. 559 more words

Book Reviews

It’s all in the family! The biology of inheritance, part 1

Author: Shweta Ramdas

Editors: Molly Kozminsky, Jimmy Brancho, Kevin Boehnke

Harry Potter has his mother’s eyes. From his father, James, he inherits his black hair, his ability to play Quidditch, and a certain predisposition to mischief. 746 more words



Isn’t it sort of interesting that on days you do not engage in any form of exercise, you  compensate for that by eating more and doing less. 376 more words

Genetic Evidence for Evolution: The Odds Against Creationism

Evolution is pretty much a given at this point in our scientific understanding, yet some religious hold-outs maintain creationist beliefs about the age of the earth and humanity. 1,284 more words



I like to think
Of the propagation of ideas
As organic

Like the spreading of lichen
Across the surface
Of bare granite

Some colonies
Stronger than others… 52 more words


Book of the Week #20:


by Robin Cook

It has been a while since I wrote one of these, right? I had almost forgotten the format I usually use… 414 more words