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Pure Fiction: "2HVØRHVNØT" Episode 1

Over the next few months, I am going to post some fictional writings that I have been working on over the years. Many of these, I began prior to becoming a Mason, but interestingly there are elements within them that may seem Masonic in some sense.  3,930 more words

Pure Fiction

tapeworm and cancer

John Doe had come to a Colombia hospital with multiple large tumours in various parts of his bodies, when the local doctors biopsied those tumours they found cells that acted like cancer cells when it came to destruction but behaved differently otherwise. 334 more words

Awareness Month

From the sketch book

Just some drawings and doodles from my sketch book. Looking into some different subject matter for some of my pictures


No Problems

Roland desperately wanted to buy Gavin’s ranch. As he sat on Gavin’s porch eating steaks, he tried to convince the man once more.

Roland took another bite of ribeye as crowds of Gavin’s peacocks stared intensely at them from the yard. 173 more words

Short Fiction

There's a Gene Mutation That Makes You a Reckless Drunk, Study Suggests

Some people are just not good drinkers—they become reckless and possibly even violent. Now new research suggests there may be a genetic explanation for why some people are more likely to get out of control under the influence of alcohol. 278 more words

Are we Facing an Antibiotic Apocalypse?

According to a recent article in the Lancet Infectious Disease experts in China have identified a gene mutation in bacteria which confers resistance to the drug colistin, an antibiotic of last resort. 188 more words

Science Technology And Medicine

Tree of Life and the Difference between Plant and Animal

In my theory of evolution, plants must come before any existence of animals.

The category of life is first broken down into two main kingdoms and in this order: Plant Kingdom, then Animal Kingdom. 1,138 more words