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Pixel2017 – Episode 46 – Mutation

They theme for the day was “Mutant”, so I went with what makes a mutant – a mutation. I also went very very small, which is thematically appropriate for pixel art, I think. 10 more words

Artistic Stuff

Pinkbuds & Wishbone Trees

Pinkbuds & Wishbone Trees

The redbuds’ flowers
aren’t really red but pink,
and I know the tree I’m
seeing has no bones, but I
still prefer using words… 45 more words


Asking for a Skeptic Friend

I sometimes get email from people asking, in one way or another, whether our long-term evolution experiment (LTEE) with E. coli provides evidence of evolution writ large – new species, new information, or something of that sort. 421 more words


Evolution in Action

Outside my usual content, but posted because its fascinating and also edited by a former colleague of mine. 11 days until e. coli evolve to become resistant to 1000x antibiotic.


[Science] So What is Punctuated Equilibrium Anyway?

When you’re learning about Evolution in school what you’re usually taught is basically that over time species gain new traits, traits that make individuals more successful become more common. 448 more words

Cambrian Explosion

Read All About It

I was sat at some communal seating in the restaurant in my office last week when I looked up and saw a familiar face sipping coffee, nibbling a Danish and holding light conversation with a colleague. 953 more words


St. Jude Researchers Find Mutation That Bolsters Bacterial Infection

Alexis Rudman serves as vice president of the National Learning Corporation in Syosset, New York. In her role, she oversees all aspects of the educational material creation process, from researching topics to revising completed texts. 181 more words

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