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Faltering ... Then Standing Firm Once More

When I dare to delve into the information on Nano-particles, chemical sprays and toxins, bio-engineering of foods, and geoengineering of the weather, I hang my head and cry for humanity … just a little … and then I listen to these. 93 more words


Science in the Bible - Mother Eve

(4 Minute Read)

Eve was the first wife and mother, and Scripture bases foundational teaching about marriage on her. Referencing her life and marriage, Yahweh prescribed normative patterns for all her daughters. 1,557 more words


Prompt 78-Mentor

Do you have anyone in your life that has acted as a mentor to you? Have you ever helped someone else out in this way? 1,186 more words


The Inevitability of Cancer and Why It Makes Us Great

I recently published an article in The Observer (The Guardian’s Sunday paper) about the inevitability of cancer and how it stems from the very same thing that is also the source of all evolutionary innovation: mutations. 363 more words


just like atoms, we aren’t stable
we continuously evolve
every passing picosecond,
to complete ourselves
like a wanderer searching for peace
but end up reacting, 147 more words

Alice Lost Her Wonderland.

Newly identified gene mutation results in intellectual disability and developmental delay

An international group of researchers led by Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL) Assistant Professor Gholson Lyon has identified a new genetic mutation associated with intellectual disability, developmental delay, autism spectrum disorder, abnormal facial features, and congenital cardiac anomalies. 455 more words


Cancer Epigenetics: More Twists and Turns in Tumors

Tamara Vital

We’re still just getting started here at Oncobites, but the story is already clear: Cancer is complicated. So far Morgan has covered the underlying risk factors of cancer… 986 more words

May 2018