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Cancer without a poker face

Chances are most people know someone who has been diagnosed with cancer. According to the American Cancer Society (2016) approximately 39% of the population will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lifetime. 431 more words

God Has a Monster Face


Captain Yazoshea, on his daily whirlwind tour through the ratty shoebox drugstore under his bunk, finds a placid serenity in the embrace of the umbilical duty of mankind on the frontier. 243 more words


And the Law Won

Had my appointment with The Judge today.

I’m feeling really weak. I still haven’t eaten. I just hope those hobos didn’t get me sick. When the counselors finally came back, I convinced them to hear my case first. 294 more words

Journal Of Joe Junkman

A world of superheroes

Seems we’re still evolving as a race. Whether you believe that the world came to be through the Big Bang or you hold on to the Bible’s account of creation (which by the way I think are the same stories told from different dimensions) , one thing you cannot argue about is that as a people, we’ve come a long way from millions of years ago. 444 more words

“Remember what I told you. They think they are the true image – but they can’t know for sure. And even if the Old People were the same kind as I am and they are, what of it?

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Book Quotes

I Fought the Law

Just my luck.

I was trying to haggle for those mushrooms when suddenly a guy in a ratty old suit shows up. Guy says that taxes are due “on order of the judge” or something.  315 more words


Snowman Pear from Fukushima

Farmers are surprised to find this snow man shaped pear.
It’s about 3 cm diameter, and leaves are growing from the hollow.
“It’s not possible to have leaves on a fruit. 20 more words

Fukushima 2016