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A Budding Blossom

Once a wandering soul
Fighting the mutations of life
Now, a budding blossom
Spreading her fragrance
In the aisle of life
She chose to devote her life… 14 more words


A Brief History of the Unicorn

In a centuries long case of mistaken identity, we’ve finally rounded up another suspect. The June 11 discovery of a one-year-old, one-horned deer may put Bambi in the company of the rhinoceros, the narwhal and the oryx as creatures who spawned the enduring myth of the unicorn. 971 more words

Nature & Space

Incense smoke is found to be mutagenic in this study

Springer Science+Business Media says that the burning of incense might need to come with a health warning. This follows the first study evaluating the health risks associated with its indoor use. 269 more words


Only One Flu Shot? Maybe!

Can you imagine not having to get a flu shot every season? Apparently two independent teams of doctors have been imagining the same thing.

The two independent research groups have… 399 more words

Biomedical Research

this is one over the top Airstream renovation -

Pinterest: Discover and save creative ideas.

I totally get it, even though there are potential issues galore – I admire the insane chutzpa here. .


Generating Endless New Fractals with Genes

All the fractals represented in the image above are actually generated by a iterative mathmatical function, just like any normal fractal, and the functions that created them were all generated by a computer using its own mutatable language to represent the algorithmn responsible for the image. 950 more words


Day Seven - So Low for Mighty

The evening of the event in question, though mild by comparison in its waning hours, began in tones of frigidity – so much so, that one could smell one’s own snot gathering inside one’s nostrils. 889 more words