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Forced Mutation

While the sciencts observe behind protective glass, Fei’Darma mutates a victim they provided her for this experiment.


mtDNA as a tool in genealogical research

Back in 2008, my cousin was way ahead of the curve. He was a participant in National Geographic’s Genographic Project before the rest of us were aware of what a haplogroup was.  3,400 more words


Dramatic mutation instability in HD mouse striatum: does polyglutamine load contribute to cell specific vulnerability in Huntington’s disease? - Kennedy and Shelbourne, 2000


Huntingtin protein, the pathogenic species responsible for Huntington’s disease (HD), is found in similar levels throughout the CNS and in many non-CNS tissues. The gene coding for huntingtin contains an N-terminal polyglutamine region, which has expanded number of CAG (glutamine) repeats individuals with HD. 295 more words


Chromosomal Mutations

The process that produces an alteration in DNA or chromosome’s structure or number is known as mutation.

The term ‘mutation’ was coined by Hugo Marie de Vries… 292 more words

FDA approves first blood test to detect gene mutation associated with non-small cell lung cancer

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration today approved the cobas EGFR Mutation Test v2, a blood-based companion diagnostic for the cancer drug Tarceva (erlotinib). This is the first FDA-approved, blood-based genetic test that can detect epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) gene mutations in non-small cell lung cancer patients. 482 more words



I went into Stung expecting to hate it and I don’t really know why. I didn’t know anyone who had seen it and all the reviews being mixed at worst. 646 more words