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Show Me What You Live For

Minneapolis has an awesome volunteer run radio station that broadcasts all day, every day both online and over the radio waves with the help of normal people who just have a passion for music. 1,243 more words


Bad Luck Causes Most Cancer, New Study Finds

Cancer cells in a culture from human connective tissue.

Humans want to believe we control our own destinies. If we exercise for 30 minutes every day, eat healthy, avoid cigarettes, alcohol, and drugs, meditate, and participate in the health trend du jour, it seems logical that we will live longer, be happier, and avoid diseases like cancer. 461 more words


Peer-reviewed paper: Michael Behe's "First Rule of Adaptive Evolution"

Let’s take a look at Mike Behe’s first rule of adaptive evolution, which states that most examples of adaptation in evolutionary experiments involve a loss of function, or a modification of an existing function. 852 more words



Exhibition curated by Carrie McCarthy for the World Science Festival in Brisbane

Artists:  Maria Fernanda Cardoso, Elise Carmichael, Selene Cochrane, Simone Eisler, Emma Lindsay, Sara Manser, Sharon McKenzie, Julie-Anne Milinski, Deb Mostert, Jeanette Stok, Geoff Thompson, Michelle Vine, Carolyn V Watson… 16 more words


Influenza: Disaster Awaits?

Have you ever wondered why flu is still a thing? By which I mean, doesn’t it seem strange that we’ve got fabulous vaccines for measles, polio, rabies etc…. 586 more words

What Does Smoking Do to Your DNA?

Authors: Shweta Ramdas

Editors: Irene Park and Kevin Boehnke

We have known tobacco to be a cause of many cancers for decades now. It is associated with it least… 732 more words

Public Health

CIC 유전자에 대한 고찰 by Huda Y Zoghbi.

CIC 유전자에 대한 고찰 by Huda Y Zoghbi.

Disruption of the ATXN1–CIC complex causes a spectrum of neurobehavioral phenotypes in mice and humans.

Nature genetics 역시 feed 를 받아보고 있는데, MECP2 유전자로 유명한 Zoghbi 가 보여서 논문을 읽기 시작하였다. 620 more words

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