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The Fish Expert

The small town of Anagnos on the Grecian coast enjoyed a reputation for great fishing. Part of this was due to the exploits and the sage advice blog of The Fish Expert. 165 more words

Short Fiction

The Dreaded Phone Call

Still feeling a little bit blurry headed after the 17th May Celebrations in Norway the day before (which, by the way was fab!) I struggled to comprehend the news that I had just received on the phone. 348 more words


Rapid spread of Zika virus may be down to a mutation

A mutation in the Zika virus (ZIKV) that might have contributed to its rapid spread in the recent epidemic is identified in Nature this week. The mutation is found in a protein that has previously been shown to influence the acquisition of flaviviruses (the family that includes ZIKV and dengue virus, among others) by mosquitoes. 129 more words

Everyday Science

Mutatis Mutandis

For some reason, I am drawn to articles about brains. Perhaps it’s because I’m getting older and realize they don’t stock a lot of the original parts anymore. 1,088 more words

It will never be the perfect time...

Today I cried; something I’ve struggled to do for the past few months thanks to the antidepressants I’m taking. I’ve always been skeptical of taking such a thing, but over Christmas, my anxiety was getting progressively worse as I struggled to come to terms with the fact that I was walking around with a potentially ticking time bomb. 258 more words