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Pre-clinical model reveals pathology behind mitochondrial disease

Anke van Eekelen

A LACK of a particular mitochondrial protein in genetically manipulated mice has shown to trigger events in the body that causes mild heart hypertrophy (enlargement) and severe fatty liver disease. 178 more words

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prosper after the apocalypse

My series of novels – The Millennium Girl Series – is based on the premise that 99% of the world’s population is wiped out by a modified form of the Ebola virus that was intentionally released upon the masses by an elite few. 127 more words


Natural Selection: evidence of intelligent design and the limits to mutations

Lets go over a few definitions first:

Natural Selection: the differential contribution of offspring to the next generation by various genetic types belonging to the same population… 1,698 more words

Genetically Modified Foods: Dangerous or safe?

The Basics
Genetically Modified Foods fall is an overarching umbrella term to indicate many different processes. As the name is implied, any process that can cause a change in genetics is classified as being genetically modified. 840 more words



The characters during the Iron God Adventure Path consistently get exposed to radiation, and in one adventure in particular they can potentially get exposed to mutagenic gasses either by drinking the Badwater in Iadenveigh or triggering a mutagenic gas release within the Aurora. 3,147 more words

Iron Gods

What is Intelligence?

Intelligence is a hard thing to define. The running joke in AI circles that every time a computer manages to do something we previously thought required human-level intelligence, we raise the bar and define this something to be what intelligence is not. 755 more words