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The others

The memories of the others leaving the building,

along with the smog of the old gas guzzlers-

The humans were here, we can still feel their presence, 286 more words


How to do mutation of land in Bangladesh

What is mutation?

Mutation means insertion of the name of the new owner in the Khatiyan (Record of Rights) instead of the former owner after transferring the ownership of a land. 857 more words



The different types of mutations

Estimating the Contribution of Mutation, Recombination and Gene Conversion

Genetics – Mutation Part 1

Genetics – Mutation Part 2

Lecture Notes

When They Came: The End - Part 5

At the time LE-0 and team reached inside the gates, a rain of metal tipped arrows fell from the sky. LE-0 masterly dodged the arrows, but many in his team dropped dead. 583 more words


When They Came: The End - Part 4

A Few Years Later

After the first attempt at breaching the wall, Lala and his team remained in the dark for a few years. First attempt succeeded, but, those things then began to come to the front line, to kill Lala’s kind. 1,127 more words


A Diagnoses

I was diagnosed with having a genetic mutation in the CDH1 gene when I was about 21 years old. I wasn’t even out of college yet. 258 more words


When They Came: The End - Part 2

LE-12 and all of its kind stared at a monitor fixed on the nearby wall of the camp. They could not believe what they were seeing. 1,185 more words