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Mutiny of four judges: The move is unprecedented but justified

The Quartet. Photo credit: Twitter

There was an earthquake of sorts on a busy working day in the Supreme Court of India. The tremors were felt across the country. 688 more words


Mutiny From Mars

1st Officer’s Report, Mission Day 13, Judge Bulbous serving

Our Alpha has literally frozen solid.

As second-in-command I now take over.

I’ve used our maneuvering thrusters to push us toward the center of this damned galaxy. 230 more words

Science Fiction

Mutineer's Moon by David Weber

For my last book of the year, I decided I was in the mood for some science fiction. I picked a random Baen book off my Kindle based on a title I was pretty sure would be scifi instead of fantasy. 377 more words

Book Review

Convulsions And Convolutions

Executive Branch Liaison, Twilight Force, Alpha Log, Mission Day 7

I know that Mister Cresp is conferring with Officer Bulbous about my competency to lead this mission. 237 more words

Science Fiction

The 18 Hours’ Mutiny

When heart revels, in the throes of pain
And life defies, diktats of death
Don’t count the moments that remain
But that timeless love, in every breath! 86 more words



After a l-o-n-g delay, Destination Mutiny, the next installment of my SPACEHAWKS military sf series (published back in the previous century by Ace Books) is now available in Kindle format. 279 more words