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Do you wake up and feel like everything is the same? Life is a game. Who is to blame? Heh, I’m just insane. For trying to find a path out of this maze. 79 more words

Australian Survivor 2017 Ep 14 Recap

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Australian Survivor

Tolerating Poor Leadership

King Amon picked up the bad parts and not the godly parts of his father’s life and example. Pride is one of those habits or heart conditions which seems to act like a trump card, and we see today that people will only tolerate bad leadership and poor examples for so long. 496 more words

Marc Kinna

Log #19: Mutiny

Captain’s Log

Date: 4 July 2011

Location: Miami, Florida

Conditions: Betrayed, bereft, abandoned. Determined nonetheless.

It has required much of the past two days to unknot the tangles in my memory, to see through the snarled skeins and remember: who betrayed me, and how. 2,091 more words

Damnation Kane

Today in Disney History: Treasure Island

On July 19, 1950, Walt Disney Productions released Treasure Island, the studio’s first completely live-action film. This pirate tale was based on Robert Louis Stevenson’s novel of the same name. 248 more words


Star Trek: Voyager - Thirty Days (Review)

Thirty Days is a fascinating misfire.

Thirty Days is build around a number of interesting ideas. In terms of character, there is the framing device that finds Tom Paris sentenced to spend one month in the brig after an act of crass insubordination, suggesting a relapse into the… 4,816 more words

Star Trek

Log 18: Betrayal

Captain’s Log

Date: July 4, 2011

Location: Miami, Florida

Conditions: Back-stabbed. Marooned. Stranded. Heart-torn.

I was nine years old when my heart first broke. ‘Twas after I rode King Henry, the bull that I had been charged with keeping (along with keeping all our other animals) during my mother’s three-week absence in Dublin. 4,201 more words

Damnation Kane