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Jason Foy

Festival junkie Jason Foy is certainly no stranger to delivering the party himself, with sets under his belt for the likes of Ministry of Sound, Mutiny and Amplified. 167 more words


1905 – Battleship Potemkin.

27 June

During the Russo-Japanese War, sailors start a mutiny aboard the Russian battleship Potemkin. 134 more words


Plateau -Second Hand Smoke (Chap. 44)

“Heh heh he- cough.”

“So, you’ve come back to see old Gibil already have you? My company is free as usual to anyone who wants to listen to an old windbag cough, heh heh heh.” 861 more words


The Untold Story Behind The "Mutiny At The State Department" Where Dozens Demand War With Syria

How insane is this: ” In other words, over 50 top “diplomats” are urging to eliminate Assad in order to “defeat ISIS”, the same ISIS which top US “diplomats” had unleashed previously in order to… eliminate Assad.While one can understand the US state department’s relentless eagneress to create yet another failed state led by a US puppet ruler, one wonders if at least the boilerplate justification could not have used some more fine tuning.” 1,317 more words

World At War

Sam's 2nd Epic 04 - Mutiny vs A Sense of Honour

How much more—when wicked men have killed an innocent man in his own house and on his own bed—should I not now demand his blood from your hand and rid the earth of you!” (2 Samuel 4:11 NIV) … 397 more words


Let forgive the 54 soldiers charged with mutiny

Prof. Ishaq Akintola, the Director, Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC), has urged President Muhammadu Buhari, to grant presidential pardon, this Ramadan season, to 54 soldiers jailed for refusing to fight insurgents. 408 more words