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Investment Adviser v. Mutual Fund Manager


“What’s the difference … and why pay fees to both?”

By Rick Kahler MS CFP® http://www.KahlerFinancial.com

Questions – from doctors – like these remind me that the workings of the financial services industry which I tend to take for granted but can be confusing to people outside the field. 760 more words


Contrarian Alert: Mutual Funds Are Buying This Rally - Should You Sell?

Most licensed and bonded professionals are considered authorities in their field. Usually you do as they say. Almost the opposite is true for financial pros, mutual fund managers. 349 more words

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Mutual Fund Managers: So Close Yet So Far Away From Record Bullishness

For much of the post-2009 QE bull market mutual fund cash levels have been cited as the reason why stocks can’t move any higher. Rising stocks have silenced this notion. 418 more words

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401K and HSA

If you’re invested in an employer sponsored 401K, you’re limited in your investment vehicle choices. Most of our 401K investments are locked into several mutual funds and except for the company for whom we work, we have few individual stock opportunities. 355 more words

Does This Mutual Fund Manager Know Something Analysts Don’t?

With all the doom and gloom coming from some financial analysts Gokulesh pointed out an interesting change in the last quarter. The Street is reporting… 99 more words


Mutual Fund Managers

A mutual fund is usually administered by a portfolio manager with researchers assisting the manager on the best investments for the fund. The typical profile of a fund manager is a experienced financial expert with strong academic and professional credentials. 182 more words

Mutual Funds

Mutual Funds

Mutual funds account for an estimated total global combined assets of $26 trillion. So obviously mutual funds are important, but you may be wondering what is a mutual fund? 117 more words

Mutual Funds