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2010 Week 5 in Review

Of course everyone heard how committed our president is to saving the antique diesels engines in his State of the Union address, right? Okay, I guess I didn’t, either – but keep sending those notes to him reminding him that good maintenance programs employ more people and for a longer period of time than issuing free engines to replace the heavy duties. 737 more words

Week In Review

2009 Week 53 in Review

“I’ll see U in B-U-N-A”

Well, the Viton packing we used in the Catalyst‘s injectors failed: it kept creeping in-between the stem and the packing follower, which made the stem and packing follower stick together like they were one solid piece. 310 more words

2009 Week 47 in Review

A little more work on the Catalyst

The squishy gaskets I ordered for the Catalyst‘s valve cages came in – but they’re $20 each! I replaced just the two that were leaking, and put the others on the shelf until we need them. 104 more words

Week In Review

2009 Week 46 in Review

It turns out you can’t take diesel injectors on a plane. I showed up to Kenmore Air on South Lake Union with three boxes of… 202 more words

2009 Week 44 in Review

Work on the Catalyst parts

This week, I worked some more on the Catalyst‘s parts in my shop. To replace the bent valve, I called up Safety Seal in Texas, since they’ve made valves for the Catalyst before. 201 more words

2009 Week 42 in Review

New gaskets for the Catalyst

First up this week at Old Tacoma Marine Inc, we ordered gaskets for the Catalyst‘s valve cages from Omni Packing & Seal Co… 350 more words

2009 Week 41 in Review

This week at Old Tacoma Marine, we cleaned all the Catalyst parts we pulled off last week. We broke them all down, then put the oily parts in the hot tank with a heated lye solution and an agitator for a few hour. 33 more words