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Multi-column text on a web page

One day I had to develop a page that shows a text in multiple columns.

The text had to automatically been split in two or more equal columns like in this example: 311 more words


Week 8 - MVC

Hey guys,
last week we told you, we choose the cakephp framework. Because of a very bad documentation for the newest version with serious updates, we choose to change to symfony.  101 more words

Asp.Net Areas

Assalamualaykum Wr Br..:)

Today we explore the Asp.Net Area Concept with a small project. Lets look few theory points:

Areas provide a way to separate a large MVC Web application into smaller functional groupings. 396 more words


Build a Single Page Application with ASP.NET Web API and Angular.js

This hands-on lab includes the following exercises:

  1. Creating a Web API
  2. Creating a SPA Interface

Exercise 1: Creating a Web API

One of the key parts of a SPA is the service layer. 3,903 more words


Creating a ReSTful Web API template in .NET Core 1.1 - Part #3: Improving the performance by using compression

One of the simplest and most effective improvements you can make to your website or web service is to compress the stream of data sent from the server.  494 more words

C# Tip

Using Conditional Breakpoints to Filter Exceptions During Debugging

Did you know that with C# 6 you can now filter exceptions? Well, you can! Read on to find out how to make use of this handy new feature. 44 more words


Open Source .NET – 2 years later