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Easily Upload large files from ASP.NET MVC

We usually faced an issue on uploading large files through the browser.

There is no issue when uploading 4 -6 MB of files from HTML form but More than it stopping abruptly. 211 more words


CERN modelled Pop OS! - a pleasant surprise

It’s not a secure UK prison to take into advance personnel levels in a gaming mode, though 🤔 a tempting evidence is requested attention. 55 more words


DevNet Quick Notes - Design Patterns MVC and Observer, and BASH (Bourne Again Shell) review of commands and directory tree!

Design Patterns such as MVC above and Observer make software development a breeze!

Or at least that is their goal, is to have standardized or well-known Design Patterns that has been refined by other developers, and shared out to the community in different locations (perhaps at Cisco Developer Code Exchange?) that Devs can use that code for their own projects without having to “reinvent the wheel” every project if one Design Pattern works! 2,689 more words

iOS - Why Are Architecture Patterns Important In iOS Application ?

Hello Readers, CoolMonkTechie heartily welcomes you in this article.

In this article, We will learn about Architecture patterns importance in iOS Application. Every iOS developer is familiar with issues related to product testing, code refactoring and support via ViewController. 5,190 more words


The Saga of the 'Haji Pir Pass' (India-Pakistan War 1965)

The Haji Pir Pass

The capture of the Haji Pir Pass by the Indian Army during the 1965 India-Pakistan war, is a saga of guts and glory. 1,101 more words

Military History

Instalasi CodeIgniter4

CodeIgniter adalah sebuah framework yang sangat populer di dunia programming khususnya bahasa pemrograman PHP, dengan resources yang relatif kecil dan fleksible(tidak membatasi pengguna untuk mengikuti aturan pengkodean) CodeIgniter banyak digunakan oleh programmer dalam pengembangan website/ aplikasi berbasis web. 274 more words