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How to migrate from one PHP framework to another - gradually

Picture the scene: Your development team is getting more and more frustrated with the framework that a project was built on. Or you’ve taken on a new project, and the code is a mess. 870 more words


MVC - Setting A DropDown's SelectedValue

Microsoft’s MVC heavily relies on naming, for example that’s how .NET knows which controller to use with which view. The DropDown object is the same. If you’re querying the database or in my case running a FetchXML query against CRM 2013 records, and need to define a specific value as the selected one, here’s what to do. 207 more words

Winnipeg police identify woman killed in Thursday crash

WINNIPEG — A woman killed in a crash at the intersection of Arlington Street and William Avenue has now been identified by police after asking for the public’s help. 82 more words


MVC: Removing Logic from the Partial Views

I far too often see people putting a lot of logic into those of their MVC partial views that are repeated on every page (e.g. the header and the footer). 315 more words


A Simple App with the AngularJS Framework (Part 1)

In my last post I introduced concepts for MVC and MVVM and said I would be delving into the code for a three page application – a home page, a page that loads from a remote REST interface and an authenticated page. 3,190 more words

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ASP.NET MVC - Attribute to analyze calling controller and action

I needed to create an ASP.NET MVC attribute to attach to my controllers and have them affect all actions. The attribute would apply like so: 139 more words


Domain based user group Authorization in MVC

Step 1. Add a new class in application and inherit WindowsTokenRoleProvider class

I have given WindowsTokenCacheRoleProvider name to this class.
Now add Following Code to newly created Class… 103 more words