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Experimentation: New Technologies, Libraries, Frameworks

Several months following my graduation from college, I have spent some time looking at new technologies within the computer programming field. I have come across countless new JavaScript libraries, several advanced forms of stylesheets, new IDEs and web development tools, and more efficient APIs and frameworks. 448 more words

Tkinter text search and annotation

This function can be used for any other python program.


Setting width of MVC HTML helper DropDownList ! [@HTML.DropDownList]

HTML helpers- MVC, HTML helpers are similar to the ASP.NET webform controls.

HTML helpers are light weight but do not have Events and ViewState unlike ASP.NET controls. 216 more words

Dot Net

How to use Kendo Validator / Kendo Validation

For example, I have form which has Salary as input field, now I would like to perform custom validation on this field.


<div id=”DataEntryDiv” style=”margin-top:20px”> 124 more words


How to Run Spring MVC in Weblogic server

What you need to have

  1. Eclipse IDE with Spring Tool Suite Installed
  2. Spring MVC Project
  3. weblogic.xml
  4. Running Weblogic server

Create weblogic.xml

  1. Right click on “WEB-INF”
  2. 71 more words

Professor Anthony J Sargeant and colleagues published research into the biomechanics of Achilles tendon moment arm

This important methodological study was carried out by Professor Costis Magnaris who at the time was a PhD student being supervised by Professor Vasilios Baltzopoulos and Tony Sargeant. 282 more words

A Detailed Walkthrough of ASP.net MVC Request Life Cycle

MVC Request Life Cycle

Life cycle of MVC request is a series of steps involved in processing client request. Regardless of technology and platforms almost all the web frameworks have one or other type of Request life cycle and MVC is no different. 3,715 more words

ASP .net MVC Request Life Cycle