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Intrinsic strength of human muscle

In this research carried out in the Research Institute directed by Anthony Sargeant the very talented and productive Costis Maganaris used ultrasonography and MRI to determine intrinsic strength of human muscle in vivo. 213 more words

Professor Anthony J Sargeant

Layout pages and Render Methods

Layout pages are used to keep the same content across the entire website. They are like the old Master pages in asp.net. You can consider them as templates  which maintain some aspects of a web page across many web pages. 541 more words


Viewstart, layout and partials

Just a brief rundown.

Viewstart.cshtml is the go get template for all calls to views. Whatever is included in viewstart will be used to render the page, any page, being called, unless it is programmatically excluded by checking which page is being called by using httpContext or if you are calling paretialView() instead of View() from the controller. 125 more words


Passing data from Controller to View

Ok, so you have a model but it doesn’t contain the data you want. either the data is some text you want to use in multiple places or some more complex structure like a class. 365 more words


Generate Stronger Random Numbers using C# and VB.NET

The RNGCryptoServiceProvider Class implements a cryptographic Random Number Generator (RNG) using the implementation provided by the cryptographic service provider (CSP). Here’s how to generate random numbers using this class. 68 more words


How to set Textbox read only in mvc?

@readonly = "readonly"  

  @Html.TextBox("UserName", null, new { style = "width: 100%", @readonly = "readonly" })

Why Request.IsAuthenticated return False always in MVC ?

I needed to enable forms authentication in the web.config

<authentication mode="Forms">
  <forms loginUrl="~/Account/Login" timeout="2880" />