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Understanding the Directory Structure of Laravel 4.2

In this post I’ll try to explain the over all directory structure of Laravel 4.2. I think the understanding of the directory structure will proved to be helpful in order to create your websites and/or web applications. 754 more words


Extend AuthorizeAttribute: Http.Web.Http and Http.Web.Mvc

The Rule is not idea but simple enough:

System.Web.Http.Authorize for an ApiController (Web API controller)

System.Web.Mvc.Authorize for a Controller (MVC controller).

The framework runs the filters as part of the pipeline processing and the controllers find its own filter in the pipeline to be applied, hence the if you don’t use the corresponding filter, authorization will not work. 75 more words


Installing Laravel 5 in Just 3 Steps

Part 2.1: Download and Installing Laravel 5.x

Please Note: If you haven’t yet installed Composer please install it according to the instructions given in my previous post… 176 more words


Html helpers to render links to items in Sitecore

While using Sitecore with Glass.Mapper, we can render General Link fields on our views using the GlassVire.RenderLink / GlassView.BeginRenderLink helpers.
However, when we have an item or a collection of items – and want to render a link to the item itself, we usually resort to… 801 more words


Glass field validations in Sitecore views

While using Glass.Mapper with Sitecore MVC, we come across the need very often, to check whether a given field – a link or an image / a video is valid or not. 211 more words


Custom Routes in Asp.net MVC

Microsoft has given many options and extension point in MVC for making our life as a programmer easy and smooth. Custom route handlers are one of them. 1,201 more words


Experimentation: New Technologies, Libraries, Frameworks

Several months following my graduation from college, I have spent some time looking at new technologies within the computer programming field. I have come across countless new JavaScript libraries, several advanced forms of stylesheets, new IDEs and web development tools, and more efficient APIs and frameworks. 448 more words