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Success! Posting from html form to MongoDB

I finally made issueprism do something! You can now navigate from the homepage to a page for adding a post. Then you can fill out a form and save the data as a post to my mongoDB database! 123 more words


The model item passed into the dictionary is of type… Not the usual reason

Working in MVC, I got an error that most working in MVC will eventually get:

The model item passed into the dictionary is of type Scooby, but this dictionary requires a model item of type Shaggy… 218 more words


How to pass multiple parameters from ajax call to mvc controller


You’re making an HTTP POST, but trying to pass parameters with the GET query string syntax. In a POST, the data are passed as named parameters and do not use the… 53 more words


NASA: Unlocking Interplanetary Datasets with Real-Time Search

JPL is using Elasticsearch in many areas of its business and currently have two main areas they would like to show. One application is flight telemetry and system dashboards from Curiosity and SMAP. 50 more words


YSlow's Performance Analysis

YSlow, is an extension to Firebug, is available within Firefox. It generates a score for each rule and an overall score based on a weighted average of the individual rule scores. 125 more words


Leadership Wisdom - The 8 Rituals of Visionary Leaders

Leadership Wisdom from the Monk who sold his Ferrari

by Robin Sharma

This book discuss 8 important skills needed for a Leader in the corporate world. 507 more words