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Initial thoughts on #ASPNET #MVC versus #WebForms

We recently switched our project from VB.NET WebForms to C# MVC 5. I couldn’t be happier with the results.

Not having to deal with the page life-cycle and viewstate has been a dream. 209 more words


Django sub-sites on Apache Server (Linux)

This post aims to provide a quick overview on how to mount a Django project at a different location than the webserver root. Although the Django development guide suggests that Django websites should always be rooted at… 623 more words

Web Application


Here I have a comparison, pointing out the key differences between the patterns and why MVVM *is* different. 448 more words


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A valid and complete explanation of the differences between MVC, MVVM and MVP

Step by Step implementing Onion architecture in ASP.NET MVC Application

Source Code on the GitHub

Recently I gave a talk on Onion Architecture in MVC application to the audience of 300 at the C-Sharpcorner conference 2015. 2,721 more words


Up and Running with Backbone.js - Getting Started

The first stage of development in Up and Running with Backbone.js is Getting Started. This section covers What is Backbone?, Understanding Backbone and other Model-View-Controller (MVC) libraries and Setting up our files.


Use Common Instance Factory to Abstract Away the Dependency Injection Container

Download the Common Instance Factory with WCF Extensions here and is also available on NuGet.

A while back I wrote a blog post on the… 1,251 more words


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This is .Net, but the principle applies to any language with DI containers.

MVC Action Filters - Filtering IP addresses

In this post, I want to demonstrate usage of Action Filters using very popular and often useful example of filtering users by IP address.

To keep the example simple, I will create a filter, that will check and allow only IP addresses stored in web.config file. 582 more words