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Rendering Sublayouts in Sitecore MVC

I have recently been tasked to plan for a Sitecore MVC transition in one of our projects, and to be honest it’s a lot more work than I had imagined since our default ASPX layout file has a lot of statically added Sitecore sublayouts in it which unfortunately will never run on a View file. 466 more words


Overlaying two images with transparency using ASP.NET MVC


With the recent events and tragedies occurring around the world, there’s been a huge ongoing debates online about social media providers support for profile picture decoration for particular events aside from others. 406 more words

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Dynamic Form with MVC model

@foreach (var prop in Model.GetType().GetProperties())
    @(Html.TextBox(prop.Name, prop.GetValue(Model, null)))

Update: Anton Grady's condition

ORLANDO, Fla. — An MRI for Wichita State men’s basketball player Anton Grady came back negative Friday night, and a neurosurgeon is scheduled to review the results and prepare a diagnosis Saturday. 121 more words


ASP.NET MVC + OWIN + external authentication made easy

In this post I will describe how to build an ASP.NET MVC web application that is using an external authentication, via Slack, with minimum effort. 1,293 more words


Areas in ASP.NET MVC

Areas are some of the most important components of ASP.NET MVC projects. The main use of Areas are to physically partition web project in separate units. 135 more words


Human Interaction Interface (HII)

What is Human Interaction Interface (HII)? It is a term that I invented to describe a potentially useful extra layer on top of MVC on the client side… It is a concept similar to that of Google’s layer for separating style from design (Material Design). 983 more words