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Hundreds of renderings? Your first-page-load could be sloooow

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Having many subfolders of MVC views could impact page-load time.

Helix-style Feature folders

In a Helix-style solution, it’s common to group your MVC views by feature: 317 more words


Chapter 1 Trivilization

In chapter one , trivialization, it mostly talks about women’s rights and what things should be kept from the public and what things should be spoken about. 191 more words


What I got from chapter one was about women’s rights and about the private sphere and the public sphere. Paradigm tend to shift and change evolving to current times. 191 more words

[ASP.NET] Thiết lập MVC Web Application trên Template có sẵn

Thực hành tạo 1 project MVC Web Application từ 1 Template có sẵn trên mạng và “biến hóa nó ” thành 1 demo website của mình bằng các bước đơn giản được mô tả cụ thể chi tiết bên dưới nhé! 214 more words

Series Tự Học

Blog 1: Trivialization

Chaper 1 talked about Trivialization. I looked up the word Trivial on dictionary.com and it means of very litte importance, or value. In the 1970’s women did not have many rights. 191 more words

Blog #1:

In chapter 1 it talks many about public and private part about the world. I understood that people say most people use social media to see the news. 90 more words

Blog 1: Trivialization

Chapter 1 of the Public Sphere is talking about the diversity of the private and public life of society. Women were always suppose to stay quiet and not express their opinions and men were suppose to be in the public spotlight. 164 more words