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Authentication basics in ASP.Net

Authentication: Is the process that makes it known about the identity of the user. When a user logs in with his username, password, the server identifies the user based on that. 373 more words


IActionResult in Asp.net Core MVC VS2017

Asp.net Mvc controllers can have different methods usually called actions or action methods. Asp.net Mvc has introduced the separation of concern with IActionResults. The separation is between… 758 more words

Asp.net Mvc

How to Render a Sitecore Placeholder Programmatically

When you’re developing a single-page application in Sitecore you’ll most likely have to partially render a page’s placeholder and inject the rendered markup into your single-page app. 601 more words


Using the configuration Builder in ASP.NET 5

The Problem

Managing the configuration data have always been troublsome. Although Microsoft did provided and also updated/upgraded a lot of options from time to time, yet it remains  a challenge most of time. 985 more words


What is Model-View-Controller (MVC)

I was totally confused over how to use flask-security, and researching that made me super confused about sessions vs. cookies vs. tokens, and researching that brought me to the topic of the model-view-controller (MVC). 105 more words

Simplified Web Development with JSON and the Twig Ternary Operator


I’ve been looking at ways to simplify my code, make it easier to support, make it easier to use, and easier to maintain. I have found that… 720 more words


CSS and Caching

My original intent for keeping a blog was to help me remember solutions to problems in programming/ coding that I encountered. Because I am learning so much every day, I have had the problem in the past where I have figured out how to do something and then the next time — maybe a week later, or a month later — when that problem came up again, I had forgotten my original solution. 535 more words