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Deserializing JSON object to runtime type or dynamic types using JsonConvert.DeserializeObject and reflection

JsonConvert.DeserializeObject method has 8 overloaded methods one of them will full fill our requirement.

If we want to deserialize Json object to a runtime type or dynamic type we can use 3rd overload method of JsonConvert.DeserializeObject… 91 more words

Bread Crumbs for ASP.Net MVC

Here’s an open-source project I built to solve the bread crumb problem in ASP.Net MVC. I needed a quick solution, the project in total was only about 3 weeks, so I searched google. 268 more words


ASP.Net MVC 3 - Client-side (and Server-side) validations for custom checkboxes

For those of you who have done MVC form before must agree that client-side validation is a cool feature to have. It allows “real time” validation on the input, and tells us the necessary corrections that we need to make before submitting the form to the server. 1,327 more words