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Captcha for MVC

I was working on a MVC4 project in my requirements – use captcha to validate the human vs Robots/spam.

I researched a lot to find the better solution and here are the things I came across that are better. 547 more words


Difference between MVC2, MVC3, MVC4

The main purpose of the MVC (Model, View and Controller) architecture is to make separation of the business layer (logic) and the application layer (data)  from the presentation layer to the user. 383 more words

Kendo UI: Using MVVM

What is MVVM?

Model View ViewModel (MVVM) is a design pattern which helps developers to separate the Model (the data) from the View (the UI). The ViewModel part of MVVM is responsible for exposing the data objects from the Model in such a way that those objects are easily consumed in the View. 876 more words


Week of... WHEN'S MAHVEL?

Get hype! It’s time for me to break away from Street Fighter for a little bit and get some Marvel back in my system. In complete honesty, I haven’t played this game for more than half an hour per month since… well, I don’t even remember when. 214 more words


Binding WebGrid to Dynamic Collection (XML, SQL Server 2008 R2, dynamic, ExpandoObject, MVC 3, WebGrid)

Recently I have experienced with some of the new features (I guess these components are rarely used) of C# 4.0 such the dynamic type, ExpandoObject. My initial requirement was to build a dynamically created object collection out of XML formatted SQL result. 322 more words


Excluir propriedade da validação mvc

Hello fellas!

Hoje me deparei com uma dúvida bem simples:

Como dizer ao MVC 3 que não quero validar determinado atributo, ao chamar um método específico, mas quero que ele continue validadando esse atributo no restante dos métodos?

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