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MVC4 ASPNET async action methods on net452

Recently I shifted from working with .net 451 to .net 452 and noticed some changes that I thought you might have stumbled upon as well. This problem deals specifically with… 254 more words


Creating Self Hosted Asp.Net WebAPI with CURD operations in Visual Studio 2010


I have been writing a lot over WebAPIs in my Learning WebAPI series, but one crucial topic that I missed was hosting an asp.net WebAPI . 4,006 more words


RESTful Day #7: Unit Testing and Integration Testing in WebAPI using NUnit and Moq framework (Part 1)

Source Code at GitHub


We have been learning a lot in WebAPI. We covered almost all the techniques required to build a robust and a full stack REST service using ASP.NET WebAPI, from creating a service to making it a secure and ready-to-use boilerplate with enterprise level applications. 7,205 more words


Global Resources in Visual Studio .Net MVC 4 solutions

When it comes to global resources in .Net solutions, best practice is to create a project within the solutionthat contains all resource files. There is also an issue when using resource files with Microsoft MVC 4. 59 more words


Common JavaScript code to use with Microsoft MVC

After working with Microsoft MVC for a while, I’ve created a JavaScript file that contains a few reusable functions, mostly applicable to partial views.

You can download the file here… 52 more words