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MIB’s Instant Headache Fifth Anniversary!!

Against all expectations, this humble blog of mine is five years old. In actual fact the fifth anniversary of its creation was back in March but today marks the date it was officially launched and the… 365 more words


Anime UK News: Re-Kan!

My latest Anime UK News review looks at the supernatural comedy series Re-Kan!


Yes! Those colors...

Color combination and preference is obvious to be the same throughout recent couple of years.
That red, that blue and that yellow. And that green blue.


TF2 Instagram Giveaway!

I’m giving away 10 MVM tickets to randomly selected Instagram followers!

Once the account hits 200 followers, I will be posting the update with the selected winners and getting the Steam account details for the trade. 26 more words


Man vs. Mountain

Really great to get an article in print in Men’s Running magazine (November 2016 issue).  My article on Ratrace’s Man vs. Mountain, an epic jaunt up Snowdon with the Dinorwig activity zone at the end! Hopefully more articles next year!


Learn How To Live

New music coming from Salix Willow we hope you enjoy this one.


Anime UK News review: Haibane Renmei

My latest anime review for Anime UK News is the fantasy series Haibane Renmei.