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Sounds In Japan

After the release of the two “English” singles “Young Forever” and “ChrysanthemumpowerSalix Willow goes a step higher to show off his versatility as an artist by putting together 6 track Japanese (EP) titled “ 44 more words


News: Animax UK adding Trigun, Full Metal Panic! and more MVM and Anime Limited titles to streaming service

With the big players in anime streaming upping their game as of late, our very own Animax UK are showing us that they won’t be left in the dust. 136 more words


Nisi S. - Drown (Coming Soon)

New single from Nisi S. titled “Drown“. The full song is set to release tommorow at 10 a.m. EST.


Anime-On-Line DVD Deals

Anime-On-Line.com are an online retailer for MVM merchandise and DVDs and have been around for quite some time now making them a reputable choice for your custom. 335 more words

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Explanation of MVM

We wish to clear up any confussion about our company. Most Valued Music it is a sub set of Most Valued Media that focuses on the music side of entertainment media. 60 more words


Who is Salix Willow

Salix Willow is the creator of all things hopeful, making his first ever EP “The Psalm Suite” and just posting it out of no where it gained little attention. 383 more words