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Renault Megane TCR Announced for 2018

Team MVM have announced it has received authorization from Renault to design, build and develop the Renault Megane TCR car.  A test mule has already been built and is currently undergoing a rigorous development phase focusing on the engine with more extensive overall testing coming shortly. 17 more words


Busou Shinki armoured war goddess

Oft times the release of a new anime series can be a major gamble not just for the original rights holders but also for the anime studio creating it, and more so if that series is based on a toy or game line and is intended as a display for said line. 453 more words


Anime UK News review: Amagami SS Plus

Yet another Anime UK News review (I need to post these soon don’t I?), this time covering the second series of Amagami SS.


MVM Anime announcements - MCM London May 2017

Not the biggest fan of MVM releases. There are some here that I have not watched that are still in my queue on Crunchyroll such as Girlish number and Flip Flappers. 103 more words


MIB’s Instant Headache Fifth Anniversary!!

Against all expectations, this humble blog of mine is five years old. In actual fact the fifth anniversary of its creation was back in March but today marks the date it was officially launched and the… 365 more words


Anime UK News: Re-Kan!

My latest Anime UK News review looks at the supernatural comedy series Re-Kan!


Yes! Those colors...

Color combination and preference is obvious to be the same throughout recent couple of years.
That red, that blue and that yellow. And that green blue.