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INotifyPropertyChanged without property name

PropertyChanged Event using INotifyPropertyChanged

In WPF whenever we bind our view to the view-model class, there is always a need to propagate the changes in the view model to the UI. 322 more words

Introduction to MVVM with WPF

What’s MVVM ?

MVVM stands for Model -View-ViewModel

As a Software Developer you want develop quality applications with clean structure of code.

Imagine that you have tons of books in your room and if you want to find one specific book , well it’s a painful , and boring procedure to follow every time you want to find a book . 549 more words

Non-UI Automation of WPF MVVM Applications

Non-UI Automation of WPF MVVM Applications

MVVM seems like still walking the ramp. Couple of my previous assignments has been spent deciding automation strategy for MVVM applications. 336 more words


Xamarin: The magic of Fody weaving

When creating Xamarin apps a lot of people choose to go with the MVVM pattern. There are a lot of beautiful frameworks out there to make the life of an MVVM developer easier, but sometimes you just want to do it the hard way and write it yourself. 380 more words


Xamarin.Tips - Restrict the Length of Your Entry Text

Here’s a quick one on how to restrict the number of characters a user can enter in an Entry. Basically, we are going to create a custom… 164 more words


Xamarin.Tips - Visual Studio Code Templates/Snippets for MVVM Light

This is a short set of freebies. If you use MVVM Light in your Xamarin or Windows projects, this will save you loads of time. I’ve created a few short cuts for Visual Studio to generate code templates for your ViewModels! 659 more words



Ever heard of MVC?

Yes, its massive view controller :) some call it and its true, because a lot of logic get placed in the view controller only. 141 more words