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Hidden XAML Feature: Dependency Properties on Converters

Over the years I’ve written my fair share of BooleanToVisibilityConverter classes. The are so drop dead to implement if you are bootstrapping a small project or proof-of-concept it almost doesn’t make sense to add a nugget package just to bring in a standard BooleanToVisibilityConverter. 450 more words


BackgroundDownloader in MVVM

So I’ve been working on a new view in the Blob Storage Explorer app for Windows 10 today. The transfers view. I have a navigation item for it but right now the screen doesn’t do anything. 605 more words


[C# Tutorial] WPF Multiple Views

In this tutorial you can learn how to make multiple views in WPF within the same window by assigning data templates and setting the windows data context. 33 more words


ReactiveUI Goodies–Merge

If you have ever written any App that involves some sort of messaging or real-time data, then you were likely confronted with the integration of data streams that originate from different sources. 380 more words


Universes simplest C# MVVM example

Disclaimer: 2 very good and more thorough explanations of MVVM can be found here and here and off course this excellent video.

Precursor… 312 more words

MVVM Demo Application

Hello Friends,

This post demonstrates About MVVM. Basic concept of MVVM and there layers of Architecture.


ReactiveUI Goodies–IReactiveDerivedList Grouping

In my 2 previous posts ReactiveUI Goodies–IReactiveDerivedList Filtering 1 and ReactiveUI Goodies–IReactiveDerivedList Filtering 2 I demonstrated how CreateDerivedList(), a method provided by ReactiveList can be used to implement filter scenarios. 378 more words