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Mise à jour du plugin MvxForms vers sa version 1.2.0 incluant le support de Xamarin.Fomrs 1.4.2

Je viens juste de mettre à jour le plugin MvxForms vers sa version 1.2.0 incluant le support de Xamarin.Fomrs 1.4.2.

Ainsi, vous devriez pouvoir utiliser MvvmCross avec Xamarin.Forms sous: 70 more words


MvxForms plugin updated to 1.2.0 with support of Xamarin.Forms 1.4.2

I just pushed an updated MvxForms plugin version to 1.2.0 with support of the latest 1.4.2 Xamarin.Forms nuget packages.

Like so, you should be able to use MvvmCross with Xamarin.Forms on: 58 more words



Here I have a comparison, pointing out the key differences between the patterns and why MVVM *is* different. 448 more words


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A valid and complete explanation of the differences between MVC, MVVM and MVP

Binding a List in a WPF ComboBox

I have written how to write a simple WPF application in the MVVM design patter, with and without the DevExpress tools. In this post I’ll show to you an interesting feature: how to bind a list to a ComboBox item in the UI. 470 more words


Creating a MVVM WPF application

I have written a post where I did almost the same thing I’m going to do here, but I used DevExpress tools, now I’ll do it without DevExpress (it isn’t a freeware, so maybe not all people have it). 689 more words


Creating a MVVM WPF application with DevExpress tools

The title already said what I’m about to write here, so.. let’s start. Only one note: I’m writing this for DevExpress tool, since almost all tutorials on the web don’t use this (anyway, almost all written here is good for a project without DevExpress). 740 more words


Use MvvmCross with Xamarin.Forms thanks to MvxForms plugin

Lire cet article en français.

MvvmCross Framework is perfect for cross-platform development, including the ability to centralize Models and ViewModels into one project. If you don’t know yet MvvmCross, please take a look at this… 606 more words