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MVC,MVP and MVVM: A Comparison of Architectural Patterns

Really hands on explanation of mvc pattern evolution in this channell9 video, that helps to understand the patterns workflow.

And another very good article about the differences of these patters on rsdn.


Automate Your App Settings View in WPF

If you’re anything like me, you’re always coming up with new ideas for applications. Since WPF is my favorite UI framework, I usually end up creating it in C# and WPF. 1,480 more words


Talk: Test Automation in Practice with Xamarin Test Cloud

This is a talk I did for the SWmobile group with Kevin West back in February 2016. The practical advice from the talk is covered in  152 more words


Workshop - Creating Desktop Applications with WPF

Old, but good – I’m teaching WPF since many years. September, 5th, 2016 I’m running an open WPF workshop in Vienna, Austria. This time this workshop gets an enhancement with the new Desktop App Converter also known as the desktop bridge. 548 more words


ViewModel Property Snippets, C#6

cmdprop and cmdpropparam assume that you have a DelegateCommand class. cmdprop assumes that you DelegateCommand has a constructor that takes Action and Func<bool> parameters, and cmdpropparam assumes that it has a constructor that takes Action<T> and Func<T, bool>. 588 more words


Build a SignalR Connection Indicator with TypeScript and Knockout

I’ve build a message infrastructure for the company I am working for which allow to collect tons of production data from our factory (about >4’000 db records per minute). 789 more words

Software Development

Retrospective: Shades of Me - sprint 3

When I started my programming journey about three months ago I thought I would be learning by doing – continuously writing apps as learning projects, learning from my mistakes and by solving problems that occur during the coding process. 481 more words