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DataContext, Data Templates and Data Template Selectors

I spent some time today working on DataTemplateSelectors. I’d never used them before, but it made me think about all the different ways there are to set the DataContext in WPF. 1,276 more words


Improvement on First Windows 10 IoT Core Windows Application

Now that I have a working first application working, I wanted to see how far I can take the application writing model on the Raspberry Pi. 1,008 more words

Windows 10 IoT

MVC & Databinding: What's the best approach?

We’ve got some serious movements in the product development. And it goes straight in the right direction. There are three product teams, all of them want to use at least a variant of MVC. 1,159 more words


Validate 'Domain\username' pattern on a ViewModel property

We can use the ‘RegularExpression’ DataAnnotations attribute to validate the user input:

+(-+)*\\){1}[^""/\\[\]:;|=,+*?<>]+$", ErrorMessage = @"Not a valid Domain\username pattern." )]

public string UserName
	get { return m_userName; }
	set { SetProperty( ref m_userName, value ); }
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How-To-Do {Sweet friendship of Sqlite and UWP }

#Part 1 –  Making A Database

Before we begin :

in this post we will talk about how you can make a simple Sqlite Database… 577 more words


How to think about MVC, MVP, and MVVM?

This article is about my personal explanation of the reputed design patterns: Model-View-Controller, Model-View-Presenter, and Model-View-ViewModel; followed by a judgement, and a discussion for the applying of those patterns to the Web. 2,003 more words