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MVVM: What's the Correct Way to Write a Model?

When I first started to learn MVVM it was very complicated to say the least. To make things worse I kept reading conflicting tutorials on how to properly maintain the MVVM pattern. 761 more words


Hiring an iOS Developer in Toronto, ON!

Hiring an iOS Developer in Toronto, ON! Client with great culture offering chance to be involved in revolutionary medical software development. Apply now: http://buff.ly/1QL83fB 45 more words


Еще одно го*** ... в смысле я понял MVVM

Уже давно я решил писать на WPF с использованием технологии MVVM. Работать оно должно как-то так

Значительное время повозившись мы добились небольших результатов и вот как это у меня работает с базой … 10 more words


Using MVVM Light ViewModelBase class with Template 10

Template10 comes with a handful ViewModelBase class that provides an easy way to handle events such as OnNavigatedTo, OnNavigatingFrom, access the Navigation Service from View Models and so on. 351 more words


Namespace changes with Silverlight 8.1

Today I’m going to talk about the dreaded namespace changing (this also applies to project renaming). Most of the time, when you decide to change the project name and or namespaces in an application, there is almost always some hidden issue that pops up. 487 more words


View Model Navigation by Convention in MVVM Light

Having not used MVVM Light for a while, I came back to it recently to put together a small Xamarin.Android app. It’s a great toolkit and I’d forgotten just how quickly you can get up-and-running with navigation, bindings and tests. 236 more words


Facebook Timeline control

I had a requirement to implement a timeline control that should somehow resembles the Facebook profile control, and I found it very interesting to implement it from scratch. 375 more words