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WPF - Bring the Loaded Event to MVVM

In the spirit of bringing the “Closing” event to your view model, I also decided that I wanted an easy way to bring the “Loaded” event to my view model. 595 more words

Visual Studio

WPF - Bring Closing Event to MVVM

The Issue

I’m jumping around a bit, but I don’t get to work on a single project at a time, so I am going to switch gears to talk about some WPF work that I put together. 776 more words


Refactoring to MVVM with RxSwift

Every developer has that moment of realization when you look at your code and barely understand what it’s suppose to do or how it got to be so many lines long. 1,415 more words


Start Coding

Originally published on Medium, I’ve decided to merge this series about developing an app into my personal blog

Alright, today is the day I start coding my app. 720 more words


XF vs PWA: XF Setting Up the Dashboard Page

The Goal

In this post we are going to setup the Dashboard page. The purpose of this page is to list the users favorite routes and stops so that no matter where they are, they can proceed straight to that information. 848 more words

Xamarin Forms

Immutable Models in MVVM

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The first M stands for Model – an implementation of the application’s domain model that includes a data model along with business and validation logic. 720 more words


ViewModel-first approach in Xamarin forms

There are primarily 3 patterns to choose when developing mobile applications. They are MVC, MVVM and MVP. For a detailed discussion about them check Xamarin application architecture… 538 more words