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The MVC pattern splits an application up into three layers:

  • model layer
  • view layer
  • controller layer

It’s clear to most developers what goes into the model and view layers of an application. 1,004 more words


iOS Architecture Patterns

Feeling weird while doing MVC in iOS? Have doubts about switching to MVVM? Heard about VIPER, but not sure if it worth it?

Keep reading, and you will find answers to questions above, if you don’t — feel free to complain in comments. 3,690 more words


MVVM Model Property Setter


Click here to view the source code

Working with MVVM tends to require quite a bit of boiler plate code to set up and use. 614 more words


Prism UWP for beginners: navigation

In this post we’ll talk about the navigation with Prism in UWP. With navigation I mean the technique to go from one page to another of your app. 527 more words


Filter and Sort

If I had a database of people and I had an application that displays this list, it makes sense that there would be a feature to search for particular people based on certain criteria. 735 more words


Prism UWP for beginners: binding and commands

We setup the foundation of a Prism UWP app in the last post. Now we explore binding and commands.


Binding is the mechanism that connects the UI to the view-model properties to display data in the page and to receive input from the user (with two way binding). 919 more words


Prism UWP for beginners: setup

I want to learn Prism because it may be helpful in some future projects. To better understand how it works I need a target. I’d like to create a simple UWP app that displays my Twitter timeline and the local weather based on the GPS. 668 more words