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Here I have a comparison, pointing out the key differences between the patterns and why MVVM *is* different. 448 more words


Developing Universal/Cross-Platform Apps with MVVM – V

In this series I will try to demonstrate the MVVM pattern and how it can be applied to cross platform applications using Windows Runtime and Xamarin for android. 1,229 more words


Log Entry Viewer Using Dynamic Data and ReactiveUI

Log Entry Viewer

In this post I show how to create a log entry viewer which uses both Dynamic Data and ReactiveUI. This example screen allows viewing, filtering and removal of log entry items from memory. 3,115 more words


Binding iOS Views with MVVMCross

When using MVVMCross with Xamarin.iOS one occasionally runs into a case where we want our bindings to update controls that are native to the system but are not readily configured to support such a thing. 695 more words


Closing a window in MVVM pattern

The MVVM pattern says that the UI logic should be withing the View. Your ViewModel should not know about the view.

But, imagine the following scenario: you have two buttons on your screen, one to save changes and close and another to cancel and close. 274 more words


The MVVM pattern in WPF

In WPF we have the Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) pattern. This pattern was created to allow you to separate concerns in a way that your business logic is going to be decoupled from your interface. 85 more words


Binding to Enum in Universal apps with localization

When we work with enums, we may want to display description messages associated to symbolic names. For example, suppose we have the following model in our app that uses the MVVM pattern: 469 more words