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Printing with the UWP Community Toolkit

In this article we describe some advanced printing scenarios on top of the PrintHelper from the UWP Community Toolkit. This helper is specialized in interacting with the built-in print dialogs, and in printing one UI element on one page. 2,612 more words


Tech Conference 2018 in Vienna

At Tech Conference 2018 in Vienna I had three great presentations – covering Docker, .NET Core, and XAML.
I hope you enjoyed it! 283 more words

.NET Core

Pragmatic iOS app architecture

Lately, I’ve been reading a lot of articles on app architectures. There are many such articles, with many different opinions and solutions. It’s great that developers are sharing their experiences, the pros and cons that might help us decide which road to take in our future projects. 1,561 more words


ListView Bindings on Xamarin.Forms and Observable Groups

In today’s post we will take a look at some binding examples to ListView and how improperly handled model data in view-model can cause performance penalties and effect the UX experience. 2,068 more words


Caliburn.Micro #006 : Event Aggregators & Window Managers

Consider the classic scenario when you need to show the currently logged in User Name in your main Window, once you have successfully logged in. The The login Window is supposed to be a Modal Dialog, and isn’t remotely aware of the Label displaying Username in the Main Window. 1,069 more words

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[RxSwift and MVVM] – Bài 4 – Bind and Subscribe

Bây giờ mình tưởng tượng 1 func login trong đó email và password phải nhập đúng thì nút Button mới Enabled và label hiển thị Available. 414 more words


[RxSwift and MVVM] – Bài 3 – Xử lý logics/ requirements

Vẫn là cái app ở bài 2, bây giờ mình nâng cấp 1 chút đó là sẽ có 2 text fields được edit và label sẽ update tương ứng. 519 more words