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Xamarin.Forms application with MvvmCross - VIII

In this series I will try to demonstrate the MVVM pattern and how it can be applied to cross platform applications using Windows Runtime and Xamarin for android. 1,283 more words


MVVM - Oh God yes!

While I was learning Xamarin forms I could not shake the thought: “Well a complex app in this must be a nightmare to debug”…

Enter the MVVM development, it stands for Model View ViewModel and is in principle very close to MVC Model Viewer Controller. 423 more words

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WPF Data Grid with extensible columns

Almost another year has passed again. And here’s my next post. I’m sure I didn’t start this blog thinking that it would be an annual thing. 1,683 more words


NET Standard Mobile LOB: Prism, EFCore Sqlite and Validation UWP [1]


My first idea was creating the environment with Xamarin but at the moment you cannot compile .NET Standard with Xamarin Forms, I will update the articles when the bugs go away. 973 more words

User interactive abstractions handling at asp.net MVC

This answer on StackOverflow inspired me to write a full post about handling user interactions in desktop applications fashion using web sockets and ASP.NET MVC. 1,531 more words

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Swipe to Delete and more on Xamarin.iOS

Swipe to delete became almost an industry standard after its initial introduction on iOS platform. Nowadays similar implementations can be found on other platforms such as Android and even UWP (i.e. 1,470 more words



MVVM ("model/view/view-model") is design pattern that helps promote a separation of concerns in software development. It is an extension of the well-known "model/view/controller" (MVC) pattern that is often used in user interface design. 643 more words

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