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MW3 MOAB | 90+ Kills on Terminal | Modern Warfare 3

MW3 MOAB here on the map Terminal using the ACR silencer and extended mags more than likely! This gameplay was from Modern Warfare 3 and it was a long time ago! 54 more words


Call of Duty..The Hype is still REAL !

My first Call of Duty game was Modern Warfare 2 on the Playstation 3. I heard all about the hype from many of my friends and people who worked at video games stores so I had decided to go for it. 360 more words

Black Ops

Modern Warfare or pointless snare

Is it possible to even begin this topic? Call of Duty has come a long way.┬áIf anything, it’s one of the best first person shooters around. 266 more words

Modded Cod account, BO1, BO2, MW2, MW3, AW

Selling a Modded CoD account, (Silver) you need to put gold on it

What it includes

-Changeable Email: When you log into the account on xbox.com, you will be prompted to add your info, when it asks to verify, click Don’t have access to account or something like that so u can add your own email and get rid of the one on the account… 126 more words


ALL Cods, Doing Bundle Modding Services of all sorts and shit

Ok goyim.

I do recoveries, and lobbies.

Will provide proof soon on my pvr.

I do modding services for the following games

MW2, Bo2, AW, MW3, BO1… 34 more words