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Austerity V Progressive ~~

Just another rant …

As we move into Campaign2016 voters need to remember the Global Financial Crisis of 2007 ~ 2008, how Republicans are reacting to your financial and personal status, Women’s Rights and Race in the year 2015.   774 more words

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If not now, When?

just another rant …

and a comment to Bernie Sanders and his supporters

The months wear on but most have NOT forgotten Newtown …

They say there are more deaths from hand guns, yet another massacre has taken place … can we just ban automatic weapons… 362 more words

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Q: Is HR7311 a South American Humanitarian LAW or a Republican football

 ok, it’s my rant …

I don’t know about you but the solution to the immigration influx seems easy to me, implement the bipartisan 2008 Bush law that was created for humanitarian reasons. 19,693 more words

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Is your state or country going through urban renewal, rebuilding while displacing

Definition of GENTRIFICATION …

  The process of renewal and rebuilding accompanying the influx of upper-income or affluent people into deteriorating areas that often displaces poorer residents. 124 more words

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Wrap it up!

ABC… its the first thing you learn in school or at home depending on how agrressive your parents are. Today however I want to talk about the ABC you learnt in your Biology class, in sex ed(if you had any growing up) or even in church( I once went for a church camp that talked about sex). 937 more words

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You're Ugly

There is a story trending on social media about an Algerian couple. The newly weds are apparently already having trouble in paradise. The groom claims that ‘ 642 more words

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