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Sustainable Living and Wildlife

One day while I was minding my own business, I received an email from the fish and wildlife department. I signed up to get them but not out of malice or some secret plan to track the actions but I gotta say reading it gave me chills sadness and great disappointment… and that was my first reaction then it made me remember the… 954 more words

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When your candidate cleverly incites racism hate aggression and beat downs

btw, do you understand how a child would respond to this nonsense if exposed on a daily basis, do you see yourself in these people, were you there or maybe a family member was and how does it feel to see people reacting to the awful rhetoric coming out of the mouth of this man … who quite possibly would be a dic-tator

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If not now, When?

just another rant …

and a question for Bernie Sanders and his supporters … at what point will you all say enough is enough?

The months wear on but most have NOT forgotten Newtown … 433 more words

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a new low ~~ back to the future

 Don’t let Republicans make America great again or take Americans back to the ole’days by engaging in Isolationism… Nativegrl77

by history.com

Isolationism refers to America’s longstanding reluctance to become involved in… 1,504 more words

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Mindful Behavior ... Stop Smoking ... new beginnings

Mindful behavior … Stop smoking

a repost

I believe that great information makes us think – hopefully starts a conversation as well as makes us take positive action. 355 more words

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How many use "the Media" for voting information

Just another rant …

The President says the time for talk is over; I agree, but if you read or listen to the media who interview folks on the right often characterize this President’s actions as frantic furious regarding health care reform; in the end it got done.  689 more words

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Austerity V Progressive ~~

Just another rant …

As we move into Campaign2016 voters need to remember the Global Financial Crisis of 2007 ~ 2008, how Republicans are reacting to your financial and personal status, Women’s Rights and Race in the year 2015.   774 more words

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