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Packing & Cracking ~gerrymander~ a repost and reminder

just another rant … 

Time to deal with old outdated complicit relationships that need to change

It is time to take Republicans onto the floor of Congress and wipe up the floor with their ideologies. 700 more words

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When your candidate cleverly incites racism hate aggression and beat downs

Do people understand how a child would respond to this nonsense if exposed on a daily basis, do you see yourself in these people, were you there or maybe a family member was and how does it feel to see people reacting to the awful rhetoric coming out of the mouth of this man … who quite possibly wants to be a dic-tator

first posted 8/6/2016

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Paul Ryan and ayn rand ... a reminder of contradictions

I don’t know about you but if you grew up with a certain teaching or dogma and you are now in your mid-forties + … it must be hard to convince folks that you now reject a philosophy after only a couple of hours later –  just saying


Tell Republicans to STOP Waging War on Women

Just another rant …

  In an interview, Rep. Bette Grande, ever so casually stated, “Banning abortion will help Women realize they don’t want one after all. 481 more words

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Republicans ... say one thing in front of cameras and continue to vote another on the floor of Congress

yep, just another rant …

The 113th Congress is long gone,but it should be noted they were “in session”  fewer days than constituents … the people they seem to keep saying depend on the government “tit” for “entitlements” then proceed to vote against them and their lives …some Republicans call “them” lazy though some of those are constituents who continue to vote against their best interests? 833 more words

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Tell your congressional members that Healthcare is NOT a partisan pawn

In 2018, left of center politicians pundits and organizers need to make trump supporters/voters know that Health care is NOT a partisan entity or pawn to be played with like their representatives in congress continue to engage in. 268 more words

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Austerity V Progressive ~~

Just another rant …

As we move into Campaign2018 voters need to remember the Global Financial Crisis of 2007 ~ 2008, how Republicans are reacting to your financial and personal status, Women’s Rights and Race in the year 2017.   793 more words

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