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Mervyn Charles Richardson (1902-1982) and Grace Maud Stewart (1906-1993)

Mervyn Charles “Merv” Richardson was most likely born in the around the Westbury-Exton region of Tasmania on 21 Oct 1902. Merv was the second of ten children born to Norman Thomas Richardson (1878-1944) and Nellie Gertrude Ada Ibbott (1883-1966).  634 more words


Norman Thomas Richardson (1878-1944) and Nellie Gertrude Ada Ibbott (1883-1966)

Norman Thomas Richardson was born in “Paddy’s Scrub,” Deloraine, Tasmania on 4 May 1878. Norman was the fifth of eleven children born to Isaac Simeon Richardson (1843 -1919) and Mary Ann Walker (1849 -1910).  1,193 more words


Isaac Richardson II (1843 -1919 ) and Mary Ann Walker (1849 -1910 )

Isaac Simeon Richardson II was born in Campbell Town, Van Dieman’s Land on 2 Sep 1843. He was the sixth of ten children born to Isaac Richardson I (1804-1873) and Matilda Bonner (1804-1887), who both originated from England. 1,123 more words


Isaac Richardson I (1804-1873) and Matilda Bonner (1804-1887)

Isaac Richardson I was born in Babington, Somerset, England on 10 Feb 1804. He was the first of ten children of Benjamin Richardson (1781-1847) and Hester “Ester” Moore (1778-1825).  1,488 more words


Robert the Bruce, King of the Scots

Robert I (11 July 1274 – 7 June 1329), popularly known as Robert the Bruce (Medieval Gaelic: Roibert a Briuis; modern Scottish Gaelic… 574 more words

My GrandFather's World War I and World War II

Surprises!!! Surprises!!!

I just found out on Ancestry that my Grandfather Willie John-otis Pittman was drafted in World War II. This is totally surprising to me. 112 more words


R.I.P My Brothers

I was just visiting Ancestry and saw that my deceased baby brother was born on this day. He was born Feb 3, 1966 and died the same day due to complications my mom was having during delivery. 127 more words

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