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Seven sisters of Pleiades -

Bound as one throughout eternity
Made inseparable by love into infinity



I have finished catching up on Steven Universe! It’s such a good show and I absolutely love the animation!! So while I’ve been binge watching I decided to my own gemsonas :) if you’re interested in designing a gemsona I suggest using http://thecreatorofworlds.tumblr.com/post/112455115726/designing-a-gemsona in order to figure out where to start.

My Art

Project updates

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To dye your mind by

A/N: Here, have some imagery.

Connections and pavements
Tired songs and drooping eyelids
Cinders amidst the snow
And fires ablaze the thunderstorm
The crying ladies garbed in white… 44 more words

My Art

The dance of life -

Two birds in flight
Two spirits intertwined
In this eternal dance of life



Note to self

When you can’t control what’s happening,

challenge yourself to control the way you respond to what’s happening.