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THE Ham Ernestway.

The only issue when it comes to corresponding with Dave is self-censorship.  If he knew anything about me as a person he’d abhor me.  My feminism, my bisexuality, my lefty-leaning hippy heritage.  106 more words

Senior Seminar Art Update

Over break I decided to spend some time collecting materials for my pieces. For independent study I found these great wooden frames which I cleaned and then painted metallic gold. 157 more words


Athena & Hermes candles

A sample of the candles available in the Devotional Candles section of my Etsy shop:


Athena: An elegant light grey, dusted with silver and blue glitter, scented with a blend of pure essential oils of sage, rosemary, eucalyptus, and spearmint.   139 more words


Sketchdump 26.3.15

Just some more sketches from the past week :)

Starting with random animal sketches :)

An owl from a reference I had laying around…

Monkeys from my own photos. 79 more words


Name that piece of Art... part 52...

I am going to stick two pieces of art in this post… or pieces of Art as I have taken to calling these pictures that have me in them… because they were in the same post originally. 94 more words


SebaSM Comics Digest, Weeks of Mar. 10th and 17th

I missed my weekly update last week because I was out of the country, but I did have two normally scheduled SebaSM Comics during my trip, and two more new comics this week too! 68 more words


it’s been awhile, feeling so lazy
art update time!

something which i am suppose to finish weeks ago..

My Art