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Lillie from Pokémon Sun and Moon

I did end up drawing another character from Pokémon haha. This one turned out quite well, I had a bit of trouble with her arms initially but it worked out in the end. 47 more words

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Kashima from Kancolle

I’m very happy how this turned out, especially the hair. I’ve been wanting to draw some characters from Kantai Collection for some time so it’s a good feeling that I’ve managed to illustrate something that worked out rather nicely. 11 more words

My Art

Trump meets all expectations... as long as you set the bar really low...

Trump supporters remain convinced that Trump met expectations at the debate… I mean, he didn’t call Hillary any vile names… or punch her in the face…


Long time no doods

Pfft sorry for abandoning this blog for a long while. Or any of my social media accounts for that matter. BnS really does eat my time. 48 more words


Five Reasons to Love Cooler Weather in Baton Rouge

A breeze is blowing; a cool breeze.  When I got to work; my ambient temperature was only 75 degrees.  I cannot remember the last time I saw this number on my van! 187 more words


Painting for September 27

I have… mixed feeling about this one.

First of all, you really should see it live and in person.  Trust me – the colours of her hair have a nice depth, and her skin tones are far more delicate than what you see here.  281 more words

My Art