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So many drawings!

Last year my focus was to draw as much as possible. I would draw almost every night!

I’ve been focusing mostly on brush and ink, occasionally coloring with marker or watercolor. 211 more words


The river wear in Durham City

This was an old view from work. I smuggled my phone in just to take the photo. Done in pencil. Probably a good exercise for me as there was no colour so i got my tonal values. Boom boom.

My Art

A Flash of Calm

Strands of silk fly in the breeze like a stray hair.

Leaves skitter across the ground.

Cars rumble by, growling like they could move the earth. 57 more words

My Art

Old plein air

Even though this isn’t a brilliant painting, it’s one of my favourites. It’s one were I finally started learning the value of values. ;) I quickly painted this before scurrying back to the hall as the rain came, and then spent a rainy afternoon fixing the bright colours I’d put in on the hill.

My Art

Sneak Peak of my latest work!

A little sneak peak of my latest drawing! I´ll soon be posting a time lapse video with commentary, but in the meantime I hope you’ll enjoy this one! :)