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I don’t know what to do with the background tbh. Anyway, finished~



That took WAAAAY too long. Holy hell. Granted I took a break for a while cause of headache but geez. I’m not as fast as I used to be.. 7 more words


Yes, I am going back to the Bay Area... I will try not to break it this time...

Yes, I know, I was in the Bay Area last week. I had to come back to San Diego to go to Comic Con, now, I am going back to see the musical, Hamilton. 57 more words




Trying to draw another polished drawing.


Ahh I’m lining too slow right now.


I have to split soon...

I have to jet, boogie, jam, take off, cruise, leave, go, scram, jump, move, blow this popsicle… (or hot dog, if you prefer)… stand, make myself scarce, shuffle, relocate, hie mineself hence, decamp, head out, hit the road, shove off, bail, bolt, book, vamoose, mosey, cut and run, high-tail it, skedaddle, ramble or scoot…

Because… Hamilton tickets!


A Little Daisy Will Do

For my next paper sculpture, I am going to make a sign made from 3D paper letters. It is going to be …

… Uh oh, I just got distracted! 116 more words

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