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Kirby and the Rainbow Curse

Kirby and Elline from Kirby and the Rainbow Curse / Rainbow Paintbrush

Something quick, sorry Waddle Dee, next time

My Art

Trust Fall

I stand under a single spotlight,


All the other spotlights

have been put out.

The shadows

are dark as the gaping maws

of the crowding wolves… 110 more words


The Way to Fairyland

As I begin to post my art to this new blog, I’ll be uploading some of my older work like this as well. This drawing is one of my favorite drawings because it captures both the foreboding fascination that characterizes many of the older, darker fairy tales and some my own imaginative experiences while wandering aimlessly through the tangled woods behind my home. 49 more words


Name that piece of Art... part 99...

Because what can be more fun than playing a game where you amaze your fellow bloggers by coming up with the cleverest names for pictures with me… (Art)… in them?… a person who is so self-obsessed that he has done hundreds of pictures of himself in his own blog… (and these are only the ones where I did something funny to myself in Photoshop, not selfies or pictures other people took of me that I have posted, or family pictures of me as a kid… nor does it include the funny moving pictures I do of myself… wait… you haven’t looked at any of those??? 87 more words