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Sun, Her New Pants, Fun And My Sweetie Really Tired!

The day was really cool … my gf wore her new pants really proud, but really tired because she spent some hours during the last night making it … 19 more words

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#284, 288, 291

284 81x102cm Acrylic on canvas

#288 86x76cm Acrylic & wood strips on canvas

291 86x91cm America Agonistes Acrylic on canvas



The last monday, my gf said me that she will get to wear a cool leatherette pants made by herself (Design, Creation and made) this friday … but look, today is Thursday and she made it and she wore it today. 46 more words

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First Post!

Here, have a quick pencil sketch of some characters. Sorry for the bad quality; I don’t have a scanner.

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SebaSM Comics Digest, Week of Mar. 2nd

Ack, SebaSM Comics update at night, sorry!

Got two more comics this week, and unlike previous weeks I don’t shoot myself in either of them!  Though there… 23 more words


why is everyone getting sick, fat & hospitalize ?
this is really a bad year… i’m getting lazier and lazier by the day…

anyway.. some art.. 10 more words

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