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Watch "why do the good people die so young ? seagull song and painting" on YouTube

Three fold art:singing,painting and speaking.
Why do the good people die?why do the bad people live so long?
peace,love and light!


Art Series: 02

Those random kisses on my forehead and the way you smile every time you see me means the world to me.

The way you kiss me on my forehead as your chin rests on the bridge of my nose, my smile wide and giddy, I know that I was always meant to be with you. 7 more words


Making Marks

Can drawing control anxiety?

All my life I have turned to writing to cope with and manage my anxiety. About a year ago I received an official diagnosis. 383 more words


Lana Del Rey: January 12 (Second Drawing)

Every time I want to show my mom my new art, she says: ” Let me guess.. Lana Del Rey again?”. Funny because the other day she was humming Honeymoon 😅

My Art

Forget me not

I need to do studies on wings. I have a hard time drawing them.

And I have to finish Nana’s FMN reference sheet too. I just need to finish the color, but I don’t like the line art I did for it. 84 more words