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This May or May Not Be Becoming an Obsession...

I won’t stop until I draw Morpheus the way I see him in my head!!!!!!!

I mean, this is a lot better than yesterday’s?? He has arms okay. I’ve improved.

Young Adult

My art: new - Living Fashion 13 WIP #2

I cleaned up her eye area (before she looked like she was using a crayon for eyeliner) and started on the vest details.

My Art


I wish a wonderful day to all my American friends, I hope that you have amazing BBQs with your families and I cant forget your best friends today, the yummi burgers and monster hot dogz! 19 more words

My Life


My current laptop doesn’t have enough processing power to run photoshop/related programs very well.

But, I’ve really been wanting to get back into art recently. 96 more words