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Over the past week, the systematic victimization of women in Hollywood by a serial sexual predator has caused many women to look at their own life experience and consider whether they have also been the victims of sexual harassment, or worse, in their workplace. 667 more words

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Hope is a silent prayer, the notes of which are born in the breath and die at the lips.

Hope is the silence between two beeps of a heartbeat monitor, and the expectant wait for the next. 49 more words

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My Very Own "Book Bucket List" - September 2017

I’ve knocked the 4th entry off my Book Bucket List:  ‘Carnegie’s Maid’ by Marie Benedict. You can see the review here. In it’s place, I’ve added… 366 more words


The Sky Is Falling?

This has been the colour of the sky most of today!  All because of Hurricane Ophelia which has been battering parts of the UK today and it has been dragging sand with it from the sahara which is why the sky is this colour.  576 more words

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Are we a democracy?

In its most simplistic explanation democracy means “majority wins” or “rule of the majority.” If this is true how do 5 million members of the National Rifle Association decide the fate of 295 million Americans? 97 more words

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