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“But what were you wearing?”

WARNING- explicit themes covered in this post – WARNING

There are certain moments in life that leave an impression on you. More often than not, in my life those particular memorable moments have involved other people. 1,348 more words

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New Bear

Baby Jesse’s new bear!! Only time will tell. #knitting #knitting_inspiration #teddybear #newnephew

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Video: Top 5 Things to Know Before Trading with Brazil

Thank you for visiting our “Top 5 Delivered by DHL” series.  It’s a fast and informative way to help you learn more about global topics that affect your business.  48 more words

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Is my Bra beginning to feel loose?

When I first started going to meetings it didn’t take me long to realise what it must be like for a lady to live in a man’s world, because being a member of Weight watchers is to be in a microcosm of the opposite persuasion. 690 more words

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01. The beginning of the UK tour 2016

One should think that we would have gone to bed early the day before, especially with the plan to drive the whole day and night. What shall I say, she didn’t and so I couldn’t rest neither. 576 more words

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In my studio

My small studio in our garden warms quickly once the sun comes out and it is a pleasure to go out there on these cold winter days and lose myself in creative bliss. 327 more words

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