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My cardiologist appointment went very well. He is very happy with all my test results and will see me in six months again.

Lucy asks people to please lay off setting off fireworks, she is tired of hiding in her crate and it’s not even the fourth yet. 116 more words

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Why you should go for a Materialistic Person?

I will definitely choose a materialistic over any other kind


Because the person who values things and money knows how to be practical and balanced in life.

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"Important Message"!

(Good Things, Must Come To An End) – This is just my opinion. The Internet, is not a place for you or myself; to post as we please. 107 more words

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Tips for teenage taxpayers starting a summer job 

Now that school’s out, many students will be starting summer jobs…from working at a summer camp to being an office intern. The IRS reminds students that not all the money they earn may make it to their pocket. 341 more words

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Would I have done things differently?

If I had known I would get sick; that I would lose so much sensation, muscle control and certain abilities, such as:  be unable to run, jump or stand on my tippy toes – … 310 more words

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"Major Changes"!

  1. (Fellow Bloggers) – Are you all aware, of major changes; on your Blog Platforms. Every since, the privacy policy changes issue; have become a topic, it has finally hit WordPress.
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