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Mi decisión

One of my biggest pet peeves is people that believe things simply because their parents brought them up in it. There’s no problem with believing in the things your parents raised you with, if you’ve analyzed those beliefs and come to conclusion that they do echo in your heart and core. 554 more words


Samoa - Pacific Ocean

Samoa Islands, un viaggio che mi ha riportato a vivere di più la mia natura come essere umano, le semplici abitudini, vivere dell’essenziale ed essere felici con poco. 781 more words



You are a treasure.

Your body is a treasure.

As a Christian, if you are a Christian

That has made Jesus your Lord and Savior… 830 more words

Everyday Living

FFF 2-16: It's Official...

i am officially diabetic.  Or, as I pointed out to the somewhat officious nurse practitioner who broke the news to me, i am “a person with diabetes.” That is the more person-centered language that’s preferred in health care these days.  876 more words


Monday, Monday

After all my fine talk about FFF, and wanting to get healthy, yesterday i binged on carbs and sugar and fat like there was no such thing as obesity or Diabetes, Type II.  281 more words


Like Agnostic Zetetic Says...

I was looking for quotes related to “work” and found this lovely series of quotes from Agnostic Zetetic, whom I had never heard of.   I saw this one first and it just made me laugh. 801 more words


FFF - 2-9

I was reading Vesta’s submission – she was talking about her husband.

“What I have noticed is that as my husband became immersed in the body form, in his own body form, a sense of space quietly began to be lost, like air being sucked out of a blow up swimming pool that has developed a small puncture. 721 more words