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Remember? Loving yourself is your job. You may have to learn how to do it, but you can. Now that pills to heal an internal wound are over and eating isn’t spaced three hours in-between with no eating at night, I eat. 161 more words

Present Day Writing

Tights as pants and Togs togs undies

I am a Kiwi but I haven’t actually lived in New Zealand since 2012. I did live in Aussie for a large chunk of time, and the rest of the time Nick and I were travelling and living random foreign places like a Caribbean island or a Chinese city. 1,797 more words


#Blackprotest in Poland

Perhaps you’ve already heard, perhaps you have not. Poland, my beloved country is giving me yet another reason to not go back living there. It’s been all in plain sight since the extreme right wing took over the reign but one can always hope the worst case scenario isn’t going to happen. 1,080 more words


Let's count fingers and toes!

How many fingers on one hand? How many fingers on two hands? How many fingers on one foot? How many fingers on two feet?

Let’s count fingers and toes!

My Body


Four pills a day, and crush them  for the next six weeks. Make sure you do it three hours after eating, then wait an hour for the next meal. 550 more words

Present Day Writing

Day 29 - My Body

What are the reasons you want to say thank you to your body and why you accept it as it is.

Hmmm so I suppose I have to think about the things I like about my body for this post, don’t I? 107 more words


Day 27 - Sonoluminescence

Hello! It’s day 27. That feels very sudden. Here’s some pictures:

I was worried this sweater dress was going to be itchy, as they often are. 56 more words