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Physical Appearances

Your Body is not you.

It is crucial that you understand that your body whether favored or not is meant to be a distraction. Listen carefully; Your body is a bid, a cast of the Dice for Value from the Void within, in an attempt to deceive you, to fill your hands, to keep you blind as to your true circumstance. 548 more words


though my back is lean
there is meat on my thighs
that i used to despise
try to change, and chastise

what a waste of God’s time. 270 more words


Do the things you love. So simple, how did I get away from that? Walking the meadow in the summer sun- one, two, three laps?…I lose count as my mind drifts. 300 more words

Present Day Writing

Tiredness vs Fatigue

I use the word ‘tired’ quite a lot. ‘Exhausted’ is another good one as well as ‘shattered’. I always thought ‘fatigue’ was the posh version and never really used the term. 904 more words




Discharge papers: Diagnosis- Chest Pain (Nonspecific)

Causes include one that makes sense for me rather than anxiety, inflammation around the heart. In yesterday’s post I used the word ‘anxiety’ but it didn’t feel right. 180 more words

Present Day Writing

body art.

When I’ve started my last adventure mith my friend Mona we decided to get our skin tattooed to never forget our travels. But it’s not just a journes, it will be for life. 728 more words