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My garden gasps out its last beauties… then a ride along the canal with my ratty $12 bike that finally broke down. So I walked back enjoying that just as much… fresh corn from the farm, and a garage sale on the way home where the latest bargain is a sparkly garden spinner for three bucks. 9 more words

Present Day Writing

It’s embarrassing how tired I get and how easily. Then I remember, be kind to yourself. Remember why. Years of cortisol bursting through my system has taken its toll causing the chronic tiredness. 370 more words

Present Day Writing


It took 24 hours for that feeling to ‘float’ away, that gut thing that feels like a cavern with no end. I hated it, wanted it away. 467 more words

Present Day Writing


I wake to a crow so loud and close going back to sleep is impossible. But it’s light out. The lake has disappeared under thick fog. 796 more words

Present Day Writing

Physical Appearances

Your Body is not you.

It is crucial that you understand that your body whether favored or not is meant to be a distraction. Listen carefully; Your body is a bid, a cast of the Dice for Value from the Void within, in an attempt to deceive you, to fill your hands, to keep you blind as to your true circumstance. 548 more words