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5 tư thế Yoga thực hiện dễ dàng trên giường

“Sitting is the new smoking”. Hôm qua đọc được câu này mình chột dạ giật thọt tới nổi lấy cả bút ra ghi vào sổ cho nhớ. 225 more words

My Body

Little break

It’s miserable outside, rain driving me nuts, headache doesn’t leave me… My life has change completely, why ? Well I have been told couple weeks ago that I will not have a kids. 124 more words

My Body....

Cheaters Never Prosper

We’ve heard it before and we’ll hear it again… Cheaters never prosper.. Cheaters never win.. We all know that, but I’d be hard pressed to find someone who has never cheated in some capacity before, whether it be in school, in a relationship, or in my case… on a diet. 916 more words


4 bước đơn giản để đẹp như Yuri SNSD

9 cô gái SNSD mỗi người một vẻ, có người xinh đẹp từ gương mặt, có người vẻ đẹp toát lên từ tính cách. Yuri không sở hữu mình hạc sương mai như TaeYeon, cũng không có nét đẹp thiên thần như Yoona. 1,936 more words

My Body


Like a hickory nut from the hedgerow, is my love so encased I cannot feel it? It cannot be cracked easily after it falls. The elements soften it, the warm sun, the wet winters, spring rains opening its shell, lying there exposed.  

Present Day Writing

They both make me happy...

Midnight… We all are very drunk, laughing out loud, lie on the bed together. She looked at me and start kissing me, I kissed her back and we start making out. 627 more words

Fantasy & Fun

I will suck your dick like no one before.... 

He sat on the bed with laptop on his laps.. Working hard, focuse on his business…. I was looking at him for a while standing in the bathroom with my wet hair, towel around my body covering my wet, smooth and olive colour skin… I can’t stop looking at him, I hugged door frame while thinking of this beautiful man… My horny mind want to reword him for his hard work… My mouth is watery from thinking of pleasuring him, milking his dick off… I want his fine silky dick deep in my throat, fucking my mouth. 404 more words

Fantasy & Fun