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The Bluebirds in our meadow inspired these. It was fun shopping for blue feathers in the middle of winter at the craft store, grapevine curls and hickory twigs in the hedgerow, and seeds for the eyes.

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While recovering from I had thought would be a simple surgery on my gums, I have fallen back into old habits of harsh talk and treatment of myself. 988 more words

Present Day Writing

there's a wart on my finger

It started off as a bubble.

Merely there. Just a bubble.

With every passing day, you became a little more annoying. I couldn’t help but notice your presence. 233 more words


Along the way, Samuel picked up the name Chicken Man, Doodle for short. I made this for him in 2012. Since no photo existed in my files, a photo shoot was needed. 55 more words

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It is still iffy ‘down there’. Except for the half and half I splurged on, no milk for a while still. Certainly no prune juice. My feelings, my love of the simple things has not yet seeped into my being. 823 more words

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Feeling improved. No more runs to the BR after adding too much milk to my diet, then the killer, prune juice. Julie’s office and her business is bad. 639 more words

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After splurging on two new colors of glaze, yellow and maroon, this was made for my niece in 2012, a lover of sunflowers. Quite large, about 18″ X 24″

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