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Body Talk

My body has been through a lot… I have always cared about health and always kept active, but when I started modeling little Marte listened too much to what the agency told her. 202 more words


I am...

I am a paradox, a conundrum, a series of complexities that usually make no sense.

I enjoy the feel of arms wrapped around me, that security that comes with the perfect hug and cuddle. 1,367 more words

Written By Tiff

Dear Body,

Well body, tomorrow is the day we meet with the bariatric team to see what is what.  I have no idea what is in store for us but if the universe is willing we are in for a hell of a ride and some pretty major changes over the course of the next 6 months. 365 more words

Body Love

For Him, I'd Chisel My Bones

What are you willing to do for the one you love?

For him, I’d chisel a blueprint onto my bones
So my anatomy can be that place which he can call home

-Juliet Rivor © June 2017


Innisfree Cedar Wood Body Cleanser & Lotion

My Marks & Spencer’s Magnolia body wash was almost over and I needed a new one.  This time I was looking for something with a gel consistency, mild and fragrantly different. 223 more words


A Stroll Around the House

The stellar day beckoned, Come, let my breezes caress you and the sun shower warmth on your body and restore you. Let the shady leaves flicker light on the earth framing its growth in perfect portraits. May you just be…

Present Day Writing

Sunny Dewy Morning!

Morning photos while sipping coffee on the patio… Samuel off to work. Feeling despondent only because that feeling is so familiar. The prayer, my mantra, drifts through my head: 17 more words

Present Day Writing