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With a new year looming I suddenly felt the need to detox. I came across a book in Mum’s closet about the lemon detox. After an afternoon of reading and research I decided to give it a go the following day. 260 more words


The Poignant Battle

Reading other blogs often takes me back to my own struggles. The desperation of those times are not missed and compassion fills me by the words of others who traverse this path, compassion and abiding deep sadness. 154 more words

Present Day Writing


photos by Patricia

Satisfaction comes when exercise involves productivity so when the driveway needs shoveling a good sweat is induced by over an hour of activity. 248 more words

Present Day Writing

The Drug War

“A government that deliberately keeps its citizens in pain, and actively blocks research into potential cures for their suffering, has lost its claim to moral authority.”


It is very hard to stay in the moment, not three steps ahead. My mind drifts away, to other Christmas’s, other times, even future moments not yet lived. 214 more words

Present Day Writing

Sparkle Sunday

The sun arose to sparkle the snow, bushes, and branches; a wonderland and a feast for the eyes. Sunbeams shooting through the window sent prisms of glitter dancing on the walls bouncing from the hanging glass mirrored balls. 129 more words

Present Day Writing


I must train my body.

Walk with peace

Karma Pema Zangmo