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Lock Ness

Forgive: When a person decides to satisfy their lust using a child’s body, their actions are not forgivable.

Yet I forgave. Forgiveness for me meant unclenching the clawed, hairy fist of the beast from my heart, squeezing it so tight I could hardly breathe or function. 192 more words

Present Day Writing

My Body is Mine: Tattoos as Female Empowerment

When I first told my mother I was going to get a tattoo, she asked me a question I hadn’t gotten before: “Why?” The answer, though I hadn’t really thought about it, came easily: body ownership.  513 more words

Go to bed!

It has taken a trendy little wearable device to point out the fact that I’m not getting nearly enough sleep. I’ve been wearing a Jawbone UP since December. 306 more words

My Body


One trudge down the meadow to the creek on snowshoes was enough, huffing and puffing, like walking through waist deep water!

Present Day Writing

Why shouldn't fat girls wear shorts?

If I want to show off my fat thighs, I WILL
You ain’t gonna stop me.
It’s my body. I’m proud of it.

I Blog.

I can

I’m now moved into my new place and I’ve found a new walking route, one that has a bit of hill to climb at the end. 387 more words


Weighing In

I used to wake up worried, the prior day’s shot of whiskey or splurge on a fro-yo hanging over me. Did I really have a quad tall breve latte? 578 more words