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Keep waking me up... 

I’m away, away in my dream, I can feel a touch on my legs, fingers moves up… My body shouting trying to wake me up… I’m fighting to wake up… I can feel two fingers inside me, and then a third one, my shoulders move back in alert ( does it a dream ?? 699 more words

Fantasy & Fun


So when do you leave a doctor and when do you stay? A culture to be sent in wasn’t nor did I receive a call-back about sonogram results. 635 more words



The crashing falls beckon me, as they do each year. I need escape, centering, grounding. I need to breathe deep and relax fully as my body has zoomed into the outer limits with adrenaline and anxiety. 461 more words


Touch yourself, I dare you...

I’m laying almost naked on my bed, my palms on my breasts moving up and down exploring them…. My fingers are on my nipples,squeezing them, gently pulling. 345 more words

My Body....


Childhood sexual abuse revisited in a flash. Raw, descriptive, honest; such is my life. Be forewarned.

I get out of the tub noticing an unusual circular pattern of brownish-black spots the size of coffee grounds in the area where the middle portion of my body had rested. 480 more words

Present Day Writing


These thoughts were inspired by a blog I read this morning: http://ptsd-acceptingcopingthriving.com/2015/07/10/freewriting/  And the photo, taken this morning too, as I scuffed out in flip-flops and robe onto the moist lawn, unintentionally scaring away the deer grazing in the meadow… 465 more words