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Mirror self

When I see myself in the mirror, I recognize myself. I mean, I know that the person looking at me must be me. Who else would it be? 140 more words



For the last few months the house next door was being built. My nice plot of privacy is no longer. When that property came up for sale, Samuel was unemployed. 498 more words

Present Day Writing


Dad died and chaos ruled.

One night I woke in the dark, scared. A shadow at the end of the bed moved towards me. Breathing halted. 691 more words

Childhood Sexual Abuse


Back from a two day camping trip at a Glen hidden among the Finger Lakes. We’ve never been. There are so many places to explore now that we have the time. 12 more words

Present Day Writing

Keep waking me up... 

I’m away, away in my dream, I can feel a touch on my legs, fingers moves up… My body shouting trying to wake me up… I’m fighting to wake up… I can feel two fingers inside me, and then a third one, my shoulders move back in alert ( does it a dream ?? 699 more words

Fantasy & Fun


So when do you leave a doctor and when do you stay? A culture to be sent in wasn’t nor did I receive a call-back about sonogram results. 635 more words

Present Day Writing