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I have as much lavender growing in my little gardens as I can fit in them. The scent soothes going straight to my core. I rub it’s oils under my nose, as well as the sage and mint. 73 more words

Present Day Writing


Cory, my son, and my nephew, are both excellent guitar players. So I made two of these and in addition a guitar for Cory. I find fitting silhouettes on google images. 203 more words

Present Day Writing

Do you live in your body?

These thoughts are from John Robert McFarland’s Book

(Strange question, right?)

Many people use their bodies as a tool to get their brain from one place to the next. 389 more words

Sensitivity And Spirit

In Contrast

i actually have one more post of Training finished, but i’m waiting til tomorrow for that.  i can’t resist posting this:

i saw that posted on Facebook by a lovely Dominant woman i know, and i was so delighted i just laughed out loud. 491 more words


Posture problems

OMG! Look how bad my posture is!

I’ve known for ages that I slouch and every now and then I’ll catch myself out and quickly sit up. 64 more words

My Running

Morning at the Falls

Samuel is still sleeping. I slip out gently closing the door at 6:30 am coffee in hand. As I  walk down the slope, spray from the Falls tickles my face. 229 more words

Present Day Writing