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Day 23 - A Psychedelic Phantom of the Opera Singing Show Tunes

Hello! Lot’s happened yesterday! I had the day off, so first I went on a hike. Exercise is the only activity in which I have worn some of my own clothing, but I still wore my dad’s shirt. 597 more words

Day 22 - Fancy

Hello. Today I wore black with gold accents. I “acquired” the necklace from my mom & borrowed the dress from her. There has been a lot of ruffles this month. 13 more words

Day 21 - Where did the bird on my head go? - A Dramatic Reading

Hello. My hair was a bird.

So…I changed it!

Some of you may not like my new hairstyle. Too bad, so sad. I think it looks cool. 185 more words

Day 20 - Black & Green

Hello. Today I am wearing a mesh top from Sarah’s relation and Linnea’s dark green pants. I love these pants. They fit well, but loose. The top is short, even on me, so I’m wondering if some people would wear it as a crop top. 20 more words

Day 19 -"The Best One Yet"

Hello. Person A described this as my best dress yet! BUT IS IT????????????????????????


Did I mention I’m really tired?

Day 16 - Jane

Hello! Another day, another pair of men’s pants. These were from Joe. The shirt is from Linnea. Here, I was going for a sort of high-waisted pant thing, but it was hard to pull off with my belt and these pants. 99 more words

Day 13 - Butterfly Poncho!

Hello! I have nicknamed this outfit “Butterfly Poncho!” Unsurprisingly, the shirt comes from Diana. The necklace and bracelet are from different grandmothers (Necklace from Grandma on my Mom’s side, Black/White Magnetic chain from my Grandma Rachel on my Dad’s side). 123 more words