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What a master at disconnect, without trying, an unfortunate outcome from childhood and numerous, countless sexual attacks from those I loved, trusted and looked up to. 323 more words

Present Day Writing


tw: sexual violence 

split open over many moons

and pieced out to be shared

not cast amongst the stars or

betwixt the trees, but clamped… 93 more words

My heart
A glass figure shattered in million pieces
With a warning written in the creases:
‘Fragile, handle with care’.
That why a touch should not have dared… 102 more words



Ever since little, Christmas held a magic that carried me throughout the year. That hasn’t changed. Others cannot believe I have done all my shopping before Thanksgiving arrives. 211 more words

Present Day Writing

Doctor, Doctor!

It’s a great day for a walk…When all of a sudden this boy slips! Ouch!

Somebody calls an ambulance! Doctor, Doctor everything hurts!

Sing the song and review the body parts.

My Body